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Author:  ddranimestyle [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Tyzrk the Arch-Wizard!

Name: Tyzrk (pronounciation: tuh-zerk.)
Class: Arch-Wizard

Arch-Wizard ~ Tyzrk's creative class. Her many years with her Bladed Bow has given her a total mastery of the Bow, but while using Bow-woman-ship to win the match, she also uses her Magician's bloodline to every advantage. However, aside from the occasional Fire/Blizzard Arrows, and the Alignmental powers from her angel/devil counterparts, she exerts Mana solely as Energy, the way she does with her Magical Bow. As such, she could exert this energy as completely original, Wizardry-like spells; even the greatest Masters of Magic cannot mimic them. However, her powers could only go so far, and because of her limited use of her Mana throughout the years, she has lost capability to use her magic to its full potential, only allowing her Medium strength skills. Also, because of her extra effort to master spells of her witty kind, they cost more to create.

Tyzrk's new training, along with simply playing around, has also taught herself another useful skill, a unique one to call her own. Her great natural speed, as well as her new power over Mana had helped a great deal in mastering her new move, a Broken Movement skill at that. While the skill is not as good as a Rogue's, of course, this is a skill she is proud of.

Race: Elf
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female (NOTE: I am a guy! But Tyzrk, my character, is female! Please don't get these things mixed up like others have in the past!!)
Inventory: Bladed Bow, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Mana bow, Mana Katar, Bowmerang, Ring of Framma, Shin-Guard Metallics Mage Mail
Gold: 4
Pets : Xhercfa


Thanks to my friend who doesn't even play DI!

Past Tourney Battles:

Fight VS Leboy FINAL ROUND (Loss due to dragging it out)
(Mmm-Hm! Tyzrk is second place of the DI Tournament!)

Fight VS Wyvern Act two; Third Round (Won, Fudo got canned WAY before I was halfway done with the AZ battle)
No link, sorry guys! TT_TT
(Umm.. No more necrophilia madness. =D Yee~ Tyzrk takes a break!

Fight VS Azerus; Second round (Win due to mod poll)
(Another one that was fully fought out. Tyzrk is tiring..)

Fight VS Wyvern; First round (Loss, I advanced due to lack of other people XD)
(Hey, we were the first ones to ever have a complete battle in a tourney before! I feel proud :D )


Bladed Bow: A bow specially made to compensate the fact that most Archers need range. This is a special metallic bow with curved, sharp blades sticking out of the top and bottom. The top blade is sticking outward while the bottom is sticking inward. This way, the user may spin it recklessly around in close combat to confuse and attack enemies. This also allows the bow use without having to annoyingly flip the bow around. There is also a hole indention on the top blade, which barely fits a jewel. Tyzrk personally uses that dent to decide which one is the 'top blade'.
(Reference image: ... R-2879.jpg )

Mana Bow: Mana from the user is concentrated in a pocket of air around the person's hand. It takes form of bow that attaches to the user's mana point at the front of their wrists. When the user starts a mana flow in their other hand and grabs the string, an arrow is formed. Tyzrk can practically only wield the bow on her left arm, and if her arm sustains proper damage, she may have difficulty summoning the Mana Bow.

Mana Katar: A weapon for Tyzrk's close ranged needs. Rangers are prone to getting their butt kicked in melee, and even with the bladed bow, she needs another weapon to help effectively defend herself (mostly so she can live to shoot again with her bow). Strange by design, this item is a right-handed, golden bracer that can be used to help Tyzrk focus mana into a bladed weapon-- specifically, a type of punching sword. When activated, the Mana Katar, like the Mana Bow, turns into a weapon composed of blue energy. It extends past her knuckles about a forearm's length and, for all intents and purposes, the Mana Katar acts like a regular weapon otherwise and can be used to block and attack as normal. The only drawback is that if Tyzrk sustains damage on her right hand or wrist, she might have difficulty in summoning the Mana Katar.

