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 Post subject: Aisu, Sylvaan in Wolf's Fur
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:38 pm 
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Can't wait for MWO
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Aisu wrote:

The eldest son of the set of twins, born to a Hunter with a curse. A hunter himself, he rose easily through the ranks of the tribe, taking on dangerous messenger jobs and even war party courier tasks when no one else could. This meant that often he was away from his sister and father, off in the world, alone. Though for some reason he never truly felt alone-- it was as if something else lived inside him, guiding him as he made his way through new forests, a pull that he could feel within his soul. He didn't know it meant anything until the day his twin sister, Nuncia, changed forms before him. It had been magical almost, how her form seemed to slip from one to the other, seamless, easy.

Yet the tugging on his soul only got more strong, trying to pull him in ways he didn't want to go now. Because now he knew the curse of the family, the sombre truth in his fathers eyes, the sadness and anger that his sister carried with her. He wanted no part in it. He wanted to be at peace with the world, at peace with himself. He did not want that angry fire in his soul, like the embers he saw dancing in his sisters gaze any time their eyes met. How carefully his sister had to tread to keep that fire within herself, it was as if she were about to snap at all times.

Wild. Dangerous.

Yet within that flame he could see the beginnings of the ice that was slowly encasing her heart, separating her from her people, building walls where none had been before. No one was left to understand her. Not after father left. Aisu could only pretend to understand. All he had was a pull so deep within himself that he was afraid it was going to tear him apart. That was nothing compared to what she went through. How hard she struggled to do what was in her nature to do.


It was of little surprise for the twin when his sister finally made that fatal mistake, when her animal nature overpowered her Sylvaan. It was all he could do to plead with the Council to let her live. He honestly was sure that in time her soul would be overrun by the animals, just like their fathers had no doubt. It was the only reason he could see for the man to run off on his children when they needed him most. And could they ever use his help now. It was only by convincing them that she was no longer even a Sylvaan that they treated her as an animal of the wood that had gone mad-- they bound her to a small craft and let her go into the ocean, for the Gods to take pity on her if they chose to.

And how he prayed they would.

But while his mind often lingered on where his twin was in the world, or if she were even alive, the world continued to change for Aisu, and none too slowly either. That pull within him became a constant thing, tugging his heart and soul at every moment, drawing him deeper into a slight madness. A madness that was best taken out on warriors as the clans all fought for territory and for safety from the oncoming threat of invasion. However, as the battles got more and more dire, that incessant tugging became unbearable, and in a fit of panicked rage, Aisu meant to rip free whatever was pulling at him so hard-- only to find himself lower to the ground, on all fours, his armour laying discarded from him.

Panic blinded him as the Wolf's blood lust kicked in, ripping into friend and foe alike,for now there were not brothers and enemy, but others and they were all dangerous, and he was trapped. Trapped within a battle, trapped within himself, trapped within the body of this wolf.

The battle was short lived after that, and the remaining troops captured the feral wolf, some having seen him shift, knowing it was Aisu within. Yet no matter how they looked within his amber gaze, they could only see struggle, a warring between these souls.

Another animal to be sent to the Gods for judgement or pity.

Yet not even the soul within could find pity on the Sylvaan. It was months before Sylvaan and Wolf found a base of understanding, and many more before they could communicate more effectively to each other. But just as alike they were in their need to survive, the Sylvaan only had heart to live on if he could find a reason. It would be so easy to let the Wolf take over and just exist within it as it continued its wild nature, yet the Wolf seemed hesitant about that. It felt their souls melded together, and so if one were to go dormant the other would lose itself and fall into the depths as well, tumbling after the first.

So it was with effort and quite a bit of luck, that the wolf came across a wild scent from a traveller who had been marred by some creature. While the wolf only knew of the scent, the fact that it was Sylvaan was enough to pique Aisu's interest, and together the Wolf and Sylvaan searched far and wide for this other. Yet it always seemed as if they were steps behind this elusive elf, yet in its wake great tales were told. Event he wolf found new interest in these tales of a feral Sylvaan that hunted within forests, killing all who enter, stealing what ever cargo they have. It was treacherous, but deep within Aisu he felt that if this Sylvaan was as feral as they thought, it may be possible that it could be another shifter, another that may understand his situation, may be able to help.

Finally they came across a small clearing, the scent trail ending as they came up on the Sylvaan. Thicker built and covered in scars that only countless battles could give, hair tied in the Hunters whip down her back, this elf was a symbol of strength and ferocity. Right down to the scowl she set the wolf with as she caught sight of them staring at her. At first, Aisu didn't recognize her, given that it had been years since he last saw his twin, and while they had been identical growing up, time and space and fate had ripped them in different ways, giving his once smiling sister a look of constant rage, irritation, violence. But it was the recognition that lit her eyes and softened her expression to that of shock that gave the Sylvaan the idea that this was his sister.

Reunited at last with his family, and another that would understand, the two Sylvaans teamed up with one another, to watch over each other while the world continued to beat them down.

The feral elf woman and the twin-soul wolf.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What do You know about Surviving~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
=========================================Aisu, the Cursed Shifter==========================================

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