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 Post subject: Irhinn, Legionnaire of the Forest
PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:19 am 
No secrets for me in MW
No secrets for me in MW

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Name: Irhinn
Class: Legionnaire (Fighter Base)
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Inventory: Short Sword, Breastplate (Gold plated), Small Wooden Shield
Custom Inventory:
Gold: 2
Pet: None
Specials/Spells List: Hyperactivity, Air Sting, Slam
Skills List: WLA, Natural Strength

Physical Description:
--Height: 6'
--Weight: 195
--Eyes: Blue
--Hair: Brown, short
--Skin: Olive Skin
--Special Markings: He has a leaf on each shoulder with black letters imprinted on the thickest part reading, Primo
--Special Traits: Calculated, pigheaded.
--Dress: Wears a brown silk tunic under his breast plate, sandals, and a stark white toga over his breast plate.

Specials Description:

Irhinn has been running for as long as he can remember, his first steps were not taken slowly but rather in a full-on sprint. The added weight of equipment and the over-developed leg muscles have allowed him to make a five meter sprint in any one direction at a moderately abnormal speed, putting him either in danger or taking him out of it. Because of the energy this takes he may only do this once a page. [Medium, 2x]

Air Sting:
Through his continued use with his blade, Irhinn has gained enough strength to swing hard enough to have a small extension of air to expand off his blade. Although this extension is only roughly three inches off his blade, and it will do no damage to anybody wearing armor, it can tear clothes and leave an irritating rash for one post. [Weak, 3x]

Irhinn has trained with his shield intensively, learning how to block, how to use it as a weapon. In his training he has learned that he can use his shield as a sort of aerodynamic wind breaker, that allows him to run faster, making this rush attack a little more difficult to dodge. [Weak, 3x]

Skills Description:

Wolf-like Agility:
Having learned how to shift into a wolf at a very early age, Irhinn has practically grown up around the wolves, absorbing their strange methods of hierarchy and politics. He grew, and trained with them. The feelings of love and compassion he had for the art of battle were immense. He trained hard, and as a result, his muscles developed at an alarming rate. This has granted him a great increase in agility, although he now remembers none of his past. [Strong]

Natural Strength:
Although he was not born with it, to his knowledge Irhinn has always been slightly stronger than the average human warrior. [Racial, Weak]


He woke up. The light filtered through the trees and he his chest felt pained with longing as if some part of him had died and left the earth. He felt.. disconnected. As if he no longer was who he had been for so many years. Then it hit him. Who was he? He could not remember. His shoulder stung. He lifted his silk sleeve to reveal a branded leaf with the letters P-R-I-M-O in the middle. It sort of looked like a spade. His head hurt. Had he hit it? Was that why he couldn't remember anything? He had a vague feeling that that could be exactly what happened, however he knew it wasn't. He would at least remember who he was. THe mystery had affected him with an urgency that when he stood up so fast he almost fainted from the head rush. His tongue felt thick and heavy in his mouth, as if it were too big for it. His mouth was dry, and it hurt to swallow. When he took a step forward, he almost slipped in the slick mud. About 5 yards away was a clearing with a small pond in the middle.

His first thought was salvation. He could make a camp here until he regained his strength and the aches ceased. And then he realized that the aches.. were not from his injuries. But from some form of heartbreak, from whom he had no idea. He decided to drink his fill and keep moving. But, as he started towards the pond, he tripped falling face first into the mud, hearing a loud metallic 'klink' that alerted him to look at what he had tripped on. A sword, wrapped in a leather sheathe, and a golden breast plate. When he tripped, the breast plate had scratched revealing it was only made out of steel, but had nonetheless been decorated in gold leafing. The piece was truly a breath taking sight. He slid the breastplate on after cleaning it in the pond, and washed the white toga that was tucked inside of it before pulling it over him. He tied the gold rope around his waist and tucked the leather sheathe in it. he drew the sword. It was well crafted. Short, but well crafted. It would more than serve his purposes.

Another thought came to mind, and he figured it would be nice to have a shield, if only made out of wood to block a few attacks, but his mind mostly focused on the ranged attack. He wouldn't like to be a pincushion for some bandit archer that wanted his money. So he found a tree whose branches weren't dried and dead, but leafy and green. He hacked it at the base of the branch; which was several inches thick, perfect for making boards out of. He stripped it of leaves and cut it down to size. He was left with one board about 3 inches thick and about a foot and a half long. He would need five of these, and so a long days worth of work was begun. And surely, by the end of it, he was left with a decently crafted shield made of nothing but vine to hold it together, and wood for protection. He covered it in more vine to add slightly more protection, but it wouldn't make much of a difference against any real blade.

He looked to the sun, and then he set off in the opposite direction, heading east, waiting for his destiny to unfold..


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

Death follows unbound, seeking purification.

Stop being the prisoner of your past, become the architect of your future.

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