Bowmerang: A silvery looking bow that has a white streak through the middle of the bow. It was originally made by Tyzrk, who asked a Blacksmith to create another Bladed Bow for her friend. As he wasn't the original blacksmith that made the Bladed Bow, he accidentally made an extreme curve into it, resembling a semi-circle. After informing Tyzrk about the mistake, she thought it would be an even more surprise to her friend to bring something of the like in her idea. She asked the Blacksmith to carry on and continue smithing this, however, as a Bowmerang. The extreme curve would help in archery, and with the right idea, a boomerang could be formed. Tyzrk, after finishing the bow, never saw her friend ever again, so she took the burden of carrying it herself. While thin, it also has an almost full layer of diamond covering the bow curve, except for the handle and string. There are some dents between, allowing the bow to be pulled back. The diamond's purpose, especially at the ends, is to amplify the damage done when it is thrown.

Silver Ring of Framma: This is a legendary item that is strapped to Tyzrk's back with her other weapons, but it looks only like a silver ring. It has the diameter of about a hula hoop, and while it has particularly no use, it's usefulness grows with skills and specials, as it can easily use mana flows.


Mage Mail: A shirt that has been woven with threads of expertly crystalized mana. It retains the weightlessness of cloth but protects on a level comparable to chainmail. Tyzrk believes that she can course a mana flow through it, possibly making it easier to use spells using it as a point of concentration. Of course, she's just imagining things.

Shin-Guard Metallics: A pair of shingaurds. They are made of simple metal, and tall enough to cover her shins. As they only cover her shins, they do not hinder her movement so much. They are about as protective as regular armor, and are able to knock away a light sword slash. While in most cases it would not be advisable to try to block with these, especially while still strapped onto her shins, they still are made of hard metal, and serves several purposes.
Aside from combat uses, this weapon can also play music. o.O It has strings inside the shinguards that have absolutely no purpose except to play music. It's closed quite simply, and is near never opened, unless Tyzrk really wants some music.

Leather Armor: A set of leather armor and gloves. Crafted with the best dyes, and Tyzrk's tailor offers free repairs after every battle. She wears this under whatever shirts she finds "trendy", though she tries not to spend too much money on fashion as they'll likely be destroyed by the end of a Sunday stroll.


Fire Arrow
Double blow
Flaming Raid
Multi Arrow
Switch combo

Swift Movement
Hot temper
Last Swift
Ring Shield
Magical Bloodline
Broken Movement ~ Arch-Wizard Slide


Mana Whip
Mana Sock
Mana Strafing

Xhercfa's specials:

Shining Ray

Fire Arrow: From the gift of mana given from her magician parents at birth, as well as spell trainings, Tyzrk is able to set small things on fire, though she only uses this power in battle for arrows, as she finds it most familiar. When she uses her mana bow, the entire arrow glows a bright red. The whole arrow is very hot, but not as hot as when the fire is concentrated on a normal arrowhead. (Weak)
5x Per Battle

Double Blow: Tyzrk fires two arrows out of her bow simultaneously. She is able to fire both of them at the same power and speed, with relatively the same, low accuracy. With her Mana Bow, this move is even quicker for no longer needing to physically balance the arrows in her hand before knocking them. With a light, close-ranged weapon, Tyzrk may swing twice very quickly at the opponent. Her power and aim is compromised for speed. (Weak)
4x Per Battle

Flaming Raid: When Tyzrk looks straight at the eyes of death, she unlocks her special power within, making herself faster. With this sudden new rush of speed, she can unleash her most powerful move. She repeatedly grabs and shoots four flaming arrows at once into the sky, or down below if she is far above the enemy. She reloads and fires again in such a smooth and fast motion that her arm looks as if she is just pulling the string of the bow repeatedly. She continues this motion until about a dozen or two arrows mark the sky. (Strong)
1x Per Battle

