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 Post subject: Marril Irontouch, Martial Artist
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:43 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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Name: Marril Irontouch
Class: Martial Artist
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Inventory: Knuckledusters, Quilted armour (with cloth gloves), and quilted pants
Custom Inventory: None
Gold: 5
Pet: None
Specials/Spells List: Chi, Gauntlets of Force, Twisted Stab
Skills List: Magic Punching Bag No More, Two Homes, Father's Watching, Sharpen the Saw

Physical Description:
--Height: 5' 10'
--Weight: 225 lbs
--Eyes: usually brown, but can change depending on mood
--Hair: shaggy dark brown – almost black
--Skin: olive colored with a darker tan
--Special Markings: nothing too distinguishable
--Special Traits: a bit of a show off when it comes to combat – likes to win and makes sure that you know that you've lost
--Dress: usually a tunic and thick loose pants; wears moccasins to allow footwork to continue to be important


Chi/Ki is the art of turning one's will into near invisible force. When ever the martial artist throws a punch, kick, etc. they can use chi/ki to project it into a ranged technique. This fatigues them more than simply throwing a normal punch or kick since they have to compensate for the distance and it will deal just as much damage as a normal punch or kick.
(How much it fatigues them can be figured out simply. Energy required to punch/kick/etc. + energy that would be used to close the distance x 2. Or put a different way: 2(ENERGY + DISTANCE).) (5x per battle)

Gauntlets of Force: Marril can channel his chi into his hands for a short time to allow him to intensify the damage done by his punches. While active, this special allows him to do minor energy damage in addition to the damage that would normally be caused by a punching attack. Although not technically a chi attack (as it doesn't expend any uses of the chi skill), it is considered a chi attack for other purposes. (2 posts, 2x per battle, weak)

Twisted Stab: Sometimes, a strike doesn't need to do a lot of damage to be painful. There is something to be said for the right amount of pressure applied in the right place. However, not everyone can be an assassin or have education in pressure points. Occasionally, you just need to use brute force. With this attack, a punch or a kick twists at the point of contact, drawing the muscles together around it to cause a sharp, distracting pain to an opponent. Obviously, this attack only works against exposed or lightly armored areas. (weak, 2x per battle)


Magic Punching Bag No More: Having trained as a non-mage in a magic academy, Marril was exposed to a lot of spell casting – and was often on the painful end of those casts. In time, he was able to understand what was going on before things finished. This experience allows him to realize what magic an enemy is putting together and react sooner to avoid or ignore their impact on the combat at hand. For example, when someone is casting a magic shield, you can't do much about that. (This only applies to specials that are actual “spells”. He will be able to recognize weak and some medium ones outright, while anything that is strong or powerful will be distinguishable as an aggressive or defensive use of magic only.) (adaptation skill)

Two Homes: Having spent much of his childhood in the desert areas by Teranok, Marril became accustomed to living and working in the extreme heat. Despite the fact that he was only at the magic academy for a bit over two years, being forced by his mentor to work outside in the cold northern wastes meant that he got used to the cold very quickly. Because of this, Marril has gained a small resistance to attacks that rely on the cold. (weak)

Father's Watching: One of the things that kept Marril motivated, even during his initial failures at the academy, was that his father would check in on him. He knew that even if there were long periods between his father's visits, that there would be no excuse for him to turn in a sub-par performance. Upon realizing that he would not be a mage, despite what was initially expected of him, Marril he added to his training regimen things that would allow his father to actually see that he was working hard. This additional training has resulted in a minor boost to his agility as he focused on acrobatics and flexibility. (weak)

Sharpen the Saw: Despite the fact that he enjoyed training physically, his calling as a martial artist meant that he would not be able to rely on channelling or mental prowess, as his cohorts at the academy did. Instead, he spent his off time meditating and hardening his body by subjecting it to intentional abuse. This gives him a small damage resistance to damage due to the combination of working with both magic and the mundane.(medium)

I lost my papers containing my backstory, so here's the basic gist of it thus far.

- Grew up in the desert areas east of Teranok.
- Lived with his father, who was a merchant.
- Was widely recognized as a rather canny trader and apprenticed under his father with the eventual goal of studying with the famous merchants and eventually setting up shop for his father in Teranok.
- Came into possession of an artifact of magical origin.
- Had it do some strange stuff when he received it in the main square of town. Embarrassment ensued.
- His father was approached by mages from the magic academy in the north.
- He was encouraged by his father to go and train there to see what potential it could unlock in him.
- The mages compensated his father and agreed to pay a stipend as a scholarship for as long as he decided to stay.
- Being a few months behind the initiate class, he quickly studied to catch up.
- He was a horrible spellcaster, but a rather bright student otherwise.
- After about a year in various classes, he was continuously embarrassed as a failure.
- His father visited from time to time through the mages' generous use of teleportation (one of the conditions his father forced them to agree to) and encouraged him to think about his approach from different perspectives
- Just when he was about to give up, he broke through an opponent's ice shield one day through use of pure force.
- He was recognized as a martial artist and trained with others that the mages brought in to assist him; the mages kept him there to continue to study the relationship between energy and magic
- He graduated from the school, but just before his graduation day, an arsonist from a rival guild set fire to the academy. --- Many people escaped, but they were scattered as a result of the tragedy

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