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 Post subject: Leoroxx, Professional Bear Wrestler
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:06 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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I think I'm going through that stage where people can't stick with one character. I just can't find that something that keeps me interested. So yea, new character! And I'm going back to non-magical combat means. I really like the thought of breaking some one with my bear hands. Yes, that was a horrible pun. No, I will not apologize.

Name: Leoroxx
Race: Orc
Class: Monster Tamer
Alignment: Hungry
Inventory: Whip
Gold: -15
Zau the Black Bear
[Bear Bomb] (Weak)

Madh the Grizzly Bear
[Roar] (Weak)
[Leader of the Pack] (Medium)

Leoroxx Skills:
[Wrestles with Bears] (Weak)
Leoroxx wrestles with Zau and Madh on a daily basis. It's a great way to burn off excess energy and it makes it seem like Leoroxx is part of their pack. Zau and Madh feel a need to protect their funny and fur-less brethren and fight pretty well in coordination with Leoroxx. They have played around often enough that they know how each other likes to fight and strategies they normally use.
[Wrestler of Bears] (Weak)
Wrestling with bears isn't something you can do without a basic grasp of close quarters techniques. It's actually every bit as hard as it looks. But Leoroxx does it and he has beaten Zau a few times. Leoroxx's skill at wrestling is getting better too. It's only a matter of time until he can beat Madh. (Improves close quarters combat)
[Wrestling with Bears] (Medium)
Daily exercise has been a good thing for the three of them. The constant physical abuse they put each other through has improved their ability to bounce back from injuries fairly quickly. The three of them can come back from non crippling attacks with only minimal side effects, e.g., a slash that severs through muscles would be hard to come back from but a blow to the head could be shaken off after a couple posts.
[Stump Dumb] (Racial)
Orcs are dumb, barely being able to match wits with a stump. However, they ARE smarter than bricks (those cocky bastards). They are easily confused and caught off guard by 'tricky' things.
[Strength] (Racial)
Orcs among the strongest races in Darkness Incarnate. This allows them to start stronger than others.
[Minor Pain Ignorance] (Racial)
The good thing about being dumb is being able to ignore pain. This is only minor... but it allows them to push past bruises and small cuts.

Basic Stats:
6'8", 315lbs, loin cloth made of a cheetah pelt, held up by a rough leather band (actually the monster tamer whip but Leoroxx isn't really smart enough to figure out how to use it), very cut and muscular build, skin has a green tint to it, brown eyes, bad teeth, wild mane of black hair

Zau Specials:
[Bear Bomb] Zau's favorite way to greet Leoroxx. Zau launches himself through the air, a bit faster and farther than one would normally expect a bear to be able to jump.
2x per battle

Madh Specials:
[Roar] Using the full strength of his lungs, Madh lets out a ferocious roar. It's loud enough to cause a man's ears to ring at close range, sometimes inducing a slight daze.
2x per battle
[Leader of the Pack] Madh sees himself as a sort of leader of the pack. He is the largest and strongest of the group and sees it as his duty to ensure everyone's safety. When either Zau or Leoroxx is injured enough, Madh goes into a blind rage, attacking the offender with increased strength and agility for three posts.
1x per battle.

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 Post subject: Re: Leoroxx, Professional Bear Wrestler
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:10 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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{Your last bear had better be named Baloo, and you had better make him sing.} ~ Yoz


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