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 Post subject: Irhinn, Human Shapeshifter
PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:56 pm 
No secrets for me in MW
No secrets for me in MW

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Name: Irhinn

Class: Shapeshifter

Race: Human

Inventory: None

Alignment: Good

Gold: -3

Pet: Wolf

A side-note about me and pets:
I believe they are beings of their own, and thus warrant their own descriptions. Almost as though they are their own characters(Which they are not), but I try to keep my descriptions limited to what is legal. If you have a question or problem with it, PM me.


Elfin is an average wolf. He is the long time companion of Irhinn. Him and Irhinn grew up in the same pack. And when devastation met their pack, and only he and Irhinn survived, they left to form a new pack together.

Transformations/Specials: Woodland Wolf (Sprint, Adrenaline Rush)

Skills List: Wolf-like Agility


(Another side-not:
I am a firm believer that the biography is not written previously, but written in the present by our actions. Thus, my biography is lacking in detail and is very vague.. this is for a purpose. It allows me to freely create my characters back story as I adventure. Believe it or not, most of what I write is completely unplanned.)

Irhinn was born to two normal human parents. Then, one day whilst playing in the yard of their woodland cottage, a rather large wolf grabbed him by the scruff and marched him out to the woods. Within two days, Irhinn started to transform into a wolf. He could switch from wolf to human easily. He spent the rest of his cub years with them until one day, he was out hunting with Elfin, his closest friend in the pack, their pack was ruthlessly slaughtered. They returned to the remains of the battle. Ever since then, Elfin and he had set out to bring justice to their attackers and to start a new pack.

Physical Description:

--Height: 5’7”

--Weight: 145

--Eyes: Blue

--Hair: brownish, almost rust colored

--Skin: white

--Special Markings: none

--Special Traits: Seems unable to sit still

--Dress: A brown loincloth and that’s it

Transformations Description:

Woodland Wolf: Canis Lupus Gaius
A cousin to the coyote and household dog. They are traditionally the ancestor of both. They are fairly good fighters, and fairy agile. They have claws and teeth to scratch and bite. They are stealthy, but not as much as their brethren. They have a coat of fur to protect them from the cold. [medium]


Irhinn makes a mad dash in a single direction for 5 meters. During this time, Irhinn becomes a blur from the sheer speed used in this. This may put him out of harm’s way or may put him in harm’s way. [Medium] 1x

Adrenaline Rush:
Using a sudden burst off adrenaline, Irhinn Attacks, then suddenly shifts direction mid-attack at a blur and attacks a flank. [medium] 2x

Skills Description:

Wolf-like Agility:
Having learned how to shift into a wolf at a very early age, Irhinn has practically grown up around the wolves, absorbing their strange methods of hierarchy and politics. He grew, and trained with them. The feelings of love and compassion he had for the art of battle were immense. He trained hard, and as a result, his muscles developed at an alarming rate. This has granted him a great increase in movement speed. [Strong] (According to Yozshand, I have sacrificed my racial in order to gain this skill.)

Custom Inventory:


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

Death follows unbound, seeking purification.

Stop being the prisoner of your past, become the architect of your future.

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 Post subject: Re: Irhinn, Human Shapeshifter
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:08 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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