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 Post subject: Davun Krah
PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:33 pm 

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Name: Davun Krah

Class: Warlock

Race: Skeletal Undead

Age: 999 Human Years

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Inventory: Short Sword, Robe and The Grimoire of Davun Krah

Gold: 0. I’m so broke right now. It sucks.

Pet: None

Spells List: Allay, Bright Ray, Beam Strike

Skills List: Substitution, Superior Existence

Physical Description:

--Height: 5’7”

--Weight: I’m not quite sure, but not very much…

--Eyes: Has none.

--Hair: Has none.

--Skin: Has none.

--Special Markings: He has a light golden cross upon his forehead.

--Special Traits: He is dead… Does that count?

--Clothing: He wears a crimson robe and nothing else for now.

Spell Descriptions:

--Allay: Davun Krah invokes the power of the southern cross to remove all beneficial and harmful effects from the target that are of medium or weak strength. This effect is instantaneous, although certain things like jewels and items with abilities cannot be effected. Due to the large amount of power this spell requires, Davun Krah is unable to use spells for 1 post after use. [Weak/Instant/Light] [1/1]

--Bright Ray: Davun Krah is given a small bit of the southern cross and lets loose a small beam of light from the palm of their hand. This beam stings on contact with bear skin and can be used to annoy the opponent, but it does little else. [Weak/Instant/Light] [4/4]

--Beam Strike: Davun Krah calls a thread of the southern cross down, and then releases it at an opponent. This, to the normal eye, looks like a beam of light arcing towards the opponent. The beam burns akin to a torch. There is also a minor impact with this spell, which feels a bit like a hard punch. The caster must know Bright Ray before learning this spell. [Medium/Fast/Light] [2/2]

Skill Descriptions:

--Superior Existence: Davun Krah is not your standard Skeletal Undead; even though he has been enervated to a severe degree he remains more powerful than most of his kind in the use of arcane power. Davun Krah gains a slight boost to his resistance against magic and a slight boost to his own magic. [Medium]

--Substitution: Spells often have a prerequisite, which means that one must learn the most basic version before learning the more advanced. While this sometimes prevents Davun Krah from using certain magic this skill allows him to 'substitute' weaker spells in place of more powerful ones. By consuming 2 uses of a lower-tier spell, Davun Krah is able to cast a more powerful version of it. This only works with 'tree' spells and, by doing so, he puts a great amount of stress on his body. After invoking a substitution, Davun Krah is unable to cast spells for 2 posts after using this skill. [Unique]

Positive Racial Effects:

--Bloodless: Skeletal Undead do not have blood and, thusly, cannot bleed.
--Magical Lifeblood: The magics that sustain the Skeletal Undead increases their power and proficiency with magic.
--Blade Turning: The glancing surface created by their bones gives the Skeletal Undead a resistance to slashing.

Negative Racial Effects:

--Crushable: Skeletal Undead are weak against blunt/crushing attacks. They don't have flesh to bruise, which leaves their bodies somewhat frail,
--Weak Limbed: Following along their other disadvantage, Skeletal Undead are weak-limbed. They're not very strong and, believe it or not, an arm can easily be forced out of socket.

Custom Inventory:

--The Grimoire of Davun Krah: The book has a hard cover of dark crimson coloration and the title is etched in black hued runes that read; "The Grimoire of Davun Krah". The pages within are pure white paper and are blank for the moment.

Leftover Skills/Specials:


Her breath went silent and still.

The room was simple but at the same time fantastical. There were six walls of black rock and on one rested a great wooden bookcase filled to capacity with tomes and books of unknown content. A grand throne rose near the central back of the room and upon this seat of power rested a single skeletal figure. His bone was polished white with a elegant crimson robe wrapped about his macabre form. Upon the left arm of the chair rested a beautiful book that seemed to hold a strange allure and on the ground before the dead king rested a dagger of demonic design.

Below the skeleton king's perch rose an obelisk with its own skull fused into the top, this one polished black as a night without stars. This skull of obsidian coloration pulsed with an eldritch energy and glowed with an ever so faint azure light, a small beam of this light reaching out and making contact with the fallen monarch's forehead.

The drow child looked upon the surreal vision before her. For several more moments longer she was both silent and still. She slowly moved towards the obelisk at first and then turned her gaze back up to the skeletal king. She was not sure why but something drew her towards the dead monarch and another part warned her that getting too close would lead to a horrible fate.

The young girl could not help but approach closer, little by little the distance between her and the macabre ruler vanished. Her hand reached out slowly to touch against the polished limb of the skeletal king and in that moment her mind was connected to his own.

"Shh. You need not fear me, childling. The black one binds me here. Keeping me in this forsaken prison. Please. Can you help release me, childling?" The voice spoke in the tongue of dark elves and held a facade of gentle intentions the young girl would never see through.

The drow child was frozen for several moments once again before she slowly nodded her head. Her hand remained against the smooth surface of white bone, as if glued by some supernatural force. "But how can I do such a thing?" She questioned.

The voice spoke to her once more. "The dagger. You must strike it into the black one. Free me from his torment. I know you are a kind maiden and I beg you set me free, Childling." And as the sound faded from her mind a knowledge was left behind, knowledge of the weapon she would need to free the dead monarch. She pulled her hand free of the stark white bone and pulled her gaze down upon the dagger which rested in front of the throne, upon the ground. The handle was crafted from what appeared to be bone as white as the dead king’s and the blade… It was red as fresh drawn blood.

She knelt down and grasped the weapon, a horrible feeling of sickness entering her stomach as she touched the thing. However, her mind was filled with conviction and she turned to face the black skull adorned obelisk. It only took her a moment before she stood before the construct and then she began to raise the dagger high into the air. She paused for a moment, hesitant as the dagger reached its zenith. The young girl shook her head and gazed upon the black skull one last time.

The blade would descend.

The drow child made a single brutal action. The of the cruel weapon sunk into the back of the skull with a sick cracking noise followed by the sound of torn muscle, inside a brain still lived. The young child's mind was shocked with the sounds of the dagger fulfilling its purpose. Her fragile mind could cope even less with the waves of agony that erupted forth to engulf the room. The drow child stumbled backwards and feel to the ground in a corner, unable to do anything but cover her ears and squeeze her eyes shut tight.

He would now rise.

The macabre creature would slowly rise from his throne. Hollow eyes gazed from the obelisk to the trembling child in one of the rooms dark corners. He moved in an awkward manner until he stood before the young girl and then he knelt before her. He reached his hands out and forced her eyes open with his demonic claws of bone. He spoke again in gentle voice of comfort even though the drow child looked upon him with only fear in her eyes. "I believe you are due a reward. Never shall you need to fear the sunlight again."

A sudden flash.

A beam of golden light erupted forth from the undead king's macabre hands and tore into the drow child‘s eyes. He had used only a weak spell but it was enough for the young girl’s sensitive eyes to forever be ruined. Her eyes were left stark white and blind. He turned from the girl, her silent sobbing of no importance to him, and moved back to his throne. He collected the book that remained there along with an old sword that had been out of view before, resting against the side of the magnificent construct. He took a moment to pause and look upon the obelisk before he departed the chamber he had rested within for so long. "Now this childling shall be your only company in this forsaken prison. Goodbye, Brother." These were the last words the undead king spoke before he exited the chamber and soon had left the cavern behind, hoping never to return.

Davun Krah was now free.

Battle Records:

--Wins: None? I am going to need to change this…
--Ties: Sorry… I don’t tend to ever wear these…
--Losses: None! Now all I need to do is keep it like that…

Battle Listing:


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 Post subject: Re: Davun Krah
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Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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