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 Post subject: Toshiro the ex-Prince, Druid
PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:08 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?

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Name: Prince Toshiro, but since he denounced his family name, goes by Archie, the Hermit.
Race: Human.
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral. Doesnt like labels of 'good' or 'evil', just shades of grey. Defends Nature.
Inventory: Vine Sword, Two Wooden Boomerangs
Gold: Lets see… Druid starts with 0, take a 6 loan from the bank… so… Negative 9. Yippe!
Pet: None
Biography: Toshiro is the son of King Faxon, ruler of the kingdom Verdane. At about the age of 17, his father declared war against Argenti and he was sent to observe and improve his knowledge of battle. What Toshiro saw disturbed him. The Argenti people were very peaceful, very in tune with nature, and their resistance was low, however, his father ordered them to be massacred, only to improve Verdane’s borders, authority, and reputation. His father’s troops burned the trees and wildlife down on their quest, killing innocent civilians and killed everyone, regardless of surrender. Toshiro concluded his father was a tyrant, and abandoned his native country and his name, choosing to live a solitary life among Nature, to live by Her rules.
Appearance: Archie is unnaturally pale, considering he lives in the forest, American looking person with untamable, wild, blond hair. His eyes a cerulean blue, with a very handsome face, with no scars. Archie looks very befitting of a prince. Archie has broad shoulders, with a lean and fit body because of his years of training and such. Medium build, very average weight and height for someone of DI. Twenty years of age.

The Tree of Dijur
The Tree of Nekher
The Tree of Rahel

Grass Eruption: The druid enchants the grass to grow high up, obstructing vision, and allowing him to escape. After 2 posts the enchantment stops, and the grass returns to normal (weak/1 post to grow/lasts 2 turns/3 uses per battle)
Insane Growth: The druid casts a few seeds, specially treated by him, on the floor. After one turn a massive wall of brambles grows from the seeds. The wall is hard to penetrate, and will try to attack anybody coming close, including the druid, with his thorns. This wall, created by superspeeding the lifespan of the seeds, dies off after 5 posts. (needs earth to grow in) (weak/1 post to grow/2 uses per battle/lasts 5 posts)
Spore Sprayer: The druid can create a spore sprayer on a part of his body. This spore sprayer can emit either a spore cloud that irritates skin, or a fog-like cloud that inhibits vision. (medium/3 posts to grow)

Eyes of Nature (medium): Through Archie’s life as a hermit, Archie has become closer to nature, even to the extent of ‘seeing’ through it. While the exact mechanics of this ability are unknown to even Archie, Nature almost telepathically communicates to Archie, helping him pinpoint his opponent if they are near grass, trees, or other wildlife. Merely locates the opponent, providing a very rough outlining, does not 'see' by any means.
Boomerang Training (weak): One day Archie, needed a range weapon, got interested in the Boomerang’s angles and how it seemingly defies gravity, and so he trained himself in the art. Archie is more deadly and precise with boomerangs, throwing it at angles that often times seem strange or inappropriate, yet still hits his target.
Prince’s Astute (weak): While he has given up his title as Prince of Verdane, Archie was very well taught by the smartest of the smartest. Archie’s intelligence is very high, and can deduct information faster than the average melee class, on par with many wizards and mages, giving him a slight edge in combat. Naturally improves his use with boomerangs too.
Nature’s Stealth (racial): Archie has lived most his recent life in the outdoors and forest, and specifically is trained to that environment. He has trained himself to sneak through large grasses, bushes, swamps, and most wildlife with great precision. He is very hard to track through wildlife, as he doesn’t leave tracks and hardly makes a noise.

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