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 Post subject: Barley Soup: Fleshie, Fighter, Famished
PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:09 pm 

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Name: Barley Soup
Class: Fighter
Race: Fleshie

These undead, unlike their skeletal brothers, are still more or less covered in flesh and muscle. They are animated much the same way, and are sustained through the magic. Unlike their skeletal brothers however, these undead are unbelievably stupid, slow and clumsy due to the use of their rotted brains, but they possess immense strength. These undead also possess great stamina, able to continue for days on end without ever stopping to eat, sleep, or rest. These undead can take any form that they wish, but carry over none of the traits from their past life. These undead are very durable, able to take quite a beating before going down. However, they are able to feel pain.

--Stupid: Stupid, not dumb like the orcs. Like, we're talking less intelligent than a brick here people.
--Slow and Clumsy: As a result of their partially decomposed body nature, not only are Fleshies stupid... they're also slow and clumsy. They have less agility and dexterity than most races.

--Bloodless: Fleshies do not have blood and, thusly, cannot bleed.
--Dead Warrior: It is believed that these undead were animated from the body of a once great warrior. As such, they have amazing stamina, they're unbelievably strong, and VERY durable.

Alignment: Neutral, with heavily Evil undertones
Inventory: Small wooden shield, club, leather armor (full set: studded chest, studded pants, gloves, boots, cap)
Gold: 0
Specials/Spells List: I Could Just Gobble You Up, I Love Take-Out!, Unwrap
Skills List: A Mistake in the Ritual, Endless Hunger, Draconian Diner

Biography: I have a lot planned out for this guy’s background, but here is the short of it. He was the product of an animist trying to make a perfect fleshie bodyguard, but one who ultimately got too big for his britches and failed in the ritual. Whatever happened raised the corpse as a fleshie, but left him with a satiable taste for flesh and an insatiable taste for life/magical energy. Raised without a master to command him, he eventually settled into a very animalistic mindset. After a chance encounter with a young priest in the dead of night (read as ‘his first victim’), the fleshie adopted the name Barley Soup and swept off on his own quest to fill his endless appetite.

Physical Description:
--Height: A little over 2 meters (Approx. 6’ 6”)
--Weight: 100 kilos (220 lbs)
--Eyes: Sunken, black
--Hair: Stringy, greasy, black, short
--Skin: Pale
--Special Markings: None
--Special Traits: His shield is either slung over his back or he is carrying by a buckle. He often forgets how to strap it onto his arm, so in his mind this is good enough.
--Dress: He’s never not wearing his leather armor, and he doesn’t wear anything else.

I Could Just Gobble You Up [Weak (Catalyst-Based), x3]- Barley Soup doesn’t just enjoy the taste of sweet, succulent flesh. Mana is his meal of choice or, failing that, simply sucking out some life energy will do. Upon successfully landing a bite upon a person, Barley can make a horrendous sucking noise, stealing energy or mana from his opponent. It is not enough to be considered an injury, but those who suffer this attack will feel slightly more fatigued.

I Love Take-Out! [Medium (Catalyst-Based), x2] – Sometimes food tries to get away from Barley, and that makes Barley sad. In order to be sad less, Barley developed a powerful, mana-enhanced leaping attack. With this, Barley can easily leap six meters (almost 20 feet) horizontally in just under a second. This usually leads to a pretty painful collision, but Barley’s a tough cracker. He’ll be fine. It can also be used to jump vertically, but he is only able to muster 2 meters (about 6.5 feet), but reasons for Barley to jump vertically are few and far between.

Unwrap [Weak, x3]- To Barley Soup, armor is nothing more than packaging one must get through in order to eat. Barley swings either his weapon or arm in such a fashion that he attempts to hook a hand / an edge on the opponent's armor/clothing and follows through in an attempt to rip it off.

Skills Description:
A Mistake in the Ritual [Medium, Catalyst]- Whatever happened in the ritual that sucked the necromancer’s soul and power out of his body didn’t really stop. Now, rather than driving him off, spells tend to just make Barley Soup… hungry. Barley’s body sucks in nearby mana/energy.

Endless Hunger [Weak (Catalyst-Based)]- Barley's body is constantly draining in nearby mana. This causes spells or other similar specials (such as ki blasts) to be drawn in towards him, making anything other than a complete whiff turn in and hit him. However, because some potion of the spell or attack is always fed into Barley, spells hit him with moderately less force.

Draconian Diner [Weak]- Barley Soup’s jaws were made for eating, and that’s just what they’ll do. Barley's jaws and teeth are strong enough to chew through leather.

Custom Inventory:


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

"A hungry man is not a free man." -Adlai E. Stevenson

 Post subject: Re: Barley Soup: Fleshie, Fighter, Famished
PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:43 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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