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 Post subject: Damian Greenhandle, human Barbarian (Repost due new acc)
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:23 pm 
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Name: Damian Greenhandle
Class: Barbarian
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
1# Plain, red cotton shirt.
1# Brown pants
Gold: +(1)
Pet: None
Specials/Spells List: Reverse hatchet(Weak x3), Guard pierce (Weak x3)
Skills List: Throwing arms (Weak), Windheld body (Weak) Hammering blows(Human adaptation)
Rage Ability: (Skill) Fiery will
Physical Description:
--Height:187 cm
--Weight: ~98Kg
--Eyes:Tree bark-Brown
--Hair:Chestnut, but somewhat red-ish. It is kept at a short length when possible, but mostly it's neck-length on the back and reaches the eyebrowns when wet.
--Skin: Very tanned, but naturally somewhat dark, rocky color.
--Special Markings: A small hexagon with two parallel straight lines inside is tatooed to his back, about 30 cm in diameter.
--Special Traits: Has lots of body hair, bordering unnatural, but his beard is kept "tame", being shaved regularly once it becomes 5cm long. But he has strange sideburns that seem to keep themselves up and pointy enough to poke an eye out. He bears a lot of scars, mostly around his arms, with a rather visible, if small one in the back of his left hand. Russian accent for some reason.
--Dress:Rather simple red cotton shirt that shows some wear. It haves long sleeves, reaching the wrist with ease. His pants are brown and have deep pockets, but unremarkable otherwise. Black shoes.
Specials Description:
Reverse Hatchet (weak x3) : By tilizing the blunt side of the weapon, Damian has a chance to daze oponents for a good time, depending on their phisical condition and armoring, allowing Damian to exploit openings with more ease as well as conceal his own. Axes are the most affective weapons for this skill, and daggers cannot be used. The daze duration depends on the weight of the weapon and averages at: (light (Swords, staves,):1-2 posts; Heavy weapons(Axes,maces, some spears):2-3 posts )

Guard Break: By putting more power and a certain angle behind a strike, Damian makes a strike that can stagger or potentially knock down his opponents, and is particularly effective at breaking through blocks and parries. While a shield will reduce the effectiveness of this strike, the blocker will still feel a significant reverberation through their shield and might gain a bruise if they are frail. (Weak, 3x)

Skills Description:
Hammering blows: During the time that Damian lived through raids and attacks at caravans, he was often outnumbered and outequiped and had to learn how to make up for that. After a number of battles, he learned the trick was not only to keep the oponents from ganging up on a single person, but to keep them out of the battle, even if temporarely, be it by knocking them down or limiting their space. Thanks to that, he is more skilled at keeping oponents away when needed, or push them around, in an atempt to tire them.
[Weak boost to the knockback of most attacks] [Human adaptation]

Throwing Arm (Weak) : After strenuous training, Damian became capable of utilizing projectiles with much accuracy. Throwing weapons' use is augmented, increasing their range by a slight amount. The effect in boomerangs is more visible.

Windheld body(Weak): After observing some of the people that shared his battle style of damage, he saw that the greatest weakness was the lack of defense, and that was just barely covered by leather armor, so he trained to be able to overcome this in another way. Through the training he underwent, Damian became more proficient at dodging, having agility uncommon for his body type.
[Weak boost to agility]

(Rage ability, Strong) Fiery Will: As the battle goes on, Damian's strikes become stronger and stronger instead of the other way around, as if he was becoming possesed by a will to continue beyond human. (Activates at the 2nd page of a battle and lasts for 12 posts. During this time each of damian's strikes will be stronger that the last, on the second page, he received a medium boost to his strength. On the third page, the boost becomes a strong boost. Should it wear out, it will completely exhaust Damian for 4 posts, cutting his attack power and his speed greatly.)
NOTICE:The segment that states "During this time each of damian's strikes will be stronger that the last" is declared to be flavor only. The increases only happen during the specified pages.

Biography: Born in a small town from the southern part of the continent, Damian grew up near an orc tribe, and due the proximity of the two settlements, both cultures had some influence in one another. The human town had a number of the stronger race's residents and the oposite was also true. Damian himself was quite fond of battle, even at an early age, causing him to be seen quite often in the tribe, rather than in town. During his time with the "Orcised" humans of the tribe, Damian learned to fight with swords and axes, being the simplest and most common weapons aviable.

For years, Damian trained, becoming accepted into the human group of the tribe by the age of 19. After joining the tribe, he learned that he could not live in the town again, or at least as long as he was a member of tribe. Should he become a warrior of his own right, he would be allowed to leave to create his own group. Days and months passed, but soon Damian was part of the warriors that made the less... moral jobs of the group. While the orc tribe was friendly with it's neighboring town, the tribe was still a nomad group, and after it stayed 30 years in a single place, it was required to move away, according to the shaman.

Once away from a city, the warrior tribe now had to return to invasions in order to aquire weapons, clothing, metals and medicine. It was strange at first, but soon Damian got used to it... A bit too well, actually. Soon it was noticed he had a glee in battle, almost psycothic, and quite clearly homicidal, in contrast to his calmer self when out of it. It's not to say he was quiet, not at all, but he was not one to stay around punching people and shouting around. This was worrysome to a degree, but recently, at the age 27, he left the tribe. Having proven himself and returned the favors that his brothers-in-arms did to him, as the tribe demands, he was free to go.

Now at the age of 29, Damian is a mercenary in the world of darkness incarnate. One between many, admitedly, but still, it was a job that brogth both money to survive and the conflict that broght him fufillment. That, and there was little else he could do, short of "Adventuring" as bums with no idea of what to do with their sword arms called the stealing of tombs and caverns.

Custom Inventory:


--Battle Records--

Wins: 0
Ties: 0
Losses: 0

 Post subject: Re: Damian Greenhandle, human Barbarian (Repost due new acc
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:25 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: Damian Greenhandle, human Barbarian (Repost due new acc
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:26 pm 
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