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 Post subject: Versago Lezinoph Neutral Martial Artist
PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:43 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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Name: Versago Lezinoph
Class:Martial Artist
Inventory: Quilted Armor (with cloth gloves), Quilted Pants, and Knuckledusters.
Specials: Phantom Palm,Wisp Driver, Rising Banshee
Skills: Chi/ki Burst, Unknown Bond, Dance of the Spectre

Physical Discription:
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair:Thick slightly spikey black hair, hanging a bit past shoulders.
Skin Tone: Whitish Grey
Special Features: Black razored tribal markings running from his upper left shoulder all the way down to his left hand.

Adaptation Skill: Growing up in a town with dense magic energy floating around everywhere, Versago finds it calming in some odd way... his body has become less susceptible to dark magic.


Phantom Palm:
With a quick burst of chi/ki Versago attempts to deliver a palm strike directly to the opponent If successful this knocks them back about a meter.
-1 post self fatigue
-Can be used 2x per battle
-Causes damage

Wisp Driver:
Like his phantom palm, Versago unleashes a quick burst of chi/ki into a swift elbow strike.
-1 post self fatigue
-Can be used 2x per battle
-Causes damage

Rising Banshee:
Versago focuses a moderate amount of chi/ki into his legs and arms and launches himself
quickly at his opponent. He then performs an arcing uppercut straight into the target. The chi/ki moving at high speed with the user is said to sound like the scream
of a banshee.
-3 post self fatigue
-Can be used 3x per battle
-Causes damage


Chi/ki Burst
Instead of unleashing large amounts of unessisary energy, Versago has instead adopted a trait of releasing a small amount to increase his overall technique/combat effectiveness. Though this is not nearly as comsuming as unleashing a full powered chi/ki attack, it will still greatly wear out the user if over used. This ability can be used both offensively and defensively.
-Short situational advantage

Unknown Bond
Although not quite sure where those strange markings on his body came from, Versago's always felt some sort of connection from them. This connection however isn't exactly what he would call a pleasent one. Constantly looking over his shoulder, he can't shake the feeling of someone or something watching him. This has kept him astutely aware of his surroundings, making it difficult to get the drop on him.

Dance of the Spectre:
Having been trained with weighted clothes, along with witchcraft that made his body heavier during training; Versago has adapted to these heavy conditions and in turn has become more agile. His swift movements are sometimes said to look as fluid and peaceful as if he were a ghost.

-heightened agility

Versago was born the small town of Bizrial, a town known for it's witchcraft, and dark arts. His father Uriek Lezinoph was an exceptional martial artist, and his mother Lyria Lezinoph a master Animist. They had both longed for a child for quite some time, and soon after their arrival to the town they had their wish...Lyria was pregnant. Though the town was known for it's witchcraft it was a town where everyone stood as a respected member of society, despite it's outter appearance the people were easy to get along with, and in no way resembled the everyday "evil witch" fairytale. The town used it's witchcraft in many ways; some used it to cure wounds, other used to to ward away evil and enemies that wanted to plague the small town, and even some used to to just make an easier life for everone; by using their magic to grow out of season goods, and help with construction of the town. (using the dead or spirits to work for them.) With the towns population of magic users a thick aura of their unkept power lingered around the town. While harmless to it's normal citizens, it was fatal to any newborn infant or humans with weak bodies.

Soon enough however the town started to abuse their use of reanimated workers and the spirits became quite violent. Sometimes destroying the homes they helped build, and other times even killing the citizens. Knowing Lyria for her strong magic the towns people begged her to help them. Angered by the use of their magic, and irresponsibility she rejected their pleads, telling them it was their own fault by abusing their powers in the first place and enslaving the spirits to do unnessisary tasks. The townspeople then turned their fear into anger, appointing Lyria responcible for the violent tendancies of the revolting spirits; calling her the "Banshee Queen". They threatened that if nothing was done about this that they could run her out of town, or even burn her and her husband at the stake. Finally after fearing for the life of her family she made a deal with the villigers. This deal was that she would take control and dismiss them on the grounds that they would never use their powers again. They agreed, creating seals with their own blood to seal away their powers. Soon after dimissing the spirits from their enslavement Lyria gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She tragically fell very ill shortly after his birth. Uriek did everything in his power to help, yet nothing seemed to work.
He had sent word to other towns, cities, even kingdoms for someone to heal her. Many tried, some even succeded in reducing her fever, but all ultimatly failed.

Shortly after his own birth their newborn baby, for an unknown reason also fell ill. Heartbroken and fearing the loss of not only his wife, but future child Uriek was willing to do anything. He went to the town's oldest witch and sought advice. He explained his concerns, and the old witch simply told him to bring his wife to her. He quickly returned home, and told his wife that the old witch might have a cure for her and their son's illness. He rushed back to the witches house with his wife in his arms, and their son in hers and brought them before the old craft user. She began chanting odd words, unlike any Lyria had even heard. The old woman suddenly stopped and began laughing in a demonic tone. Uriek stood in front of his wife and son fearing the worst and yelled to the unknown being what was going on.
The old womans bones began snapping and contorting in an inhuman way. She levited into the air and soon her flesh gave way to an ominious glowing figure. Lyria gasped at the creature proclaiming it to be a "Symbiotic Wraith". The spirit after coming into form said that he was done watching his fellow spirits be enslaved by it's town people and was finally ready to destroy it's corrupted inhabitants. Uriek threatened by the creatures words raised his hands ready to fight. The wraith looked at him and chuckled. It explained that their family was not in danger of his wrath for he was greatful to the woman for finally giving his brethren peace from the town's abuse of power. He told the two the mystery behind the woman and the child's illness, (which was explained in the beginning if you were following along.) and sought to make a deal. In order to go through with his plan the wraith needed a large amount of energy, he told them this would be aquired from the cloud of magic surrounding the town. However after doing so he would be weakened and would need a host to bind himself too. He wanted the child....

After seeing what happened to the body of the old woman they immediatly rejected the idea. However the wraith told them that he would give the child a special seal that would protect him from any harm the wraith might inflict upon exiting his body. This seal had a required the life energy a willing participant. He said he would need to take the life of one, to perform the seal. He further explained that due to the fact that he was grateful for what Lyria had done, he could take enough life from the two of them to spare their own lives and still be able to perform the seal. This sacrifice would shorten the two of their lifespans by half the ghostly figure announced. Willing to do anything to save their child, they excepted and the wraith performed the seal. When the seal had formed it created a wirey black pattern on the left side of his upper body.

They thanked the figure and after it went through with it's plan it planted itself into the child's body, and life went on normally after that.
With the town's destruction the two decided to travel to a neighboring city and begin life anew. The child grew up normally and his father taught him everything he knew about the martial arts. Becoming quite skilled with his father's teachings, Uriek pushed him hard, training all times of the day, with weighted training cloths, and magic from his mother to help in his training. Knowing that the day would soon come that they both would pass away they did all they could to raise him to the best of their ablilities. On Versago's 18th birthday he came home from a hard training session to find his mother and father peacefully sleeping in their beds. He tried to wake them but they layed there...without a breath in their bodies. Heartbroken he buried them both himself, and set off on his own, hoping to find his place in the world.

My Character

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 Post subject: Re: Versago Lezinoph Neutral Martial Artist
PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:04 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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How much in royalties do you get for that name?


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