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 Post subject: Umierra, the water's blade
PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:00 am 
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Name: Umierra

Class: Duelist

Race: Human

Alignment: Good

Inventory: "Tethys" (dueling sabre), leather armor, water filled scabbard

Description of Tethys:
The blade is a light silver, and shimmers in the light. It has a basket hilt guard that forms neat cage to protect the wielder's fingers. The guard is also silver, though of a deeper color than the blade. The 'bars' of the guard form a smooth cup shape, so that from the side its silhouette looks uniform. Horizontally however the bars wave and flow, so they look like either trickles of water or tentacles, depending on whether you are an Asian philosopher or H.P. Lovecraft.

Description of scabbard:
Unlike a normal scabbard, Umierra's scabbard looks more like an enormous leather flask or waterskin, with a wooden slot at the top that is sealed by the hilt when not in use. It hangs down to the length of a normal scabbard, and widens as it goes. It is a cream colour and, most importantly, it is filed with water. It is also filled with sword, and so despite its size, only carries 4 units of water.

Gold: -2

Specials List: Aqua Slice, Aqua Riposte, Siren's Bite

Skills List: Sword of the Deep, Depth Walk, All water flows to the me, Dance of the Waves

Specials Description:

Aqua Slice: The sword must have water on it for this move to be performed. Umierra makes a slashing movement towards her target, causing the water to fly off the sword in a crescent shaped blade of liquid, dealing minor slashing damage. Though sharp, this water lacks any sort of push behind it, and thus cannot drive through armor effectively. Also, it loses cohesion after traveling a small way, and turns into a harmless spray. In the absence of water, any liquid with a similar consistency to water may be substituted in a pinch. (weak) (3x per battle) (Uses 1 unit of water)

Aqua Riposte: The sword must have water on it for this move to be performed. When parrying a strike, Umierra forces the water that forms a pool near the guard of her sabre up the blade in a rapid stream. Once the water reaches the tip it jets off the end to a length equal to the length of the sword (about 40 inches) with force enough to allow it to pierce basic medium armour. This projection takes the shape of her sword, and so works in every way that her sword would, though it quickly dissipates after it forms due to the difficulty of maintaining the water's shape once it is out of contact with the blade. As with Hydro Slice, any liquid with a similar consistency to water may be substituted in a pinch. (Counter-attack, Medium, 3x per battle, Uses 2 units of water)

Siren's Bite: A practical technique with morbid potential. By piercing or otherwise cutting them with her sword, Umierra can draw out up to 3 units of liquid from liquid containing objects such as sponges (wet ones), plants, and animals such as opponents. A brief moment of contact is required for one unit, a few or more seconds for 2 units, and around 10 seconds for 3 units. (Weak, 3x per battle)

Skills Description:

Sword of the Deep: Umierra's beloved Tethys is not your average weapon. Though she has no idea how, it enables her to manipulate water (usually around the sword itself). In the absence of water, other liquids may be substituted, but they must move similar to how water moves (she cannot, for instance, use syrup or molten metal). The sword will not work for anyone else. Woe betide the sanity of anyone who picks it up for long. [Medium, Catalyst] (All specials must have a source of water. This water must be 'on' the sword.)

Depth Run: For Umierra, wading is a thing that happens to other people. While movement in water is still noticeably different from air, Umierra has absorbed enough of Tethys' nature that she suffers very little drag from water resistance (unless she wants to). In practical terms, neither she nor her sword are impeded in their movement when immersed in water, and can move through it just as fast as they would air. She gets a slight reduction in damage from water based spells and specials. (weak)

All water flows to the me: Umierra can change the direction of flow of up to 3 units of water from 'down' to 'towards Tethys'. In effect enabling the sword to hold up to 3 units of water on it. At 1 unit the water can be disguised as a thin film on the surface of the blade. At 2 units there is a noticeable pool of water at the hilt. At 3 units the water obviously surrounds the entire blade in a perpetual reverse water fall; constantly flowing away from the cutting edge. (weak)

Dance of the Waves: Through constant use of her powers, which requires liquid and flowing movements, Umierra has learnt to move like the surging waves of the ocean. One movement naturally flows into the next, and orientation loses much of its meaning. In practical terms, Umierra is more agile and acrobatic than the average person, and is better able to perform actions during a rapid change of orientation, such as when twisting in mid-air. (Human Adaptation)

