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 Post subject: Gabriel, An Instrument of Destruction
PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:33 am 
I'm on highscores!
I'm on highscores!
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Name: Gabriel
Class: Priest
Age: 25
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil
Deity: Orthos (Controlled by OSO)
Inventory: Dagger, Robe, Bible
Gold: 0
Pet: N/A
Boons: Acursed Claw
Skills List: Tribute, Blade Proficiency, Devoted Servant


Gabriel is a vengeful, vindictive man. He is disgusted by the world and views it as a breeding ground for impurity and sin. He would like nothing more than to see it burn and rebuild it in his vision. Knowing that he couldn’t carry out this plan alone, he called upon the power of Orthos to help him in his path of destruction while offering his entire mind, body, and soul in return.

Orthos, seeing the corruption in Gabriel’s heart, accepted his plea but not without giving something in return. Unbeknownst to his servant, Orthos placed within Gabriel a dark, dormant beast. Inside the beast festers and lurks, waiting to come forth and do its master’s bidding.

Gabriel has followed his master’s orders faithfully, but not without repercussions. When blessed with the power of Orthos, he has come to find out how cruel his God is. His body has become littered with multiple scars from his master’s “blessings,” but in turn Gabriel has learned to accept this as a punishment for being gifted with such enormous power. But with Orthos on his side, the devoted servant believes that it will only be a short time before the world is purged of its sins and corruptions and will crush anyone that gets in his way...

Physical Description:
--Height: 6'1”
--Weight: 185 lbs
--Eyes: Blue
--Hair: Black, Shoulder Length
--Skin: White, Not Tanned but Not Pale (In the Middle)
--Special Markings: Multiple Scars All Over His Body
--Special Traits: N/A
--Dress: Black and Red Vest (With Cut Off Cleeves) Accompanied With Matching Pants and Covered By A Black Robe


Acursed Claw: Skin cracking and splitting, his own blood begins to pour down one of Gabriel's arms. Painful as though it may be, the substance begins to solidify against his flesh to form sharp and dangerous points where his fingernails would normally be. Each are as sharp as daggers, as hard as steel, and remain for 3 posts. [Medium, 1x per battle]

Skills Description:

Tribute: Orthos, being the god of slaughter and death, has a natural affiliation with blood. He enjoys watching his minions bleed as much as he likes it from his enemies, and Gabriel knows this. Offering his own blood as a tribute to his dark god, Gabriel can sometimes beckon Orthos for a more powerful prayer. All hazards of blood loss still apply otherwise. [Medium]

Blade Proficiency: Gabriel holds a firm belief that defense is often the best offense. Although he’s not the strongest melee fighter, he is moderately proficient with the use of a blade and excels in using them in a defensive matter. [Medium]

Devoted Servant: Lord Orthos is a cruel master. Although he is willing to loan a portion of his power to help his devoted servant in battle, he usually does it in a way that is less than desirable, often causing Gabriel great pain when doing so. Over time, Gabriel’s body has naturally grown accustomed to this frequent pain, allowing him to ignore minor wounds better than most and have slightly better endurance than the average human. [Racial Ability]

--Battle Records--

Wins: N/A
Ties: N/A
Losses: N/A


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 Post subject: Re: Gabriel, An Instrument of Destruction
PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:51 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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