Blizzard: Tyzrk fires many arrows into the sky, or shoots them down on the opponent if she is above them. She passes on a special, unique magic into her arrows as she fires them, giving the arrows a bright blue glow. Tyzrk may only use this move when she is in total desperation and her hidden power is released, which makes her much faster. Tyzrk shoots these arrows in waves of four at a time, and fires until there are a dozen or two flying arrows. When these arrows strike anything that is not a living, moving being, it shoots small icicles rooting form where it landed. These icicles are about a foot in length, and slightly sharp. The arrows that do hit the opponent will give freezing temperatures to the affected area. Because of the physical labor of these raids, she may only use one of these two raids per battle. (Powerful)
1X Per Battle

Multi Arrow: (With Mana Bow only) Tyzrk charges up mana, and makes an arrow. Then, she gives off a second wave of mana within the arrow. When it is fired, the main arrow shoots out two other, smaller magical arrow-like projectiles from the left and right sides. These two smaller arrows are attracted to the main one, and curve towards the center. Due to the extended path the two arrows take, they take longer to come to the intended target. Their attraction isn't very strong either, making hitting closer opponents with multiple arrows basically impossible. (Strong)
3x Per Battle

Switch combo: With bowmerang, Tyzrk shoots an arrow then throws her bowmerang. There is a magic current between both projectiles that cause them to - at Tyzrk's will - switch their curves, so the arrow runs a path like a boomerang: sliding out then in, and back. The bowmerang, on the other hand, goes straight forward. (strong)
2x Per Battle

Fearful Arrow: Qcyct the devil alignment appears, and surrounds the arrow in not evil mana, but pure fear. Neither the devil nor Tyzrk are affected by this energy. When the arrow is shot, it flies and leaves a trail of darkness behind it. Several seconds before it hits, when the arrow reaches a certain area near its target, the opponent feels fear, possibly stunning them before they get hit. The arrow itself doesn't do as much cut-in damage as a usual one, however. (Medium)
3X Per Battle


Swift Movement: Tyzrk ran a lot. She always believed that speed was everything in a battle. By running so much in her mischievous childhood, and by continuing her running training throughout her later years, she is faster than the average runner. (Weak)

Hot temper: Tyzrk is known to have a short temper. When hit, or when provoked, Tyzrk may get angry and attempt a counter. (Weak)

Last Swift: Tyzrk has a strange power that activates when Tyzrk finds herself in a critical situation. When her power is unleashed, she feels lighter, and can move faster than before. This, however, takes a toll on her energy, something that cannot be wasted once Tyzrk finds herself in such a situation. (Medium)

Ring Shield: Tyzrk takes out her ring of framma and concentrates mana into it. The ring then floats in the air, shooting energy in the form of concentric, semi-transparent circles back at her waist. The mana and any light residue 'dissolves', stored within her body. When Tyzrk in under stress or mentally triggers it, she can make a ring of energy blast back out. It's force is equivalent to an unfriendly push, and it comes from her waist area making it very hard and low to dodge.
May be used 3 times per battle. (Weak)

Magical Bloodline: Tyzrk was born from Magician parents, and in their prime days, they were one of the best in their profession. Their child had thought otherwise of the magic life, and turned to her own style of living. Tyzrk had always been bad with studying, but her understanding of magic came quickly when she was a child. She was trained by her parents, and she was able to make simple flames and such. Because of the training she had in the past, she is able to form magic as a matter of energy, usually displayed as a transparent, blue color. She is able to use magic in her own, unique way, be it augmenting her special attacks, her defensive issues, or even making weapons with magical matter. Her weapons cannot, obviously, have magical properties - being composed of mana is their only attribute worthy of mention. She hasn't, of course, mastered the magical world, so her magic isn't as strong as actual Magicians and their kind, but she is fine with her own tricky sense. (Strong, Catalyst)

Broken Movement ~ Arch-Wizard Slide: During her Ranger days, Tyzrk had always found it a problem to fight those pesky warriors. An arrow is barely any good up close, and warriors are full of just that. To turn tail and run for it only provoked the opposition to follow suit. It took too long to start running away anyway. And so, Tyzrk has crafted, with her inner mana, the ability to shoot out mana at a very awkward angle from her feet. The mana sends Tyzrk backwards a little, at a speed faster than an average back slide. Of course, this works the best when she is simply standing still, but it is possible to use this skill when she is running. Because she is not a rogue though, and not experienced with dodging as they are, she has to slow down her movement before using this skill if she runs. If not, the inertia would topple her over onto the ground, which this skill was very not made for. This mana cannot hurt anything; it takes no physical shape, and does not even have the weight to affect grass the ground. The balance is tricky the first time she tried this move, but after a while, she is proud to declare this skill of use. (Medium)
(3x uses per battle)


