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 Post subject: Of Shattered Origins
PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:00 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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[A Dream Sequence of Ein back in his days as a Demon Hunter.]

The field was as calm as it normally was. Waves upon waves of golden grass moving back and forth with the wind, swaying to a melody that only the Gods could hum. A single tree lay rooted within the grassy plains and the land was flat for nearly as far as the eye could see. It was a hidden place, its location known only by two individuals in all of the Kingdom. They met there on a regular basis, beneath the massive cherry tree, and they would stay there for hours hidden under its blossoming flowers. The land was in an eternal state of spring, fed continually by the charging rays of the sun that they hovered so close to. It was a magical place, where originally the two had met and, ironically, where the two had fallen in love.

Only one sat there today though. A young man with blue hair and blue eyes. His back was against the tree, with one leg up, and his head resting upon his knee. He wore a long, grey robe, signifying his affiliation with the castle and church. A spear leaned against the tree beside him and within his clothing was a holy text that he kept with him at all times. A fairly handsome man, although his quiet nature would often fend off any romantic interest that there could have been there during the normal periods in his life. Yet, the way that these two had met was as far from 'normal' as one could be.

The day had started out just like this one, with a cloudless, blue sky and the peaceful smell of flowers all around. The young man had been summoned to defend a small village. While leading the enemy away to this very field, he was badly injured. He had proven victorious in the fight... but the wound he had taken prevented him from moving. As it was, he was going to bleed the death.

The fates were kind that day, however. She was a gentle girl, with almond-shaped, silver eyes that caught the light and sparkled like a pair of pearls would in the sun. She had straight, silver-golden hair that fell half-way down her back, swaying gently while she moved. She was gathering flowers nearby when she first heard the noises of the fight and, despite her better judgement, she came to look. Without regard for the flowers that took so long to pick, and without regard for the beautiful, silver dress she wore, she went to the injured man and started to care for his wounds the best she could. She wrapped his injury and helped him back to the village with all her strength.

She had saved him that day... leaving him in the care of the village doctor.

Weeks passed before finally he had regained full consciousness. He woke up in a place he had never seen before, wearing clothes foreign to him, and without memory of what had so previously transpired. It was foggy and for a short while, he even had difficulty remembering his own name. It was strange, however... he remembered the smell of cherries and the vision of a silver-golden-haired angel saving him, watching over him while he slept. He didn't know her name... but he knew she was real.

A few more weeks of rest passed and the young man's memories slowly began to return with time. He requested his belongings and began to travel back to the place where he had last been, to the field with a single cherry tree and long blades of gold grass that danced in the wind...

It must have been fate for these two... as they both happened to be in that field on that day... and they just so happend to meet there again when the blue-haired man made it back.

What had happened though? Only one sat beneath the tree today...

"Hey, you..."

"... ...Sakura..." The young man said quietly to himself, immersed within his own saddness.

"Don't forget our promise..."

"...I love you..."

"You've always meant the world to me..."

"Please... don't go..."

"I would have done anything for you..."

"I'm sorry, Sakura... please, forgive me..."

"Forgive you? FOR KILLING M--"

Ein's body shot upwards in his bed, a cold sweat covering his body from the nightmare he had just awakened from. His hands clentched the sheet beneath him tightly and his breathing was haggard, as if someone had been choking him in his sleep. This hadn't been the first time he had a dream like this and they seemed to be more and more frequent with each passing day. The blue-haired man blamed himself for her death, he blamed his own lack of strength to save her and blamed his own stupidity for not being able to get her free from J'ah's control.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 8:03 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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[A Flash Back of Ein after he had defeated the Prime Evil of Torment, but before facing off against the Prime Evil of Destruction.]

The horrors vanished, or at least retreated for another night. His body was wet and sticky with sweat, beads forming across his brow and across his chest. Despite his blanket pulled to about his waist, a shiver ran through him, traveling up his spine before diffusing into his chest. A hand shot up towards his heart, grasping the necklace that hung there. Beneath it, he could feel the rapid beatings of his own heart and hear his own lungs sucking air in high volumes. His fingers wrapped tightly around the large orb, his mind beginning to calm as he reassured himself that it was just a dream... just a dream.

Each and every one seemed so much more vivid and real then the previous. From the smell of cherries, to the feel of the wind across his face, even the sound of Sakura's voice, it was as if he had been transported back for a short time, only to wake up from a horrible nightmare. Her face still haunted him, the scarred and burned version of it that he, personally, had created when he finally set her soul free from Torment's control. And although he stopped her suffering, the fact remained that he was once again too weak to save her.

