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 Post subject: Archelon, Bartgeier, Arctos, and Ajdarxo | Human Mage
PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:50 am 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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Name: Archelon
(Several conscious entities within one mortal body; explained in Racial Skill and Biography)
Class: Mage
Race: Human
Archelon: Good
Bartgeier: Evil
Ajdarxo: Evil
Arctos: Neutral
Inventory: Walking Stick, Full-head Mask (Cosmetic, offers no real protection), Robe
Gold: 2
Pet: No Pets
Spells List: Burst Touch, Steam, Fireball
Skills List: Multiple Deity Disorder, Quick Witted, Don't Know My Own Strength, Elemental Mastery
On the outlying borders of the world, where seemingly no man dared to explore, there lived a civilization that was unlike any other. This civilization worshipped Gods which manifested themselves as great beasts, controlled the elements, and allowed the land to prosper. The people of the civilization had no choice but do what the Gods say, for without them the land would be barren and unable to sustain life.

The Gods demanded sacrifice. Some different than other; some simply demanded food that the villages grew, while others were much more morbid. The God Bartgeier was especially heinous, demanding live villagers to be used as entertainment, where he displayed his sadistic tendencies for the entire land. He appeared to the people a vulture, constantly feeding off of the fear of those that could no longer fend for themselves. Constantly butting heads with Bartgeier was the god Archelon. He was the only God who was known for his kindness and forgiving disposition. He simply wanted the town to prosper, and was willing to help with anything he could. His preferred form was that of a large Turtle, slowly but surely creating a peaceful civilization of capable people.

Ajdarxo, the Winged Serpent, was once a powerful God. He controlled the forces of air, perpetuating cycles that could only exist with the gale behind them. Recently though, he seemed more of an underling of Bartgeier, existing only to aid in the games that Bartgeier played with the townspeople. He no longer had his own devotion from followers, and faltered under his weakness. Bartgeier used him, his air being used to fan the flames of eternal agony.

Arctos, The Great Bear, was always neutral. He never allowed the others to sway his beliefs. All he wanted was for the civilization to become self-efficient, a well-oiled machine. He would not baby the people, and only offered what they urgently needed; shelter. He commanded the powers of the earth, allowing him to create shacks and caves for the people to live in until they needed larger homes. He then offered trees, for the people to manipulate into tools, with which to build larger homes and even construct great cities.

After a while, the only two Gods who still held much power within the lands were Bartgeier and Archelon. The two vied for power; one for the continued extraction of devotion via forceful and antagonistic terror; the other for the peace and prosperity, and therefore grateful devotion, of the people. The Serpent continued to rally behind the Vulture, causing Bartgeier to gain and ever-so-slight advantage over the Turtle.

The civilization was flustered with the Gods. The constant sacrifices that were being demanded for Bartgeier’s games were becoming too much of a burden, and the people searched for a way to ensure they would never have to sacrifice another person again. They began plotting to kill the Gods. Bartgeier retaliated, ensuring the destruction of the civilization as they know it. The people, however, knew that the Gods would essentially become powerless without devoted worshippers, and called him on his bluff.

The men attacked the Gods, using weapons and magic to attempt to slay them. Archelon wished not to partake in the bloodshed, and retreated within his shell. Arctos was forced to slaughter the people; not of choice, but of necessity. Bartgeier and Ajdarxo took pleasure in the annihilation of man.

When all was said and done, the Gods were the only left standing. Although Archelon and Bartgeier didn’t see eye to eye, they understood that they must work together to create another empire. The four Gods found one of the surviving humans and transferred what was left of their spiritual energy into him, cutting off all consciousness the man may have previously had. They shared the body, and would unlikely be able to survive without each other until a time came where they each had amassed a following.

