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 Post subject: Gyzen, the Drow Assassin
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:58 am 
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Name: Gyzen
Class: Assassin
Race: Drow
Alignment: Evil
Inventory: Curved Dagger, Curved Dagger, Leather Armor
Gold: 3
Pet: None yet.
6th Sense
Quick Stab
Assassin's Target

Skills List:
Latent Power

Assassin's Takedown

Gyzen rose from the wet cold grass of the forest. "It's raining," he whispered to himself. He touched the ground with his palm and used his arms to push forward. Due to the newly wet grass, he didn't get far before he slipped and hit his head on a rock.

Then, he remembered a painful moment in his childhood. Though, he still couldn't remember the pain. He always held back his feelings ever since that moment, and that made him forget what it means to feel emotions. Nothing makes him feel safe or scared, and he's not effected by sorrow or joy; he feels nothing. The memories of his abandonment filled his head showing the gruesome images of his father cutting Gyzen's right eye in an attempt to escape. Then, his mother is seen walking into the room, and she just walked right pass Gyzen, completely oblivious to his crying. Gyzen tried to get up, but everything went blank, and next thing he knew, he was beside a wild panther. Immediately he was scared, but he felt a mental connection with the feline when he saw it was blind like him. He laid his hand on the magnificent beast and from that moment, that panther was his guardian and the forest was his home.

Gyzan awoken and stood up. He took his hand and wiped away the blood on his forehead, and sighed. Then, he continued to walk...

Physical Description:
--Height: 5"1
--Weight: 98 lbs.
--Eyes: 1 black and 1 blind
--Hair: Black
--Skin: Black Skin
--Special Markings: An "X" shape on his right eye.
--Special Traits: His animal relativity allows him to have a special connection with all animals, and can use that to his advantage.
--Dress: A torn robe that was ripped into a t-shirt with worn out jeans.
Specials Description:
6th Sense W:
Due to Gyzen's blind eye, his other senses are slightly heightened, allowing him to sense incoming projectiles when focused. Though, this necessarily doesn't mean he dodges/blocks it.
(3x per battle)

Endurance W:
For a split second, Gyzen can strengthen his body to its limits to endure the pain of a hit, ultimately bringing down minor effects and damage done.
(2x per battle)

Quick Stab W:
Gyzen can stab with an abnormal speed when focused. Due to this speed, the chances of missing get higher, but if it does hit his opponent, the speed and power increase the pain.
(2x per battle)

Assassin's Target M:
Gyzan runs into his target at an abnormal speed using his rage with his daggers pointed outward. If he collides with his opponent, the opponent will be injured, and Gyzan would take about half the damage, due to the collision.
(1x per battle)

Skills Description:
Latent Power W:
When Gyzen is at a fatal point, his body reacts by moving blood faster than usual, and his heartbeat increase, allowing him to fight longer than usual, but in this stage he's more vulnerable due to having increased nerves.

Assassin's Takedown M (Critical Strike):
Gyzen aims for the fatal points, such as the heart, pressure points, or the head, and will attempt to use them to take down his opponent. Since he is aiming at the fatal points, he has a better accuracy.

Custom Inventory:
None yet.

--Incoporeal Weakness: Drows are weak to attacks of an incorporeal nature. Things that do not have a definate form, like psionics, wizardry, or ki, damage them more.
--Flash Burn: Ultimately living in the Underdark, while making them tougher, has prevented Drows from getting along with Sunlight. They have a slight difficulty seeing during a sunny day.

--Absolute Dark Vision: Having lived in the Underdark, Drows have gained the ability to see through complete darkness.
--Shadow Blending: Their black skin allows a Drow to hide easily within a shadow. They're still visible, but one could quite possibly go past them without noticing.)

--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

Gyzen's Log

June 23-
I'm finally leaving this forest. It was hard, leaving the place I spent my whole life in, but I'm tired of living here. I must recreate a life for myself...

I traveled down to a nearby town, and registered myself in as an assassin. It's a living, though. Being a soldier-for-hire, I'll definitely get paid handsomely if I start hanging around this nearby tavern. I heard there was a "Bounty Post" where they post bounties on people within this corrupted land.

I entered the tavern, and guess what the bartender told me. If I want to take up a bounty, I must be trained. In order for that, I must wait for a signal, and I will meet my trainer.

Well, luckily for me, I know exactly who'll train me, but when and where remains a silent mystery. An assassin named 'Kate will meet me sometime, and I'll be ready. Watch me, trainer, I'll surpass you!!!


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