Like before, when a mysterious black hole had taken her from his grasp, all his power meant nothing. Despite being one of the most powerful and well-known spellcasters across Darkness Incarnate, he was as helpless as a child. It gave a small bit of comfort knowing that her soul was now resting, but it made the guilt he fell no less. His hold tightened around Sakura's amulet, a soothing warmth beginning to grow within the palm of his hand. She was still with him, despite his own lacking of power, her power and love solidified; it was her dying gift to him, a reminder of who he was and that she still loved him.

The sky was a grayish blank, signifying that Ein had woke up again before the sun had peaked into the single window of his rented tavern room. He had decided to stay just one more day within Vallandar City to compete in the King of the Hill event being held there. It was not a great place to stay, The Moon and Stars (as it was called), but it offered a hot meal and a warm bed for a cheap price. Although most would have stayed there for the company and booze, he simply paid for his room and meal and vanished from the common eye. After eating, he had called it an early night and hoped to catch up on the sleep he had been missing out on.

It had worked, somewhat at least. His eyes no longer burned and his body no longer ached from exhaustion. He felt somewhat refreshed, as he gathered thoughts and brought himself up from the bed. Although he could have tried to get a few hours of sleep still, he knew that his efforts would be fruitless. When his nightmares woke him up, he was up for the rest of the day. He started to get his things, taking a small amount of time to replace his white, button-up shirt and comb his blue hair back to its original position. Time didn't seem to effect him, Ein still having the same face his did so long ago, despite the numerous battles that he had been caught up in. He had sharp, blue eyes that seemed to swallow every detail they looked upon, and he had semi-long blue hair that stopped just before his chin. He would often have to rearrange it by tucking it behind his ear, a habit that he did often, even during a fight. He was tall, almost 6", and was in good shape considering his profession. He had a set of abs that could just barely be seen beneath his shirt and the lines between his muscles could be seen in his arms. His small frame made him seem much stronger then he actually was. Compared to most warriors, he was below average; forced to rely on quick thought and technique more then brute strength. On the back-palm of his right hand was a deep, red symbol that seemed very similar to a tattoo.

His right hand grabbed his robe swung it over his shoulder, his left held his staff, and he shortly made his way for towards the King of the Hill Arena.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:33 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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[A Flash Back of Ein back in his days as a Demon Hunter. This was just a few weeks after he was rescued by Sakura and still on leave from the Palace-- Rest and Relaxation, if you will.]

Ein sat beneath the branches of the large cherry tree, absently throwing stones across the field. The sky was clear and bright and his mood was equally lithe. He watched the stones bounce across the ground, letting his mind wander hundreds of miles away. For a number of weeks now he had been off duty, enduring the halcyonic village life. His humble hosts had treated him well, offering him food and a place to sleep for only minor amounts of work around the house. It was a peaceful time... and secretly he never wanted the day to come when the Queen would once again call upon his services. The blue-haired man let out a suppressed sigh and sent another stone skipping across the ground.

"Ein, would you stop that?!" A soft voice reprimanded. It was Sakura. Not a few feet away, she sat on a blanket carefully placed on a bed of green grass. She played with her paint pots, pretending as though she hadn't been watching the soldier this whole time. She glanced away from her easel, pursing her lips as she mentally took down features of the scene. He looked pensive, as if he was staring at nothing in particular. But Sakura knew better. The rock in his hand didn't truly hold his attention. He rarely took his eyes off her these days. In every sense of the word, he had become her bodyguard, and she enjoyed the way he secretly coveted her. Her stomach fluttering, she returned to her painting, using a dull grey to complete his robe. He wasn't in armor as he usually was... but she felt as though the lack of such things suited him better.

"Now... how long do I have to sit here?" His voice was strained, as if trying not to sound TOO impatient.

"Well... you don't have to let me paint you, I just thought it would be fun..." She let her voice hold a tinge of mock-hurt feelings in it-- enough to make Ein groan where he sat.

"No, no! It's alright..." He let out an inaudible sigh, trying once again to sit still so she could finish.

To Ein, Sakura was an enigma. She seemed hard at work, occasionally stepping back from her so-called masterpiece and cocking her head, then lifting her brush again to make corrections. She wore a pristine white dress that caught the sun and shone in sync with her blond-silver hair. She had dressed strangely well for their picnic and that surprised the soldier. Occasionally, she stole glances from across the grass. He would return the gaze stoically and when their eyes met, she would frown and quickly return to her painting.

"Alright. We'll stop here." She said, setting her horse-hair brush down and standing up. She lightly brushed herself off and didn't seem to notice that she had a drop of white paint on her nose. Ein let out a stifled laugh once he saw it.

"Stop? I thought you wanted to finish today."

