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 Post subject: Momo Sampler the Human -- (Evil Paladin)
PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 11:48 pm 

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Location: Argentina
Name: Momo Sampler

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Alignment: Evil

Inventory: Two-handed Sword, Leather Armor, Praying Stone

Gold: 5

Specials: Shield Sword, Thunder Sword

Spells: Curse

Skills: Presense, Shadow, 6th Sense

Biography: Borned in a small town, and raised in a farmer family, Momo showed his ability with the sword when he was 10, his father decided to make his son a great warrior and asked a friend of him to master him. Momo did not want to became a fighter, but he was forced to do it. When he was powerfull enough, he killed his master. Since then, Momo is an evil warrior and because of his strengh and ability, he became a Paladin. He is always with his two-handed sword and ready to fight.

Explanation of Specials
-Shield Sword: As Momo doesn?t use any shield, he has developed the ability to use his sword as a shield. When he is attacked, he make a fast move with his sword and hold down the attack, the enemy actually see the sword as a shileld (literally, the sword is seen asa shield)
-Thunder Sword: Momo runs toward the enemy with the sword touching the field, and charges the sword with static, when the sword touch the enemy, it make electricity pass through his body. If Momo miss the attack and makesthe attack again, the electricity is higher.

Explanation of Skills
-Presence: When Momo enters in a room, or is talking to anybody, everyone pay attention to him or look at him. This makes Momo look more imnportant than he is.
-Shadow: When Momo wants to hide, he can do it in any shadow and nobody see him unless a light is pointed to the shadow. Momo can not move while he is hidden.
-6th Sense: Momo can feel anybody close to him without seeing him. This is very usefull in battle beacause nobody can attack him from behind because he feels the enemy, or in the darkness he knows where the enemy is.

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