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 Post subject: Fenrir, Dark Paladin
PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:54 pm 
I'm on highscores!
I'm on highscores!
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Name: Fenrir
Class: Dark Paladin [Master Class; As Gelodosh's Chosen, it should be no surprise that Fenrir has a number of different powers under his command. Combining a Fighter's combat prowess with the spiritual force of a Priest, the warrior has been left with a very unique set of abilities. Fenrir has maintained his natural fighting ability and now, not only can be pray to Gelodosh for help, he can also use the Abyss Master's energy for attacks in battle.]
Race: Abyssal Human
Alignment: Evil
Deity: Gelodosh
Inventory: Full Plate, Kite Shield, Dark Paladin’s Hope
Gold: 18
Pet: N/A
Specials List: Smite Good [Sealed], Malice Stain, Flow of the Abyss [Sealed]
Spells List: Manifested Will (Telekinesis) [Sealed/Psionicist spell attained as a prize from the first KoD tournament]
Skills List: Dark Persuasion, Dark Aura [Sealed], Gelodosh's Exalted [Sealed], Magi Slayer, Monstrous Strength, Abyssal
There was a time when the name Fenrir spread over the world of Darkness like a plague, like a hushed whisper of foreboding ill will. There was a time when his appearance caused mass hysteria. Fenrir was the first champion of the world’s most ancient and most significant gladiatorial tournament, and he was to be feared. He was the King of Darkness.

Early in his life as a man, he was a fighter of some sort—some believe, not without reason, that he was a knight. None know for sure, however, as his past prior to pledging himself to Gelodosh is mere speculation; and at that, usually only speculation by scholars. What is known is that, towards the end of his youth, he stumbled across a natural portal in the world—intense concentrations of mana from the world’s leylines have been known to create inter-planar portals. This portal was an unlikely one, even among such rare natural events; this portal connected to the Abyss. Gazing into the chaotic anguish that the Abyss embodies, he was entranced. For days he stood, facing the negative image of everything good in the world—if the gods made in his world, the Abyss was the place they unmade. Having neither water nor food, his body was sustained only by the residual chaotic energies escaping from the void. And, further, he was rapidly loosing control of his mind. It is believed that, eventually, Gelodosh himself came to notice the dimensional-rift, moving to inspect it. It was then that Gelodosh discovered the man. Circumventing the laws of time, Gelodosh established a mental link with the then-human and, in a few seconds, conveyed a myriad of thoughts: the man saw eons pass, he felt the unsurpassed anger of this foreign entity, and, finally, he perceived a specific set of instructions. And he felt compelled to obey.

It was this event that created Fenrir—he adopted the name from one of the monstrous creatures he saw deep in Gelodosh’s memory, unable to remember his given name. Initially, he still retained some of his humanity; not in the sense of retaining the human condition, for he slaughtered an innumerable mass of people without qualms, but he still required sustenance, sleep, and blood—he was still, at least physically, human. It was during this time as a paladin for Gelodosh that he conquered the King of Darkness tournament. He used the newly-won prestige to spread the word of the long-forgotten deity to the corners of the world; Fenrir was Gelodosh’s Exalted, his avatar outside of the Abyss. But this was relatively short-lived. Without warning, Fenrir one day disappeared, leaving his young, but growing cult without a leader or direction.

Unbeknownst to the world of Darkness Incarnate, Fenrir had succeeded in created a navigable portal to the Abyss. Unfortunately, the means of creating a return portal were not the same as creating the original. He was stuck in the Abyss with his Lord.

Time passes differently in the Abyss—it’s chaotic. While it can be influenced by one in tune with the Abyss, such as Fenrir or Gelodosh, it is never fully predictable; one moment might pass in a life-time and the next might pass in a day. And, though being close to one’s patron deity might seem a blessing, Fenrir knew fear only from his Lord. In the void, Fenrir lost his ability to think as a human completely and ceased to resemble a human entirely. His skin became wickedly scarred from the constant barrage of energies; and these energies became so infused with his body that he no longer hungered or thirsted. He grew more powerful, in fact. Fenrir brooded in the Abyss, growing stronger and more similar to Gelodosh. After ten life-times, Fenrir decided he was not only capable, but duty-bound to usurp Gelodosh’s throne. He failed in his attempt and enraged Gelodosh to the point of action, a rare occurrence. Gelodosh stripped Fenrir of his god-given boons and forcibly expelled Fenrir back into the world of Darkness Incarnate.

Now Fenrir is back; the world has changed and he needs to get back his grip on the world and regain his Lord’s loyalty.

(Expect a better biography in the Tavern soon.)

[Note: Due to his circumstances, Fenrir cannot effectively pray to Gelodosh until he regains the Lord's favor.]

