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 Post subject: Vangolis Taylor, the point blank mage
PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:28 am 
I'm on highscores!
I'm on highscores!
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Name: Vangolis Taylor
Class: Mage
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil
Inventory: Knuckledusters
Gold: 3
Spells List: Burst Touch, Simple Torch, Firewall
Skills List: Burning Fist, Martial Background, Of Burning Nature
Physical Description:
--Height: Around 6 feet.
--Weight: About 176 pounds.
--Eyes: A black color.
--Hair: Short and spiky, it is dark red of color.
--Skin: Light intermediate
--Special Markings: Bears the scar of a burn on his right hand and arm from a failed spell.
--Dress: A dark blue long coat, with grey/silver trims and a large collar, almost the same height as the neck itself. The coat is kept open. Under the coat is a white t-shirt with a round collar, an a small V triangle in the middle of the collar at the front of the shirt. The pants is beige and is held by a black leather belt. The ends of the pants are tucked into black boots. (For somewhat of an example, my signature has an image that resembles him.)

Burst Touch: Upon touching their opponent, the mage can cause a concentrated burst of fire that causes moderate burns over a small area. Essentially, a punch fueled with a lot of fire. [Fire, Weak/Instant/Magic] 2x per battle

Simple Torch: The mage creates a small orb of fire within their hand. It can moderately illuminate an area or be thrown at an opponent. If thrown, it bursts on contact to cause minor pain and burns. While only dealing minor damage, this spell can be used several times. [Weak, Fire/Fast/Magic] 4x per battle
--Bonus: If the mage also knows Fireball, the orb gives off slightly more light and deals slightly more damage when it bursts.

Firewall: The mage creates a large wall of fire in front of the opponent for 3 posts. It distorts vision, hindering ranged attacks for both sides. Any regular contact causes severe pain/burns (Specials used to cross do not gather this effect). [Fire, Medium/Medium/Magic] 2x per battle
--Bonus: If the mage also knows Heat Metal, the spell lasts 1 post longer than normal.
--Bonus: If the mage also knows Torrent of Flame, they can control the wall enough to make it move forward at a slow walk.

Skills Description:
Martial Background: He was born into a family of martial artists, so he grew up with the fighting style, giving him quite some martial potential, but he left the martial path for the path of the mage several years ago, and his skills as a martial artist have lessened quite a bit. He still bears some of his hand-to-hand techniques and can effectively use those. [Medium]

Harsh Training: Vangolis had to survive heavy training every day as a child so he, later on, could succeed his family. This training has not only made him more physically fit, but also mentally, although he doesn't remember much of it. He does remember his advanced reaction training, which trained him to react to attacks faster, and his agility training, which lets him dodge attacks more easily. But time has eroded much of this skill and leaves only a little bit of each. [Medium]

Of Burning Nature: After leaving his home, he was trained by a fire magician, this is also where he developed his special fighting style: Burning Fist. In order to withstand the power of using explosive fire magic at close range, Vangolis was trained to resist fire magic more, especially his own. This adaptation makes him weaker to water/ice based magic, but his fire based magic is slightly stronger.[Racial]


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

- Vangolis Taylor

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 Post subject: Re: Vangolis Taylor, the point blank mage
PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:31 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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