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What is Maganic Wars?

Maganic Wars (MW) is a set of online card role playing games made in flash with a variety of playing modes. Always in constant evolution, Maganic Wars games are already played by more than 7000 unique visits a day only in the official website and increasing every day.

What is the evolution of MW?

Maganic Wars (the game) was born in June 2004 (developed by Maguas) as a simple card role playing game specially designed for some flash 5.0 compatible handheld devices. It was distributed to many sites and got a good popularity during this year. At the beginning of 2005 Maguas joint Cubelan (known in the site as Webmaster) and they launched During the first months of 2005, they added some features to the game and site: highscores' records, forum... At the middle of 2005 they started the development of Maganic Wars Online (MWO). During this time, some other new features have been being added to the site: Maganic Wars Survival, the Chat..., whereas we develop MWO game and site.

How many versions of MW are there?

After almost 2 years the game has evolved a lot and much more features has been added giving the game a large dimension over the Internet. The main game versions are:

-Maganic Wars Final (MWF) (2004) //obsolete

-Maganic Wars Pocket (2004) // flash 5 compatible handhelds version

-Maganic Wars Get To The Top (February 2005) (MWGttT)

-Maganic Wars Survival (August 2005) (MWS)

-Maganic Wars OutSite (September 2005) // hostable version (and translated to Spanish)

-Maganic Wars Online (coming during 2006) (MWO) //multiplayer version

Which is the future of Maganic Wars? What is MWO?

The next evolution is called Maganic Wars Online (MWO) and it will bring much more fun to our old users and a unique great game for newcomers. Between his new features are the multiplayer version, deck customizing, character selection and customization, tournaments, and many others that you will be able to discover by yourself. The game will come with a completely new website desing and new features for the site. We are developing a new chat system, a very improved forum (more interactive), complete user profiles (each user will have a track record of the game, will customize his characters, will have a rank, thophies...). Our idea is to built a MW Community, where users enjoy not only playing and compiting in the game, but also sharing time in our community, talking in the chat or in the forum, customizing their decks, buying new cards, weapons, commenting new strategies and so on.
Both the game and the site will probably be completely translated to Spanish.

Which are the cheats?

There are currently 3 games in the site with cheat mode, Maganic Wars Get to the Top, Outsite and Pocket. Each one has a different cheat. The cheat of MWGttT can be seen in this link, as well as how to obtain it. The other two cheats are written at the end of the page.

How may I register?

It depends on where. There are two users profile, one in the forum and another in the rest of the site, which includes the game (and so the highscores) and the chat. For the forum, there is an option in the forum. For the rest of the site, you can either register when you make a highscore during the game or below the chat.

How many people are involved in MW project?

Maganic Wars are mainly being developed by 2 people: Maguas and Cubelan. But many people have joined us and participate in the project in many ways: desing new cards, making the music of MWO, testing the new game versions, moderating the forum and the chat, providing us good suggestions, reports and translations. We are very grateful for that help and really thank them for their support.

How much will MWO cost?

MWO will have 2 kind of account: free account and gold account. The differences between both accounts will be significant. The free account will still be multiplayer, but will be very limited. The gold account will have much more features, and limits. The details on both accounts will be set when MWO will be released. The price is not decided yet, but maybe will be establish in over 12$ per year (over 10 per year) on an annual basis.

How may I be moderator or betatester?

Normally we propose it to users who have contributed with their time to the game and/or the site.

What is Darkness Incarnate

Darkness Incarnate is a forum based game which is allowed to stay on the Maganic Wars forum, technically it does not have to do a thing with the game, itself.

May I participate in MWO development?

It is possible. If you want to contribute with artwork design such as cards illustrations or characters' design, or even music creation, you can contact us and make your proposal. If you want to make us suggestions or comments you can follow the forum link, there are plenty of sections to do that . We've already taken into account many suggestions from our users.

Is there or will there be a printed version of MW?

For the moment, there is not. Next step is the release of MWO. Of course, after that we will consider that possibility.

I have more doubts...

We invite you to register in the forum and ask for any question in the suitable section. Our mods and us, we will be pleased to answer you.

MW Team.



Cheat for MW Pocket: Bushit
Cheat for MW Outsite: Iwantmore

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