Physical Description:
--Height: 6’4’’
--Weight: 225 lbs
--Eyes: Dark Purple
--Hair: Shoulder-Length, Black
--Skin: Brown
--Special Markings: His face and body are heavily scarred as a result of his travel to the Abyss.
--Special Traits: He’s evil; really, really evil. Kicking puppies, for him, is the equivalent of a nice stroll through the park smoking a light, mentholated cigarette. Also, if you couldn’t tell by his height and weight, this man is monstrous—I point this out because some people don’t seem to have a good understanding of quantitative height and weight; I’m looking at you, Scott Braselton, with your lofty stature of 6’1’’ and slight mass of 103 lbs. Oh, and he has some of his power drained—Gelodosh did not approve of Fenrir’s attempt to “dethrone” him and, thus, sealed away some of Fenrir’s abilities until he could regain the Lord’s favor.
--Dress: He’s covered head-to-toe in black, plate armor and has a tattered, dark purple cape that cascades over his back, ending at about his waist.

Specials Description:
Smite Good: By harnessing unholy powers and releasing them from outstretched palm, Fenrir expels a dark force that does relatively considerable force—the equivalent of a drop kick—to a good aligned character. If the target is neutral, it has the force of a punch; and if the target is evil, it has no effect. [Sealed/Weak] 3x per battle
Malice Stain: An attack that grows in strength as Fenrir's injury increases, it is typically used in the form of a punch, shield bash, or a hit with the hilt of a sword and can be identified by the dark energy surrounding the medium for the special. This move is highly subjective, but the spectrum can be described as follows: at top physical condition, nothing is augmented by Malice stain, and at seconds from death, a Malice Stained punch could knock a man 20 feet. In most situations, Fenrir will not chance near-death simply to use this special. [Weak] 2x per battle
Flow of the Abyss: Fenrir temporarily opens up a portal to the Abyss, Gelodosh's realm—it’s roughly circular and has about a 5 foot diameter. If outside, the sky darkens; dark, chaotic energy erupts out of the portal in bolts and a vacuum effect is created, spewing harsh winds and other-worldly debris from the opening. Demons can be seen attempting to enter the DI plane, but cannot fit through the portal and often fight viciously amongst themselves. The dark energy bolts are not directed by Fenrir--they are loosely targeted to the area around the opponent--but deal MASSIVE blunt damage (oncoming-car-like). While the opponent may very well escape the onslaught with minor cuts and bruises, the overwhelmingly powerful traumatic effect often leaves him or her weakened, scared, and ultimately fearful of the extent of Fenrir’s power for his or her next 2 posts, following the closing of the portal. Fenrir begins to open the portal on one post, initially frightening the opponent, but becoming immobilized, hand or sword raised; the energies, wind, and greater intimidation are released on the his following post. The experience is truly unnerving. [Sealed/Powerful] 1x per battle

Spells Description:
Manifested Will (Telekinesis): Fenrir’s will is so strong, and his power so great, that he may occasionally exert it upon his surroundings, allowing him to manipulate and control an object from a distance, so long as it is not being held by another person. 5x per battle

Skills Description:
Dark Persuasion: Experienced at both converting others and using mind tricks, in addition to being charismatic, Fenrir is adept at creating doubt in people and, though less likely, at convincing them to act in a way they normally wouldn't. [Weak]
Dark Aura: Fenrir’s own power, in conjunction with the power bestowed upon him from Gelodosh, creates a strong aura of darkness that emanates from within him and extends about 2 feet outward. This does two things: it influences other being of darkness—especially unintelligent beings—to be friendly or at least passive towards him. It also has the power to slightly inhibit a being of good, if they are within range. [Sealed/Medium]
Gelodosh's Exalted: Fenrir has a long history with Gelodosh, the Lord of the Abyss. Because of this, Fenrir has a particularly strong relationship with his deity and has even acted as the Lord’s avatar on more than one occasion. This increases the likelihood of Fenrir’s prayers being answered and, consequently, decreases the amount of posts he must pray in order for Gelodosh to be appeased. [Sealed/Strong]
Magi Slayer: Fenrir has hunted the magically attuned for years. When fighting a magic user, he has an increased fervor for killing; he's slightly faster than normal and has enhanced reflexes. [Medium]
Monstrous Strength: Fenrir is quite a large, muscular man, and, because he is also infused with Abyssal energies, is significantly stronger than men of similar size. [Medium]
Abyssal: Fenrir’s connection to Gelodosh and time in the Abyss have altered his humanity. He can survive in the Abyss, a difficult feat, ages much slower than the average human, and requires considerably less sustenance than the average human. Additionally, this gives Fenrir a moderate resistance to magicks. [Racial]

Custom Inventory:

Dark Paladin's Hope: A blade of a great, dark power bestowed to Fenrir after finishing a very important task. It is similar in appearance to a long sword but has ancient runes etched onto its blade that only Gelodosh's chosen may read. It is light-weight but very durable and acts as a normal bible. [As it is a sword, it cannot be upgraded through the typical priest-bible means.]

Link to old character sheet.


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 Post subject: Re: Fenrir, Dark Paladin
PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:16 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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