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 Post subject: Sash, Assassin (Good)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:17 am 

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Name: Aoi Sash
Class: Assassin
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Inventory: Knight's sword, Curved Dagger
Gold: -10
Pet: Raven
Specials List: Murder, Sever, Quickening, Dirty Trick
Skills List: Cloak, Sword, and Dagger, False Agility
Physical Description:
--Height: 5'10
--Weight: 175
--Eyes: Blue
--Hair: Black, shoulder length
--Skin: Sun-tanned
--Special Markings: none
--Special Traits: Somewhat reserved, very quiet. Some would also consider him unlucky.
--Dress: Tight fitting clothing that has been dyed black, following traditional assassin themes. Cliche? Perhaps. But effective in their ability to allow one to hide in the darkness.

Specials Description:
Murder: The mark of a true assassin is the ability to kill an opponent in a single blow. While this is nearly impossible in DI, given the strength of the warriors, the technique still holds major value. Whether it is by thrown weapon (given training is such a concept) or by a stab in the back, Aoi can attack an opponent in such a way that it helps his aim and amplifies his Critical Strike skill a small amount. [Weak, 2x per battle]

Sever: Killing the target is your number one priority. That is the creed of Aoi. Despite little training in the ranged arts, he has learned a technique that allows him to very accurately throw a dagger. Of course, parting with one's weapon isn't always a great idea. The damage done is based on what is thrown: knives do much less, whereas daggers (curved or kris) do more. [weak, 2x per battle]

Quickening: Although it's not a conventional attack, Aoi can jump very high into the air or very far. This typically involves vaulting over the enemy or using a wall as leverage to escape. [weak, 2x per battle]

Dirty Trick: A good, solid defense isn't something that you'd expect from a rather thin looking assassin. But, blocking is just as vital as any attack. That's why it is called a dirty trick. Steeling himself, Aoi can use both his blades to block an incoming attack. Granted, that doesn't mean he's invincible... it just means that he can reduce damage when he probably should. [medium, 2x per battle]

Skills Description:
Cloak, Sword, and Dagger: While Aoi is still labeled as an assassin, he has also been trained in the ways of true combat. Warrior first, assassin second. Already knowing how to use a dagger, he picked up an arming sword to help bolster his offense. He uses both in combat, a speed-based style unique to Aoi. [Weak]

False Agility: Aoi's precision in battle has been honed to the point where he can target an opponent's nerve clusters in battle. This causes his successful hits to reduce his target's ability to react as quickly as they normally could. This effect is minor at first, but the effect is cumulative. However, Aoi is not well suited to fighting against people in armor, which has a chance to negate this ability even when damage is dealt.

Custom Inventory:

--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:


Not always had Aoi traveled in the darkness. Hardly.

It is difficult to understand the story of a boy that came from a farming community and became an assassin for hire. What might even be more confusing is how he was once considered a knight before he began to stalk the shadows. Sadly, the path of plant-growing isn't a very lucrative one. That was what originally turned Aoi to the Legion. Not being blessed with magic, there were only a few things he could become. Soldiering just happened to be the most honorable of them all.

Joining the Force was a difficult path, living with fifty-nine other young men and being yelled at almost every moment. Sleep was rare, and alone time was even more-so. But the training they offered in the arts of war was second-to-none. He progressed quickly with a sword. So quickly, in fact, that he was selected for a special task.

Little did he know that they would put a dagger in his other hand.

"When I was told that discretion is the better part of valor, I doubt they meant this..."

 Post subject: Re: Sash, Assassin (Good)
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:24 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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