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 Post subject: Santa Claus
PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:31 am 
I'm on highscores!
I'm on highscores!
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TDB and I, are having a friendly battle, but using Santa and an enemy o Santa (Which will be choosen by ding, also note that we aren't changing characters or anything, just doing some battle by using christmas characters). Ding said I could use an extra 16 gold, an extra medium, and an extra strong.

Name: Saint Nicholas

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Alignment: Good

Inventory: (up for approval) Bag full of presents, and whip.

Pet:(up for approval) Rudolph,(red nosed reindeer)

Gold: -15

Specials:Belly slam, The Joys of Christmas and You've Been Naughty.

Pet Specials: Soulfire

Skills: Massive Girth, Special Speed, Strange strength.

Pet skills: The Light of One's Soul

Biography: Santa was born in an average family, during a time of war. His mother died while giving birth to him, and his father died in war; thus he met neither. Due to the death of his parents, a society of elven-hafling took him as another one of them, and allowed him to stay. As he grew, he saw the horrible selfishness that humans brought upon themselves, such acts saddened him, as he knew that the humans would never experience true joy if they continued like this. Therefore, Nicholas decided upon giving gifts to the younger ones, if they learnt the true joy of giving from a young age, they'd experience it in their adulthood.

But then he became old and wrinkled, the reindeers that were granted weren't enough to make him strong enough to hand gifts when flying through the world. But Uon watching such acts of kindness, Isham (God of Sharing) granted him immortality of sorts (His physical condition is the same as that of a younger person, plus he can´t die because of natural causes, although he can be killed, and will take damage as anyone.) . Now he spreads his kindness through the world, together with his pet Rudolph.

Pet bio: Rudolph was born as all the north pole reindeers, however he was born with a red nose. Because of his red nose, he was mocked by other reindeers, and he wasn't chosen as a santa's reindeer. But once a cloudy sky filled the night during christmas eve, it seemed as if christmas wouldn't come. However, Aphrona (Goddess of Love) had given Rudolph a special power, he could make his nose shine in order to see through the sky. As of now, he's Santa's most trusted companion.

Physical Description:

Height: 6.5 feet

Weight: 1102.3 pounds

Eyes: blue

Hair: white (with a beard equally as white)

Skin: white

Special Markings: none

Special Traits: he's kind as none.

Dress: see image Image

Specials Description:

Belly slam: Santa hits the floor with his present bag, propelling himself with high speed at his opponent, hitting him/her with his massive weight. Th (strong 2x per battle)

The Joys of Christmas: Santa gets a rnadom outburst of joy (It could also be the delayed effct of sugar) this outburst makes him slightly fster the turn this special is used. (weak, 2x per battle)

You've Been Naughty: To activate his rage, The enemy must be evil, either that or the enemy is consistently trying to attack him (which would put Him/Her in the naughty list). During the time that he is enraged, Santa gets a big boost in strength. (lasts 5 posts.)

Pet Special Description:

Soulfire: Rudolph emitts the energy from his soul through a ray of light the light travels in a straight line, and has the same circunference as his nose; travelling around 4-5 feet. This causes light pain within the affected area (weak 3x per battle).

Skill description:

Massive girth: Santa has been eating much more than an average human throughout all of his life, this makes his body tougher, aside from givin him weight to overpower his enemies (Racial, catalyst)

Special Speed: Santa has always run from house to house handing in gifts, as such; despite his appearance, he's faster than the average human.

Strange Strength: Santa pulls a bag full of gifts all day, therefore he is stronger than a normal human

Pet Skill description:

The Light of One's Soul: Rudolphs soul has more light within it than the soul of any other reindeer, this goes out through his nose in shape of light. Therefore he can transform this light into heat-related attacks, the downside of this is that he cannot hide within darkness; as his light gives him away. (Medium, Catalyst)

Custom inventory:

Bag Full of presents: This is an unbreakable Bag full of presents, the bag is pretty heavy, and due to it's weight; when Santa attacks with it, the bag moves faster because of the weight within it, however it stops for a moment between attacks.

Custom pet:
Rudolph: Reindeers are animals that stand on four legs, Their legs have not paws, but hooves; this can be used for stomping; Aside from that they can use horns to defend themselves. Rudolph is smarter than other reindeers, but still not as much as a human (about a wolf smart). (this can be weakened in order to fit my budget.)


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