Physical Description:
--Height: 5’10
--Weight: 162 lbs
--Eyes: Unable to ascertain, mask covers eyes.
--Hair: Again, impossible to know.
--Skin: Tanned
--Special Markings: Chest and back look as though they were burned severely, and then became scarred.
--Special Traits: Somewhat disjointed movement, as if not comfortable within his (their?) own skin. He also does not see or speak directly; the manifestations of the Gods do that.
--Dress: Mask covering face with only holes for breathing. Otherwise, wears a robe over average clothes; a thin leather vest, blue cloth pants, and wooden sandals.

Burst Touch: Upon touching their opponent, the mage can cause a concentrated burst of fire that causes moderate burns over a small area. Essentially, a punch fueled with a lot of fire. [Fire, Weak/Instant/Magic] 2x per battle

Steam: The mage shoots a stream of super-heated vapor from their fingertips. It causes moderate pain on contact. [Fire, Weak/Medium/Magic] 2x per battle

Fireball: The mage summons a medium-sized sphere of fire into their hand and shoots it at their opponent. It explodes on contact causing moderate pain/burns and moderate knockback. [Fire, Medium/Medium/Magic] 2x per battle
--Bonus:If the mage also knows Burst Touch, he can make the fireball explode in midair at his command.
--Bonus: If the mage also knows Steam, the explosion is slightly more powerful than normal.

Water: Has yet to synchronize fully with Archelon

Earth: Has yet to synchronize fully with Arctos

Wind: Has yet to synchronize fully with Ajdarxo

Skills Description:

Multiple Deity Disorder: Several entities make their home the inside of this poor man. Because they all share one body though, they can strategize (against opponents or against each other) more easily.

However, only one entity can actually physically control the body at any given time. Another issue is that while controlling the body in high intensity situations, the entity cannot have two way conversations with the rest of the crew; it only goes from controller to spectator. It requires far too much concentration to actually be able to control the body in the first place, let alone keeping what is essentially a phone to your ear while battling.

The way it is decided which entity gets to control the body is simple; look at the last spell cast. Whichever element was used determines which God gets to control the body. While out of battle they can swap at will. Literally. It requires a great amount of willpower to overtake another consciousness.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the mask that adorns this characters head changes shape to resemble the God that is controlling it, e.g. Bartgeier’s mask would take avian form whilst Ajdarxo would resemble a snake. This is simply because the sheer amount of magical energy that radiates from the mind of the character needs to manifest itself to keep from leaking.

Normal Skills:
Quick Witted: While they may not be able to manipulate a human body as well as they like, the reactions of those within are still sharp. They react to things a bit more quickly that the average person. [Weak]

Don’t Know My Own Strength: The entities find it rather difficult to practice reservation when it comes to physical strength. For so long they were able to do as they please without worry. As they almost always end up pushing the human body to its limits, it has grown little stronger than average. [Weak]

Elemental Mastery:
Consecutive usages of spells from the same elemental tree will make spells of that element stronger until a spell from another tree is used. The first time an element is used, meaning a switch of Gods, the spell used will be a bit weaker than it should probably be. The second usage it is back to normal strength and the third usage it becomes slightly stronger. The fourth usage and the spell is moderately stronger than usual, and retains this strength on the first post of another element. This rids the swapping sickness, and starts the next element at normal strength. Below is a chart for easy reference. [Medium]
Swap of Gods
First Use of Spell | Somewhat Weak | Summoning Sickness
Second Use of Element | Normal Strength | Normal State
Third Use of Element | Slightly Above Average | Normal State
Fourth Use of Element And On | Moderately Stronger | Rids Summoning Sickness On Next Swap

Custom Inventory:


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

Training (Passed):

Archelon, Bartgeier, Arctos, and Ajdarxo

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 Post subject: Re: Archelon, Bartgeier, Arctos, and Ajdarxo | Human Mage
PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:17 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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 Post subject: Re: Archelon, Bartgeier, Arctos, and Ajdarxo | Human Mage
PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:43 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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Passed my training battle in two parts; Azazel was unable to continue after a while, and MyShipSails picked it up for me.

Archelon, Bartgeier, Arctos, and Ajdarxo

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