Physical Description:
A young woman in her early twenties. Generally cheerful and upbeat, apart from when she's not. Does not pay much attention to the outside world.
--Height: 5'3
--Weight: 115 lbs
--Eyes: Sea green
--Hair: Black, has an odd sort of ponytail that starts off the width of her head and tapers down until it ends in a short tuft, all held together by a number of string circles, hangs to between her shoulder blades.
--Skin: Very pale, unusually so for someone who's lifestyle should leave her more bronzed than the average statue
--Special Markings: None
--Special Traits: None
• Wears a loose, long sleeved, white cotton shirt, with leather armor worn over that
• She wears a large unbuttoned dark blue vest over her armor
• Cream colored leggings
• A dark green sash is tied around her waist
• Simple black shoes with a gold buckle

Our story begins many years ago, yet not nearly so many years as precede other such stories. There was a smith, who, nearing the end of his career and his days, was widely renowned as the best. And though he did not know it, they were right; he was the greatest mortal forger to have so far graced existence. The smith lived in a prosperous and far reaching empire, whose borders encompassed many exotic lands, which were intensely explored and exploited for priceless materials and artifacts. And so it came to be that a certain noble had the means and the knowledge to connect this greatest of smiths with the rarest of metals; the Fundamentals.

The story of the Fundamentals begins many years ago; a great many more years than precede other such stories. When the world was young, the four elements were, for a time, in a more chaotic state than they are nowadays. This chaotic state did not last long, but out of it came four metals, one of earth, one of air, one of fire, and one of water. To say that they bore the essence of their respective elements does not do justice to how closely they were linked, it would be more accurate to say that they were their element, only in a different form. Scattered across the lands, they were the Fundamentals.

And now, for only the second time in their existence, they were together (though the concept of 'together' didn't really exist the first time around). The noble intended to have the old smith forge them into unique and powerful weapons. For better or for worse, he did. It was the last job he ever did, as the sight of him peering over the metals, seen by the one who delivered them, was the last time any mortal laid eyes on him. The smith soon barred his doors to all who came for him, and the unnatural sounds of his strange toils could be heard continuously for many days and many nights. When did he eat? When did he sleep? Nobody knew. It's entirely possible he did neither. Until one day, the shop fell silent. The door was forced down, the sight beheld. The room was a warped and eldritch mess, items and furniture lay not scattered or defiled, but twisted and melted, as though by a storm that pulled on the very shape of the room itself. Lying before the twisted forge lay the weapons, each of unique and beautiful craftsmanship. And of the smith himself? No trace could be found. Some say he was driven mad and threw himself into his own forge, and was burned to ashes. Some say he was swallowed up by the arcane forces he sought to control. And some say the knowledge he gained from working with such primal aspects of the universe removed him from the mortal realm entirely.

In any case, the news of their creation did not bode well for the noble who commissioned them, but he was courageous and determined to see his ambition through. He had them brought to his quarters and, after dismissing his servants, picked one up to try it out. He had them removed from his house to be stored in distant locations that very night, and was reportedly plagued by terrible nightmares ever since. And so the Fundamentals were once again lost to history.

Umierra had started the voyage as an excited young lady, had progressed to a bored nuisance, but now felt like a scared little girl. Her father operated a small time trading vessel based in a particularly corrupt and seedy city, and had long desired to move his wife and daughter to a safer and more prosperous port. Now with the help of an unexpected windfall, he finally had enough coin. The windfall had come in the form of a mysterious package, and a client willing to pay a great amount to have it transported. The large amount of mystery and money was more than enough to make the old sailor suspicious, but he knew a large hike in taxes was about to be put in place, and the chances of him seeing this amount of money in one place again was slim, to say the least. So against his better judgement, he had quietly taken the package aboard, as well as his family, and set out on the voyage that would make or break them. Of course, in such a story, events could never turn out well.

The pirates waited until they were well out of sight of civilisation before attacking. A storm came from nowhere, causing the ship to toss and turn, and out of that storm came a ship sailing an unmistakable black flag. Unlike the merchant vessel, this ship navigated the heaving water with chilling ease. Umierra's father ordered her into the hold, wild fear clear in his eyes, and now she cowered there, listening to the waves smash themselves against the hull. Unbeknownst to her, inside the crate next to her lay the package, and after centuries of stillness, its magic was being stirred by the unnatural fury of the waves. Each heave of the roiling waters was made a little larger, and a little larger again, until the ship was caught in a spate of freak waves. Rising high into the air and falling many times its own length, it wasn't long before the ship was smashed to pieces, its cargo and all aboard presumed lost.