Prism: Tyzrk creates a prism within the sky. It filters out one specific color, causing it to be almost completely invisible for 3 posts. [Weak/Fast/Psionics] 2x per battle

Mana Whip: Tyzrk shifts an uncontrollable amount of magic in her arm, blue energies already flowing about her body. All of this energy will be formed into a physical, tentacle-shaped body. Extending from and attached to her arm, this whip can be used for one strong, very fast attack. Having little to no weight, this large energy mass moves very quickly, but being only energy with very little physical mold, it can only do moderate blunt damage at best. If Tyzrk has her Mana Katar equipped at the time of using this spe(ll/cial) , the Mana Katar is deformed into the whip, and is slowly formed back into a Katar after this attack. After this attack, Tyzrk may not use or unsheathe any weapons and/or spe(lls/cials) requiring mana (Aside from the above exclusion). (Strong)
3x Per battle

Mana Sock: Tyzrk draws her energy to her right hand, withdrawing "Mana Katar" if unsheathed for the duration of the spell. Upon contact with an opponent, the user releases the energy in a wave that pushes back the opponent with moderate knock back. Much more effective if used as a punch. After the spell subsides, "Mana Katar", if sheathed by this spell's effect, reforms.
(3x per battle) (Medium)

Mana Strafing: Tyzrk draws a thin, magic circle in the air with her arm, about two feet in diameter. It spawns four small mana arrows in random, separate spots within the circle that will fire off in inaccurate directions away from Tyzrk. The arrows are slower in projected speed than if Tyzrk had shot them from her bow, and she has very little control over specific aim. If any of these arrows stop their momentum any closer than one meter from an enemy, the arrow(s) will react to their presence by flashing a quick, disorienting light with the remainder of its energy before dissipating. This spell can be done with either arm, and temporarily retracts any Mana weapon which may have sheathed during the duration of this spell.
2x per battle (strong)


Xhercfa the Forest Sprite

(Pronunciation: Zhurk-phuh)


Shining Ray: Xhercfa and Jibou, Tyzrk's angel alignment, team up and charge mana together. After a short delay, they throw a large, holy beam at the enemy. It's power is comparable to a warrior's punch, and can knock back the target.[2x per battle]

Xhercfa is technically what anyone would think of as a Forest Sprite. Small and puny in size, the forest sprite is very fast and agile in the air. Xhercfa can never do any physical damage. Her real potential lies in her affinity with magic and the ability to alert Tyzrk whenever need be. Her Sprite body is almost never seen because of the large glow she emits, and only her wings, long and large compared to her body, are visible.

Fighting record: (Of real battles in the Battlegrounds only)

Wins: Eight

Losses: Nein

Ties: Three


Current battle(s):

Past battles:

26. Boarders of night and day, the sequel! (Nuncia) (Um, a loss... I think?)
(3 Gold)

25. Taking a month to make each post! See the grinding excitement! (Tengu) (friendly, discontinued)

24. Racism versus magic. A battle of lame jokes and bad puns! (Micheal) (Lose)
Battle - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13823
Poll - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14506 (Very uneventful, trust you me)
(Got 3 gold and a weak)

23. A newcomer with great potential, a pissed off orc who didn't even give his name to Tyzrk! (Koko) (Lose)
Battle - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13366
Poll - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13645
(Got 5 gold and a Medium)

22: Rhyming madness, which took longer than DDR vs AZ and got only to the half of the second page! (DreadClaw) (Lose!) ... asc-0.html
(Got 3 gold and a Weak. Time sure is a bitch, huh?)

