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 Post subject: Danielle- the Dancing Samurai
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:30 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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Name: Danielle
Class: Samurai
Race: Human
Alignment: borderline good
Inventory: tachi
Gold: 0
Pet: Cynder
Specials/Spells List: Dancers Step, Samurai Study, Dancers Flourish.
Skills List: balance, mental clam, speed, dancer of the blades.
Danielle’s mother was a famous dancer known throughout the lands for her grace and beauty, while her father remained a mystery. At an early age her mother began to teach Danielle the steps that were her life. Unfortunately a tragic fire in the dance studio left Danielle an orphan with her only friend in the world her midnight black hawk, Cynder, who had been shunned from his flock due to his difference.

Seeking her out amongst the flames and ruin the kind samurai master took Danielle under his wing and into his home. He recognized her gift in dance and taught her how to utilize this skill into a deadly combat style. In turn Danielle adopted his code of honour to defend the weak, undo the unjust and to be true to herself. After her master could teach her no more, he left leaving her to perfect her own style.

grows that her master may hold some knowledge that she seeks.
One sunny day two strangers entered Danielle's village, over hearing them talk she discovers that outside her home the world believes she perished in her mother’s fire. She now seeks answers to her mystery by searching the far reaches of Darkness Incarnated, in the back of her mind a small suspicion

Physical Description:
—Height: 5’11
--Weight: 50kg
—Eyes: resembles stormy blue thunder clouds
--Hair: dark brown hair on the verge of black that spikes out above her neck, the only exception is her long side fringe that glows purple in the light.
—Skin: sheet white
--Special Markings: mothers dance symbol tattooed on back of neck mostly hidden by clothing
--Special Traits: moves with a dancers grace
—Dress: pale purple altered version of a Qipao (form of asian dress, splits up to top of thighs, alteration is a lower cut and spaghetti strings instead of sleaves) black tights that end above knee, leather strap on left arm (perch for cynder), black ankle heeled boots.

Dancers Step: through her skill at dance Danielle is able to swiftly change position by twisting unexpectedly into unseen openings, whether offensive or defensively, to gain advantage where others may have been stumped (weak) 2x uses per battle

Samurai study: Through years of study Danielle is able analyse her opponents and find weaknesses in their attacks whilst in the middle of battle. (weak) 2x per battle

Dancers flourish: past down from her master Dancers Flourish is a technique that allows Danielle to confuse her opponents. Pivoting her body sporadically Danielle rapidly sways her sword causing the blade to from illusions. It appears as if there are several swords blending and twisting around one another before Danielle delivers a surprise strike instantaneously when the illusions dissipate. (medium Flourish) 2x uses per battle

Skills Description:
balance: past dancer training gives Danielle above average balance (weak)

mental calm: Due to Danielle’s years of training with her samurai master she is now able to keep calm during a battle, where others would panic, enabling her to make rational decisions and see her surrounding clearly. (weak)

Speed: Due to a life time of training in Dancing Combat Danielle movements have sharpened enabling moderately swifter movements (medium)

Dancer of the blades: with the beginning years of Danielle’s life being dedicated to dance, she has taken a different approach to combat. When she fights it’s as if the sword is but an extension of her arm, as each move flows into the other. This skill enables her to flow from offense to defence with a graceful ease. (racial skill)

Jack of All Trades, Master of None: The human is proficient at everything, but can never be the absolute best. Dwarven fighters will always be more proficient fighters, High elf wizards will always be more proficient wizards, Orcs more proficient Berserkers.. etc.

Pet Information
Name: Cynder
Nickname: Cyn (pronounced sin)
Type: Hawk
Physical description: midnight black feathers
golden eyes
nicks and cuts in tails and wings from previous fights
As a chic Cynder was outcast by his flock due to his abnormalities, as such other birds saw him as easy prey and would torment him often. This is how Danielle found him, being attacked by a flock of crows, when Danielle saved him an instant bond grew between them.
As both was an orphaned they became fiercely loyal and protective of on another and are very rarely apart.

gold history= 4gp +3 (sold leather armour) -7 (hawk) = 0


 Post subject: Re: Danielle- the Dancing Samurai
PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:53 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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