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 Post subject: Tsabe'gloth, The Abyss Walker
PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:36 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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Name: Tsabe'gloth, The Abyss Walker

Alignment: Evil

Class: Priest of Gelodosh

Race: Drow

A simple scroll rolled around a wooden rod. It is sealed by a leather of questionable origins.
Blade is made of a blackish metal.
A black suit.

~Kenrret (Puma)
Kenrret is actually a horror of the abyss that Tsabe'gloth forced to submit to his will. In the mortal world, the power of the horrors would rip their bodies apart. Tsabe'gloth molded and forced Kenrret into the shape of a puma, locking much of Kenrret's power away.

Gold: -11 (+5 gold from the holidays - 12 gold for a puma = -7 plus 4 interest.)

* Incorporeal Weakness
[Drows are weak to attacks of an incorporeal nature. Things that do not have a definate form, like psionics, wizardry, or ki, damage them more.]

* Flash Burn
[Ultimately living in the Underdark, while making them tougher, has prevented Drows from getting along with Sunlight. They have a slight difficulty seeing during a sunny day.]

* Absolute Dark Vision
[Having lived in the Underdark, Drows have gained the ability to see through complete darkness.]

* Shadow Blending
[Their black skin allows a Drow to hide easily within a shadow. They're still visible, but one could quite possibly go past them without noticing.)]


* The Abyss Walker (Medium)
[Tsabe'gloth can enter the abyss and travel to another location before returning to the normal world. The horrors of the abyss keep him from coming with an arm's length from any living creature. But it's not a walk in the park for Tsabe'gloth. He has to have a few seconds to focus and every moment he is there, he is in danger of being completely obliterated by Gelodosh for treading on his territory. Every time Tsabe'gloth abyss walks, he is left in a weakened state for the next two posts and can not abyss walk during that time.] 3x per battle

(When used during Weakening Miasma, Tsabe'gloth is fully visible while he is on the Abyss plane)

Story coming soon

* Survival of the meanest (Weak)
[Increased dagger proficiency]

When Tsabe'gloth was first pulled into the abyss, he was merely prey for everything else. Over the years that he was trapped there, Tsabe'gloth became a predator in his own right. He fought tooth, nail, and dagger for his life. Through sheer tenacity and mass killing, the horrors of the void learned to leave Tsabe'gloth alone. The primal fighting was ingrained into him and the horrors of the abyss. He can now freely walk among them for the most part and his fighting skills have been honed.

* I have seen Hell (Weak)
[Minor pain tolerance]

Just because Tsabe'gloth survived the abyss doesn't mean that it didn't have its price. His body was ravaged many, many times, often to the brink of death. He has built a slight resistance to this constant abuse. Well, not quite built up resistance as much as had nerve endings ripped from his body at times.


* Boom (Free)
[Gelodosh becomes tired of Tsabe'gloth and causes him to explode. Counts as an automatic loss and kills Tsabe'gloth] 1x per character

* Weakening Miasma (Medium)
[Why go to the abyss, when the abyss can come to you? Once activated, a thick miasma fills the air (The size is enough to reasonably cover the entire battle field). All those caught within are slowly drained of their strength reserves and suffer obscured vision (also affecting second-sight type abilities). Being accustomed to traveling the abyss, Tsabe'gloth is notably less affected; however, any abilities directly involving the abyss (e.g. abyss walking) are negatively affected - the exact details will be included in the ability description.] 1x per battle; lasts 10 posts.

Shoulder length, pure black, slicked back
Pure black, even the whites
A very slick looking fellow with very pale, gray skin. He wears a fine suit of unknown material. The colors shift from deep purple to black, depending on how you are looking at it. The undershirt and tie are also made of the same material. The suit jacket is never buttoned more than once in the front. His feet are encased in fine black leather boots.


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 Post subject: Re: Tsabe'gloth, The Abyss Walker
PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:48 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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