21: Mingle in the forest with a guy with a scythe! (Grad) (Lose)
(Lost, the pollz don't like me D: )

DI EVENT: The Zodiac Tournament, round 2: Tyzrk VS Grimmar
(Lost, thrown outta here! |3 )

DI EVENT: The Zodiac Tournament, round 1: Tyzrk VS Zane Shadowcast
(Lost, got placed in Loser's Bracket XD)

20: Tyzrk meets Rayuke, who she thought was dead! And... Vice versa. So they try to fix that! (vs TDK) (Win =D ) ... asc-0.html
(Got a medium and three gold!)

19: VERY fun battle where RANOKA makes a star entrance versus Plague!
(Left unfinished until I work my lazy ass of for it)

18: A forest that is really weather-wonky :P (With Allawen) (Undecided)

17: Dlrow Rorrem. Or something. Watch as Tyzrk and Ein fight each other in the other one's bodies! xD (With Ein, duh) (Tie, but I got the $$)
(8 gold =D)

16: Another Bridge of Nogan o.O (Flame) (Win by default)
(1 Gold)

15: Payon Forest! The new forest spirit makes an appearance! (Humphrey?) (Loss)
(False hopes, and knowledge that Humphrey is undefeatable =\ lol)

14: Google is a fighting ground now.. (DR) (Win)
(3 gold and Fearful Arrow. Used 30 gold for Xhercfa)

13: A fight in Morning and Evening! (Allawen) (Tie)
(3 Gold and Ring Shield)

12: A fight in 2D! Mushroom Kingdom (FS) (Won)
(10 Gold and Karma Backfire)

11: One of my good days in post quality! =D Bridge of Nogan! (Lathers) (Absolute tie)
(Well, friendly battle... Also, it was quite a plot I had )

10: Geffen Forest at Noon (FS again) (Loss)
(Due to a poll, but who cares?! X3 I had fun rolling down a hill!)

9: Ranger vs Ranger!! Kerning Culverts (Gunner) (Friendly battle)
(I gave up cause it was funny)

8: Stranded in the forest. (Hideki DarkSoul) (Win by three day limit)
5 Gold and Holy Arrow.

7: A fight in... Complete emptiness. With Flame Devil. (A tie)
(3 gold and Evil Arrow)

6: A battle where Rayuke strips Tyzrk, come see the action!(TDK) (Guess what it's a win:P)
(Bowmerang, Switch combo)

5:A fight in a baseball diomand lol (Illithian) (A lost)

4: Desert fight (Pommies) (A won)
(Multi arrow, Mana Bow, and a fight with a clanmate)

3: Forest of Gitra (Magnus) (Friendly battle; no reward, it was a win though)
(Rewards: A good fight with a new comrade)

2: Forest Fight (Billy-Link/Billy Link) (Win)
(Rewards: 10 moneys and Blizzard)

1: The Dark Night (FD/Dethoriac) (Lost)
(Rewards: A fight with FD, and a side movie. (The gods and what not))

When Tyzrk was young, she would steal, so she was used to running. Her parents were mages, and wanted her to be one to, so they tried as hard as they could to teach her magic.

One day people raided her home village. She was out playing when she saw innocent people being robbed and killed. She ran home, but it was too late. She saw the dead bodies of what were her parents on the floor. Terrified and angry, she grabbed a bow in the closet that the raiders didn't steal, and ran away.

She learned how to use the bow, and trained and hunted. Being raised by the mages, she was fond of magic, but it didn't mean she was good at it. As hard as she could, she couldn't do much but set wood ablaze. She regretted not taking more interest in her parents lecturing.

Many years past...

Tyzrk knocked on a door, Tuesday after the King of Darkness tournament. Opening the door, a servant looked at the medal in her hands and was in shock. She walked in, and presented the medal to the leader of the cult. While he promised to advance her, he didn't have a good feeling of a girl becoming a ninja, or even winning that medal. He even went low enough to think she stole it. This lead to unfair tests that he gave her through discrimination. However, Tyzrk passed most the tests, whether she made it easily, or barely. She even fought one of the tough regulars there, and he actually thought she would do wonderfully as a ninza. She did much to prove that she was worthy of the medal, and soon, the leader was proven that she was worthy of Ninzaness. She was rewarded with the title of Ninja, and is now traveling across the lands of Darkness Incarnate to toughen her skills and buy up new weaponry...