Umierra dreamed. She was surrounded by water. Truly surrounded by water. Water above her, below her, to her sides, stretching away infinitely into unfathomable inky depths. It was unending, unknowable, and terrifying.

She woke slowly. Her sheets were coarse and wet, her bed hard. She herself felt soaked to the bone, and there was something long and stiff lying next to her. She opened her eyes. A piece of what looked like part of the sails covered her. She lay in a rectangular crate, its top smashed in and half filled with water. A long object wrapped in linen was beside her. Pushing off the heavy cloth, she squinted her eyes against the sunlight. Her box creaked slightly in the waves, a lone seagull cried somewhere far away, and she saw the faint smudge of land on the horizon. In an uncomprehending daze, she started paddling towards it with the object. With each plunge into the blue, her impromptu craft sped forward, caught in a sudden current. It was getting dark by the time she reached the beach, and her muscles burned. Not that she noticed. As she was dragging herself ashore, the cloth bindings finally gave way, and Umierra found herself holding the scabbard of what looked like an exquisite sabre. She regarded it without emotion. Finally, she turned back towards the sea, and it finally hit her; her family was dead.

She didn't cry, not yet, her grief was too intense for tears. Instead, she felt winded, and sank to the ground. The she cried. Great heaving sobs forced their way out of lungs stretched to capacity, as she cried and cried. After about an hour and a half, her hand fell upon the hilt, and she was hit with yet another sensation, the same one she felt in her dream. That of depth, of volume, of immense size and weight, still and fluid. It was so much more than her. She could feel her grief pouring into it, diluting it, all her sadness could not change it, could not over fill it. She drained herself of grief and, exhausted, fell asleep.

Umierra dreamed. She was surrounded by water. Truly surrounded by water. Water above her, below her, to her sides, stretching away infinitely into unfathomable inky depths. And she was of the water. She was both nothing and everything. It was unending, unknowable, and comforting.

Umierra spent the next day exploring the land. She only broke down a few times. Her grief was large, but the water was larger, and this reassured her. She quickly determined that this was an island, the only one she could see. She also found a source of fresh water with uncanny speed. The island was lush, and populated by small birds, small lemurs, and a large variety of insects. Determining which fruit to eat was a very unpleasant trial and error process. She found the sword helped her spear fish with deft ease. A signal fire was attempted for a number of days, but soon abandoned. Unbeknownst to her, the storm, focused through the sword, had pushed her far into uncharted waters. The sword itself became her constant companion, always there to wash the pain away and keep her happy.

And so Umierra spent much of her adolescence alone on an island, with nothing but grief behind her, and the very essence of a primal force of nature saturating her mind. Suffice to say, she went a little bit mad. One day while swimming in the reef, she sensed something far out to sea. An large object, speeding through the water at quite a pace. She went to investigate. The crew were shocked, to say the least, by her sudden appearance alongside the ship. Many wanted to leave her right where she was, being rather averse to the idea of being dragged off and eaten by what was quite obviously some sort of siren. The captain vetoed them however, and had her hauled aboard. The ship was charged with exploration, and he was eager to pump her for information. The plan soon failed, as, though she seemed happy enough, she was totally unresponsive to others. The superstitious crew gave her a wide berth on the rest of the trip back to civilisation. Ironically, back to the very same city her father was heading for all those years ago.

Her story was the talk of the town, as wild rumors floated about. Umierra, kept away from the public behind the walls of an asylum, said nothing of it. Initial attempts to remove the sword were highly unsuccessful, and spawned more rumors that it was cursed with dark magic. As with all stories, the furor soon died down to the status of a local legend. The only other time she caused a stir there was when she broke out.

But that was years ago. Today Umierra has no trouble passing for sane, most of the time at least, and travels the land. She is a strong, confident, clear headed woman who has put all that behind her, mostly. Apart from some times... But she's getting better! Really! SHE'S NOT CRAZY DAMNIT! Yes, she's quite sure she's not. Probably. Most of the time... Anyway! Moving on! Seeking nothing but interesting people and places, her happy, lonesome life is haunted by the empty patches in her psyche, particularly when it comes to purpose, identity, and emotions.

--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:
My TB with Yoz - Passed!

Umierra, the water's blade

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Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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