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 Post subject: Cord, the Ssar Samurai
PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:21 pm 

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Name: Cord
Class: Samurai
Race: Race Ssar
Alignment:[/b Neutral?
Gold: 7 (sold the Leather Armor)
Specials/Spells List: Quick Slach, Quick Step, FL Step
Skills List: Speed Training, Strong Sense of Taste, Thick Scales

Cord was raised by his father to fight with the sword. A few weeks ago he was sent out into the world to find his own path in life, good or evil, right or wrong, aspect that never concerned Cord. Either way if it was to be part of training, he figured he would do it, the only problem being he wasn't told how. It seemed to him that there were those in this world that were fated to fight, for whatever reason, and Cord was going to find those people and fight them until he learned whatever it was that his father wanted him to, a decision that delighted Cord, as he rather enjoyed fighting.

Physical Description:
--Height: 5' 11"
--Weight: 198lb
--Eyes: Yellow
--Skin: A light tan color (scaly obviously)
Appearance:Wears a light shirt and some comfortable pants (the shirt white, and the pants a tan color) He carries the sword in his hands w/o a sheath.

--Bulky: Ssar are not quite as agile as everyone else. This is due to their larger mass than most races.
--Cold Blooded: Check it and see. Ssar are susceptible to the cold damage because of their Reptile nature.

--Scaly Hide: A Ssar's tough skin gives them a certain amount of natural protection. It's not much (almost as much as cloth armor would) but it's a LOT compared to other races. They're naturally more durable.
--Air Taste: Ssar's have the ability to 'taste' the air, which can give them a general location of where an opponent might be. However, this skill has no depth perception and has a fair range of error.

Specials, Description:
(weak) Quick Slash- A quicker slicing attack than his normal attack. 5x uses

(weak) Quick step- a quicker than normal movement(about up to a five foot step) followed by an attack. While the movement isn't impossible to follow, the movement is sudden and can be a bit surprizing the first time it is done. 3x uses

(Medium flourish) FL Step-While performing a slash to the side of his opponent, he makes a quick forward motion to get behind his opponent while reversing his grip on the ssword and attempts to impale his enemy . (his back will be facing the back of his opponent and the sword will be pointing at *or in* his target)

Skills Description:
(weak) Speed Training- Training has given him speed and agility that would be unnatural to his race.

(weak) Strong Sense of Taste- Cord has a better sense of taste. (decreases the error factor of the Ssar's Air Taste.

(medium) Thick scales- His scales are a bit thicker and a bit more durable than usual offering a better defense. As a downside, armor tends to rub him the wrong way as well as hinder his movements more than they normally would and thus tends to shun most armor.

Custom Inventory:


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

"You think too much...Just hit something!"~Cord

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