Her title got deprived and so she got mad and rebelled and made her own specialized class: The Arch-Wizard. "I'm an Arch-Wizard. Here's the 'Arch' part!" This witty line she practiced in front of the mirror many a times.

Unclaimed rewards: 1 Weak s/s/s, and 1 Strong redo

Author:  ThEDeMoNKiNg [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:15 am ]
Post subject: 


(but its High Elf, not Elf, no biggy)

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Sun May 07, 2006 7:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

Got 10 moneys from the forest fight with Billy, as well as a powerful special.

Blizzard: Shoots many arrows into the sky. They have had the power of ice put into them before they were shot. They then come raining down at at the opponent. REALLY hard to dodge every single one of them. Obviously does ice damage.
1X battle in near death situation. Cannot do raid attacks one right after another.

Approved by TDk, cause I asked him. But mods can always disagree

[What the hell? This is really overpowered O.o TDK, why did you allow such a special? I mean limit atleast your arrows...
Sincerely, biller]

(DDR: Er.. sorry...What if I make it so I have to wait a more than a little while to do another raid right after another?? Like I shoot flaming, then wait like 4-7 turns, then Blizzard?? This is technically the same as Flaming, just with ice...)

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Mon May 22, 2006 10:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

Uhh, I've eidited my gold, but sinse TDK said so...

I gave FS 2 goldies, and he owes me I think...

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Tue May 23, 2006 11:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

Got 5 goody goodies from the battle with Pommimies, making my gold now 16.

Use 15 GP to buy the mana bow

Mana bow: It's kinda like Ishda from bleach, but more detailed. They form a blue, somewhat transparent sphere slightly bigger than their fist, and the grab hold of it. The sphere now spreads both up and down, curving inward, forming a bow type thing. Then they relax their hand, making a thin layer of mana come out of the bow, that is the string. The mana bow is then stuck to the wrist for some reason. The person that uses it has to have that arm stuck out, and hand stuck out as well. (Can't be like a fist.)

How to use: They then put mana from their other hand into that hand, and grabs the string. Then the mana shoots from the string to a little farther than the bow thing. They can pull on it, and fire the mana arrow.

Jewels: Honestly, I don't know about this. Do I have to, like, engulf the jewel into my body for my mana??

After a long time with mana, Tyzrk was able to outstandingly make a bow out of mana. She also learned some tricks that she couldn't have done with the bladed one. I kinda always carry this, cause it's my mana. She learned so far...

Multi arrow: WITH MANA BOW ONLY! Tyzrk charges up mana, and makes an arrow. Then, she does something with the arrow, making it shine more. When it is fired, then two other arrows shoot out left and right, making that three arrows (Two unaimed) fired. The other two kinda twists inward a few, but still. Only an idiot would try to dodge the main one only to get hit by the other ones. The other two aren't at full power, but hey. It still hurts. Also, one can't get hit by all three, unless they are totally retarded.

I'm thinking...maybe 3 uses, can a mod please clarify that?

TDK wrote:
So you shott 3 arrows? If Im right this is how it is: Yuo sshoot an aimed arrow and two unaimed. When shot the curve inafter the oher one (because curving slwos it down quite a bit) and thats it? Approved

i had to post that in so some people can get a more simple version of the description...

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:19 am ]
Post subject: 

Won 15 gold and a strong in another forest fight, making my gold 16.
Use 15 gold to buy custom weapon: Bowmerang, making my gold one again :P
Use strong to get: Switch combo

After the fight with Rayuke, Tyzrk decided to make a boomberang. Her fight with Illithian brought her a new experiance, using a boomberang. Tyzrk thought boomberangs were great weapons, and decided to try and make one herself. There was a hiccup along the way, though. It was curved, and worked as a bow as well! Tyzrk then found out that she could use this to her advantage.


