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 Post subject: Ellia, Evil Shadowcaster
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:21 pm 
No secrets for me in MW
No secrets for me in MW
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Name: Ellia
Class: Warlock
Race: High-Elf
Alignment: Evil
Inventory: Short Sword, Robe
Gold: 1
Spells: Eventide, Darkness Lash, Shadow Orb
Pets: None
Specials: /
Skills: Substitution, Torment, A School's Guidance, Racials
Pet Specials: None
Pet Skills: None


Short Sword: This sword is also known as a Gladius. It has two, sharp edges, it's fairly light, and almost as easy to use as a dagger. It's length, though, is a bit lacking.

Robe: A basic cloth robe that gives a small amount of protection. This can be worn over many types of armor for added protection.


Eventide: The warlock uses the shadow weave's power to throw a blast of dark energy out from the palm of their hand. It does moderate blunt damage and can easily throw someone back or deflect projectiles. The caster must know Shadow Orb before learning this spell. [Dark, Medium/Medium/Warlock] 2x per battle

Darkness Lash: The warlock tears a piece of the shadow weave and uses it to lash out at the opponent. This 'whip' is only around for the post it is invoked, and has a relatively long range. The damage is comparable to what a whip-lash would be. [Dark, Weak/Fast/Warlock] 2x Per Battle

Shadow Orb: The warlock gathers a small portion of the shadow weave into the palm of their hand and shoots a small orb of it towards the opponent. It's fairly weak, dealing only minor blunt damage but it 'explodes' in a puff of smoke that can confuse or startle the target. [Dark, Weak/Fast/Warlock] 3x per battle


Substitution: Often, spells have a prerequisite, which means that one must learn the most basic version before learning the more advanced. While this prevents the warlock from using certain magicks sometimes, this skill allows them to 'substitute' weaker spells in place of more powerful ones. By consuming 2 use of a lower-tier spell, the warlock is able to cast a more powerful version of it. This only works with 'tree' spells and, by doing so, they put a great amount of stress on their body. After invoking a substitution, they are unable to cast spells for 2 posts afterwards.

Torment: A visually striking ability, Torment coats Ellia's offensive spells with what appears to be a slightly transparent black fire. This substance has no heat, doesn't spread like fire, nor causes any damage to objects or life like one could expect. It does, however, cause a moderate of pain immediately on contact, and burns out quickly to reveal black stains that could pass for burns at a glance. This skill adds a separate moderate-level pain effect to offensive spells, but causes no physical harm.[Weak]

A School's Guidance: Ellia had plenty of combat training in her youth, but never seemed to catch on or benefit from those lessons until recently - her ambitions began to require combat. Her swordsmanship with single-handed swords has slightly improved. [Weak]

Magical Lifeblood: Their magical nature gives High Elves a slight resistance to magic.
Quickened Mind: A High Elves natural intelligence allows them to think faster and, thus, react more quickly.

Frail: High Elves are more frail than others. Their slim and lanky nature doesn't permit much in the ways of natural armor.
Weakness: High Elves spend quite a number of hours studying each day. They're not as strong as other races.

-Physical Description-

Height: 5'5"
Weight:115 lbs.
Age: 112, appears to be in mid-twenties
Eyes: Dull sky-blue
Skin: She's pale enough that most high-elves would think she is sick.
Hair: Honeydew, straight-ish, about an inch past shoulder-length
Special Markings: Mark of Zu on her right shoulderblade
Special Traits: Recently deceased


The short blade at her hip is made of a polished silvery white metal with a simplistic bronze guard. Darkened wood wrapped with ivory forms the grip, and the curved pommel has a purple and gold coloured braid running through the middle.

Her robe is very plain, being little more than a flowing white article with small gold trimming around the neck and cuffs. A loop, coloured to match the trimmings of her robe, is tied around her waist as a thin belt.



 Post subject: Re: Ellia, Evil Shadowcaster
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:34 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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