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Tussle the professional gambler!
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Author:  Chase [ Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:51 am ]
Post subject:  Tussle the professional gambler!

Name: Tussle
Class: Mystic Gambler
Race: Human
Alignment: A well-meaning neutral
Inventory: Quarter Staff, Curved Dagger, Light Crossbow, numerous playing cards (paper seals)
Gold: -3
Seals List: 3 of Clubs, 6 of Spades, 2 of Diamonds.
Skills List: Gambler, Crafty, Light Footed, Battered
Biography: See button of post

Physical Description:
--Height: 5” 9
--Weight: 50kg
--Eyes: Bright Blue
--Hair: Bald
--Skin: Weathered
--Special Markings: A small red and black tattoo on his nape that has to be seen right up close to determine what it is.
--Special Traits: Squints a lot and walks with a bent back --Dress: Brown monk robes that are often in various states of disrepair.

Seals Description:
3 of Clubs
The 3 of Clubs is a card that packs the punch of 3 Clubs! When this card is placed on a person they are hit with a staggering blow that does only a weak amount of blunt damage but has enough knockback to send a medium person rolling with hilarious effect. Of course, weight has to be taken into consideration.
3x times per battle (Medium Seal)

6 of Spades
The 6 of Spades is a funny little card that causes people to dance! When attached to a limb, this card causes weak muscles spasms for 2 posts that could give the appearance of a crazy dance, if applied properly. The area affected is solely limited to the limb and has no effect on the torso (adding it to a face for hilarious facial expressions is a neat party trick!)
3x times per battle (Weak Seal)

2 of Diamonds
The 2 of Diamonds is a card as tough as diamonds! When applied to Tussle himself, this card hardens the skin and bones of a small area for a single post so that it can absorb one sharp attack. Unfortunately, excessive force will spread the damage around too much for this card to have much effect.
2x times per battle (Weak Seal)

Skills Description:
The skill that Tussle is most proud of during his extended life is his gambling skill. It has taken decades to master the sleight of hand and cards that is needed to be a successful gambler, especially when lady luck is being a fickle lover. When Tussle started to develop his other tricks, he decided with his infinite wisdom to direct these tricks into the tools of a gambler, or the playing cards themselves. Therefore, Tussle’s seals all take the form of playing cards and Tussle is quite skilled at pulling these cards out from anywhere on his person. He has even learned the knack of flicking the playing cards accurately.
(Human Racial Skill)

Tussle has an intense dislike of long, sharp metal objects, especially when they are drawn by the losers of a successful card game. After learning some very pointed lessons, Tussle has realised that it is no good facing such bad sportsmanship with bare hands (or even small sharp metal objects) and has developed a habit of picking up long wooden objects to help defend himself. This has led to Tussle developing a natural proficiency with any long, wooden objects, such as staffs or sticks.
(Medium Skill)

Light Footed
A drawback of being a successful gambler is that people often take offense at your winning, and this usually results in something large, sharp or spiky heading Tussle’s way. The only reason Tussle’s career as a professional gambler hasn’t been cut tragically short is because he is light on his feet and more skilled then the average card player at dodging attacks.
Weak Skill

While being light on his feet has saved him many times, there has always been those other times when the unhappy loser has big friends sitting behind you. This usually results in being dragged out into the alley and being beaten to a pulp before having you hard earned winnings taken off you. While this usually results in Tussle being unhappy and poor, it has happened enough times that Tussle can take more of a beating then the average card player.
Weak Skill


If you ask Tussle about his past, you will more often than not end up hearing some story about one of his more exciting card games (one of his better stories involves a seagull, an ogre who is afraid of furniture and a rather shy wood nymph). These stores will fill a whole tavern with laughter and distract everyone so that they won’t realise how much lighter their pockets are until the mysterious yet funny little gambler is well gone. However, there are ways to get some of the real story out of him if you use the correct methods.

The easiest method to do this would have to be to supply ludicrous amounts of free alcohol (the old geezer can drink) and lose so badly at cards that he doesn’t even have to cheat. If someone is dedicated enough to do just this, they might hear something along the lines of:

“I’m not from around this world. I know you wouldn’t guess it by looking at me, but I actually come from another realm of existence. Sure, I know you hear that a lot, like ‘I survived the fiery plans of inferno’ or ‘I came from a world with no magic ruled by big metallic beasts that move on round rubber things’, but you wanted to hear my story and that’s how it started.

I was a good youngster back then, learning my way around the tables and only keeping one ace of diamonds up my sleeve, but people still mistrusted me. It wasn’t even entirely my own fault. See, I had this brother who was rather messed up. You know the kind, cuts people up for fun, conquers peaceful nations, and leaves the milk out, horrible stuff. Well I finally get sick of being chucked out of taverns before I even have the chance to cheat and decide it’s time to do something about it.

I track him down; sneaked in to his big gloomy castle of doom by simply grabbing a broom and sweeping some pavements and made my way to his big flashy throne room. After a noisy little family reunion that destroys half of the mountain on which the castle was built, not the mention the poor little castle, I finally grab him by the scruff of the neck and chuck him through a dimensional rift that happened to be handy. Then, since I was tired of being university mistrusted, I jumped in after him. And here I am.”

At this point Tussle would sigh a little and look around as if seeking a familiar face. “There’s just one annoying fact about this new world. When I jumped through the rift, my brother had vanished…”

Author:  Yozshand [ Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tussle the professional gambler!


{Your life is only a chip in the pile. Ante up!} ~ Setzer

Author:  Chase [ Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tussle the professional gambler!

Returned to life just to take advantage of the Christmas Spirit :twisted:

Reduced my debt by 3gp

Gold History

-6gp (2 Starting Gold, + 4 loan for Quarter Staff)
-3gp (3 gold debt reduction. Yay Christmas!)

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