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 Post subject: James Dehlim: Fire/Earth Mage
PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:29 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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Name: James Dehlim A.K.A Atrin A.K.A. RRM
Class: Mage (Novice)
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil
Inventory: Dagger
Gold: 0
Unspent Skills:
Training Points: 0
Milestone Level: 8
Pet: None
Spells List: Simple Torch, Fireball, Rock Slam.
Skills List: Possibility of a Past, Block of Earth, Flash Orb, Area of Expertise.
Biography: James is the headmaster and warden of Outcast Keep, an insane asylum ranging from self admitted patience with minor issues to the criminally insane. Within the keep however, James guards a precious secret that is only entrusted to his number two, an artist turned secretary named Melissa. James is the notorious Atrin, the killer clown who had visited Gravan’s Port and with one party, had caused the entire city to enter a turf war amongst the rival criminal families.

There he met the woman and weapon Sutera Sasaki; although she had stopped his mass murder attempt, his main goal was accomplished, the death of the most powerful families father and the ignition of the turf war. He had escaped Gravan’s Port by dropping his guise and taking a new one as a party guest who had escaped because of Sutera’s bravery. During his escape though a self truth was starting to emerge, Atrin was not only James’ guise, but a split personality who could only maintain his persona while wearing the makeup of a clown.

Later, Atrin had fed his desire for the spotlight and entered the legendary tournament of Darkness Incarnate, The King of Darkness Games. There in the preliminary he met the man who would not only change, but end his life, a man as legendary as the games themselves; the ninja Jaedin. It had taken but two shuriken were all it took to end his life. He fell in the swamp and began to sleep, began to dream a shared dream.

In his dream he met a friend he had said goodbye to a long time ago, in a past he can no longer remember, or at least cannot discern from fiction or fact. Before him stood the assassin he had met before, a guest to Atrin’s Circus of Death; the head of the legendary Darksmith family, Katherine Darksmith. He had shards of memory of being a servant boy of the family, and more specifically the friendship he shared with Katherine. In their dream she had an uncontrollable urge to kill him and just as she was about to do that, the spiritualist Scott Darkheart intervened and flung him further into dreams; James was sent falling deep into the darkness that lies between slumber and Sillaway, The City of Dreams.

Physical Description:
--Height: 6’2
--Weight: 165lb
--Eyes: Blue
--Hair: Brown
--Skin: Tan
--Special Markings: Wears glasses and has a bit of facial hair.
--Special Traits: Battles with the fear he is losing his mind to others.

Spells: [** = Bonus obtained]

Fire Spells (2):

Simple Torch: The mage creates a small orb of fire within their hand. It can moderately illuminate an area or be thrown at an opponent. If thrown, it bursts on contact to cause minor pain and burns. While only dealing minor damage, this spell can be used several times. [Weak, Fire/Fast/Magic] 4x per battle
**Bonus: If the mage also knows Fireball, the orb gives off slightly more light and deals slightly more damage when it bursts.
**Flash Orb Bonus: The caster can terminate the existence of the orb to produce a bright flash from its remains. The flash can momentarily blind or disorientate anybody who catches sight of it. Magical vision in which the eyes are closed or non-existent (like undead) are unaffected, those with only enhanced vision can still be caught in the flash if looking in its direction.

Fireball: The mage summons a medium-sized sphere of fire into their hand and shoots it at their opponent. It explodes on contact causing moderate pain/burns and moderate knock-back. [Fire, Medium/Medium/Magic] 2x per battle
--Bonus: If the mage also knows Burst Touch, he can make the fireball explode in midair at his command.
--Bonus: If the mage also knows Steam, the explosion is slightly more powerful than normal.

Earth Spells (1):

Rock Slam: The mage raises a small rock in front of them, and proceeds to blast it at their opponent. While it causes only minor blunt damage and some knock-back, this spell can be used several times. [Earth, Weak/Fast/Magic] 4x per battle
**Block of Earth Bonus: The caster can concentrate on an area of earth in from of him and instead of a simple stone a 1ft cube of earth raises up. This block of earth is stronger than then normal version of Rock Slam, but is a bit slower and clearly easier to see, thus making it easier to dodge.

Skills Description:
Possibility of a Past: James has displaced memories of being a servant of the Darksmith family while he was a child. Bound to the needs and whims of the eldest daughter Kate, he was always trying to keep up with her unnatural speed, and although never able to, he has become faster than most. Unsure if the memory is real or not, the above average speed remains; as too does the physical weakness that fits the story of a boy who could never fight his own battles. (Racial)

Making it Your Own: Spells may be taught, but they do not truly become the casters spell until he has augmented them to his own design. Below is the list of bonuses James has created himself to suit his own needs. (Effects listed in the spells themselves)
-Flash Orb/Simple Torch/Weak: Within the flames rest demonic tricksters. Take heed this warning, those who gaze to closely into those flames will pay a high price.
-Block of Earth/Rock Slam/Weak: A MAN moves a mountain by carrying away small stones. A MAGE moves a mountain brick by brick.

Area of Expertise: Given the physical weakness and lack of weapon training that correctly describe the mage, James has always relied on his magic to do what his body could not. Because of this his spells have a moderate boost to power. This does not apply to spells that don’t have destructive power, such as vision obscuring spells and temperature controlling spells. [Medium]

Custom Inventory:

Gold Log
Started with 5 gold
Spent 5 gold on Earth Element (Now 0)


--Battle Records--

Wins: 0
Ties: 0
Losses: 0

--Battle Listing--

--Event Battle Listing--

--Training Battle Listing--

--Role Play/ Tavern Story Records--
Masquerade Mayhem (Current: NTW)
Sillaway, The City of Dreams

--Story Arks--
‘The Impossible Love’: Once bitter enemies the deceased, Katherine Darksmith, and the spiritualist, Scott Darkheart, have fallen in love. One is a cursed spirit and the other one given the responsibility of guiding said spirits to the other side. Their love is forbidden from the start as both destiny and an unseen force strive to tear them apart. They join forces to defy all else and seek a new destiny in which they can live together in peace.
Impossible Love
Silencing the Ministry, Fates Collide, Love Ends
Fury, Silence and Dreamscapes

Hubris of Humanity

 Post subject: Re: James Dehlim: Fire/Earth Mage
PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:34 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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theDINGbat wrote:
Scottsonknight has learned the power of love!

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