Bowmerang: A silvery looking bow that has a white streak through the middle of the bow. It starts folded up, and can be unfolded in two ways, one to be a bow, and one to be thrown. It can shoot like a normal bow, but when boomeranged, it is quite different. Tyzrk can willingly choose to make the boomerang split up in three pieces, and go in left, right, and center. (Center is where it was originally thrown) It curves inward a little, so when it comes back, it comes back in one peice. Made of diamond, and is kinda sharp at some points.


Tyzrk then trained with the bowmerang, and found out something wierd through an accident. She thought it would work well if she could control it, and she was able to do-


Switch combo: Bowmerang only. With bowmerang, Tyzrk could shoot an arrow, then switch to throwable boomberang. She throws it with both having some mana in it. Then, the mana causes the two projectiles to switch curves, making the arrow go like a boomberang, sliding out then in, and back, and the bowmerang to go straight foward. (Yes, this means the boomberang doesn't come back to her)
3 per battle.


(TDK, you didn't approved this, but you didn't respond either, so I'm taking my chances. If you have any complaints, mods, please tell me.)

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Tue Jun 13, 2006 1:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Due to a talk with TDK, I will have to take out the split into three part of Bowmerang. I have to post to make this noticable, or else some might not think this is official... Or something.

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:07 am ]
Post subject: 

(Thank you, Deathjet.)

I got 3 goldies and Dark Arrow from a tie white emptiness with FlameDevil, making my gold 4.

Evil Arrow: After a certain arrow had hit her arm in the end of a fight with an evil undead, Tyzrk had more evil mana. With this, she can individually summon Qcyct, and he can pour his own special evil mana into the head of an arrow, may it be solid or mana, making it do evil damage. Can't do severe evil damage, as Tyzrk isn't sides with good or evil.
5 Times per battle, unless you mods disagree. This is about as powerful as Fire Arrow, except for the obvious evil damage.

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Sat Jun 24, 2006 3:07 am ]
Post subject: 

Got 5 gold and a medium from a won on stranded in a forest. (Fought Hideki, and won by the three day limit) Makes my gold 9

Tyzrk walked deeper into the forest, after the encounter with Hideki. She felt like actually killing, which was a result of the evil mana Dethoriac had shot into her right arm.

To purify her, Jibou uses her own holy mana to fuse with the evil mana in Tyzrk. Tyzrk felt evil and good flip between her, and was given permision to ask Jibou for help through a fight.


Holy Arrow: Jibou appears, then put her own pure mana into the head of an arrow, making the arrow do holy damage, along with the arrow. Kinda like fire arrow, but obviously with a little good element.

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Sat Jun 24, 2006 2:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

It was worth the thrill/laugh, but-

I lost 4 gold to Gunner due to a bet!

X3 that was fun!!

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:51 am ]
Post subject: 

I won 10 gold from an unexperianced clown on the tripwire guess at the riddle section, making my gold 15.

Buy's Silver Ring of Framma, if Mods approve. The discreption is in the Jivuchira clan thread, on the bottom of page 4.

Approved. Please post the description with the name, rather than make us look some wear els for it in the future. Thanks.


Author:  ddranimestyle [ Sun Jun 25, 2006 2:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Oh yeah, sorry abou that deathjet.

I buy ring of Framma (Have no skills for it so far)

Silver Ring of Framma: Strapped to Tyzrk's back with her other weapons, but it looks like only a silver ring. It has the diameter of about a hula hoop. It has particularly no use, but it's usefullness grows with skills and specials, as it can easily use mana flows.

I got 2 gold from FarStriker, making my gold now 2.

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Mon Jul 17, 2006 3:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

I get a gold for a default win from the Jello Bowl fight... I was expecting something great, but....

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Wed Aug 09, 2006 3:33 am ]
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Lent (1) GP to Nithrr, an enemy clan member, but who cares? XD He owes me.

<< "Pi-Chu!" <3

Author:  ddranimestyle [ Wed Aug 09, 2006 5:40 pm ]
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Got a gold back yee~ ^w^

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