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 Post subject: Edwin DeVille, Undead Justicar (Pscionicist)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:25 pm 
No secrets for me in MW
No secrets for me in MW

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Name: Edwin DeVille

Class: Psionicist

Race: Undead - Human Shape

--Stupid: Stupid, not dumb like the orcs. Like, we're talking less intelligent than a brick here people. (Negated by skill)
--Slow and Clumsy: As a result of their partially decomposed body nature, not only are Fleshies stupid... they're also slow and clumsy. They have less agility and dexterity than most races.

--Bloodless: Fleshies do not have blood and, thusly, cannot bleed.
--Dead Warrior: It is believed that these undead were animated from the body of a once great warrior. As such, they have amazing stamina, they're unbelivably strong, and VERY durable.

Alignment: Neutral

Inventory: Robe, Reinforced Denim Pants, Glaive

Gold: -8

Pet: none

Specials/Spells List: Telekinesis, Mind Probe, Psychic Bolt

Skills List: Strong of Body, Strong of mind; Sixth Sense,


To be updated soon.

Physical Description:

--Height: 5’10”

--Weight: 170 lb

--Eyes: No eyes.. although his eyelids have been cut off, his dark circles that are his eye sockets give off the impression that he is -always- watching you, staring into your soul, seeking what wrong-doing you have done in the past.

--Hair: None, long since fallen, pulled, or otherwise mowed right off his head.

--Skin: Black, rotten enough to look gross and give off a fetid smell, but not rotten enough to be falling off the bone, fungus has grown, helping to contribute to the dark tone of his skin and the decomposing smell.

--Special Markings: No eyes, stitched mouth.. he’s a true creature of horror.. there are no special markings as they simply dissolve in the rotten flesh or have been grown over by mold and fungus.

--Special Traits: Edwin does not speak. His mouth has been sewn shut, and you can see the stitches there. Instead his head simply ‘looks’ in your direction and you instantly understand why he is in your presence. There is no escape. There is no end. There is only justice for the wrongs you have done. The ghosts of your past are still very much alive and lead him to your door.

--Dress: His robe and jeans are worn as normal.. torn, ripped, weary from travel, they don’t resemble clothes that have been recently purchased. However, they do the job they were intended well.

Spells Description:

Telekinesis: The psionicist uses psychic power to control an object. This class skill allows them to manipulate and control an object from a distance, so long as it is not being held by another person. While only limited by the mental strength of the caster, the speed in which telekinesis can move the target object is based directly on the object's size and weight. The bigger and heavier it is, the slower it will move. 5x per battle

Mind Probe: The psionicist uses psychic power to read the thoughts of their opponent. This allows them to understand the nature of and anticipate an oncoming attack. However, the amount of information they can gather is limited... as the feedback from taking in too much at one time can, quite literally, kill them. This spell can be used instantly. [Medium/Instant/Psionics] 2x per battle

Psychic Bolt: The psionicist creates and fires a small orb of telekinetic force aimed at their opponent. It hits like a fist-sized stone, dealing a small amount of blunt-type damage. This spell takes only a small amount of time to cast. [Weak/Fast/Psionics] 4x per battle

Skills Description:

The Sixth Sense:
As he has been collecting souls for their misdeeds, a sixth sense has grown to take over Edwin’s sight.. He no longer can ‘see’ the person with color and warmth.. instead he sees with your emotion.. while he can barely see you at first, the more anxietic, fearful, worried, and rage-ful you get, the more clear you become to him. This also scales in a radius around him, the further away, the less likely he is to see you. Even if you are absolutely terrified, shaking in your pants, urinating on yourself, if you are standing further away than he would have cause to see you as a normal person, you will still only barely appear and it will give him a much less likely chance to see you. However if you are very close to him even if you are not terrified, he will be able to see you. Obviously in a crowd of people, by the nature of his appearance and the rumors of what he does, he will not be able to see you. If fighting multiple opponents he will have a hard time distinguishing who is who unless you speak. You must also be in what would be considered his normal field of view in order to be seen. He does not have 360* view. [Weak]

Strong of body, strong of mind:
Edwin’s mind has been preserved through the raising process of undeath. The necromancer who raised him had done it immediately after he had gouged out his eyes and bled to death. While this did preserve SOME of his intelligence.. needless to say it wasn't much after the psychosis had deranged and corrupted his brain. Essentially, He has the intelligence of a below average human. [Medium]

Custom Inventory:


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

Death follows unbound, seeking purification.

Stop being the prisoner of your past, become the architect of your future.

 Post subject: Re: Edwin DeVille, Undead Justicar (Pscionicist)
PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:17 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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