"I did... but I want to rest now." She walked over to the tree. A warm breeze blew across the meadow, stirring her hair. Sakura tucked the silver strands behind her ear, then looked around with a satisfied nod. Naturally, there was a smile across her face as she surveyed the area. This place was enchanting, especially how the sunlight shimmered across the grass. There was a patch of purple wildflowers next to where she decided to sit. Folding her legs beneath her, she stuck her nose into one of them and took in its scent. It smelled sweet, almost like candy and reminded her slightly of home.

Ein smiled shyly at her from a distance.

"I don't bite, you know... you can sit down." She hadn't even looked up but seemed to notice the soldier's awkwardness.

"I-I am, sitting..."

"Here, I meant." She gestured to the grass beside her.

For a moment, Ein wasn't sure what to do. He felt out of place. He looked around for something--anything-- to occupy his thoughts. Again, Sakura noted his nervousness and reached her hand out with a chuckle. A soft tug guided the soldier to where he secretly wanted to be. Both of them gazed across the field and the young woman let out a happy sigh. Ein stole a long glance. Her face sparkled with sunlight and a look of deep tranquility. It was easy to tell how much she enjoyed being here, away from the village.

"You're staring at me," She said, smiling slyly to herself.

"I'm sorry." The soldier turned his head.

"You've been looking at me a lot, I've noticed."

"Forgive me... I meant no offense." Ein groped for an explanation. "I... was just curious how the painting was going. It's hard to do that... if I don't look at you."

"Oh... I see. Thank you for explaining it to me. I was curious."

"It's going quite well, I saw." Ein absently began picking at the grass near him, taking a few blades into his hand.

"Yes, it's coming quite nicely." She didn't stop smiling, eyes still looking across the field. "I'm happy you let me paint you-- with it, I'll make sure everyone knows who saved the village."

"I was only doing my job, I'm not hero."

"Nonsense... you defeated that monster and saved us all."

"I'm just a soldier... I only knew about it because the Queen told me. When I'm told to fight, I fight..."

Her smile faded slightly to his response. She reached out her hand and plucked one of the wildflowers she had been smelling earlier. "Do you enjoy fighting? Do you want to fight for the rest of your life?"

"It's all that I'm good at..." Ein replied, studying the blades of grass still in his hand. His eyes then wandered to the flower Sakura was holding. The mental comparison made him chuckle. 'I'm like the grass-- common, everywhere... nothing special.

"I don't think so. I think you're good at a lot of things, you just don't know it!" She said cheerfully.

'She is most certainly a flower.'

 Post subject: Re: Of Shattered Origins
PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:49 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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[A Flash Back of Ein during his Demon Hunting days, after meeting Sakura, but before the accident. Ein was sent to a village to perform an exorcism...]

"She hasn't spoken a word to anyone since it happened..." She said to me.

"I see..." My voice was soft, as if trying to keep my presence a secret to the sobbing girl.

"She just mumbles and cries to herself, rocking in that corner-- poor thing doesn't even eat... it's a miracle she's survived this long." She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts. "Funny thing is, though... it sounds like she's saying YOUR name, Mr. Weltal."

I squinted in the darkness, attempting to get a good look at the girl. The smell of sweat, feces, and death hung heavily in the air and the taste of rot accompanied every breath. I steeled my resolve and continued my investigation, but only after fighting back the vomit in my throat. What the villagers hadn't realized yet was the fact that this child had been dead for weeks... and that the supernatural force that attacked this place never truly left. I took a step foward, then looked back.

"Her name?" I asked, my voice still barely above a whisper.


I nodded and took to one knee. The pungent odor of the undead child became even more acute as I moved closer. "Evelyn... ...?"

"--My doll is pretty... don't you think?" Much to the surprise of the elderly matron, Evelyn gave a response.

"Yes, it's a very beautiful doll... ..." I spoke calmly, like one would normally to a young child. I hadn't noticed before, but the child had been fiddling with a toy of some kind while she rocked. The darkness prevented me from seeing it fully.

"I've always wanted a doll like this... she's so pretty... she's precious to me, so lovely..." Despite Ein's response, the child continued rocking back and forth and playing with the shadowy object in her hands. She was in her own little world. "She's precious to YOU, too, you know..."

"What do you mean, Evelyn?" I asked; the girl's words were cryptic in there meaning and the old woman could do little but stare in wonder. My hand reached out to take the doll from the girl, but a sudden feeling of cold rushed through my hand as it moved closer to the girl. Wincing, I pulled back and noticed that my hand now looked as if it were a young cat's scratching post. Bits of red blood dribbled from the tips of my fingers and onto the floor... One of the few memories I have of being 'normal'.

"You know what I mean, silly..." Evelyn giggled some and then began rocking back and forth somewhat faster. "She's precious to you... and you'd do ANYTHING for her..."

I was taken aback by the child's comment... but her next response was even more strange.

She turned her head to me, and, despite the rot beginning to claim the bottom portions of her jaw-line, her eyes were the brightest blue I had ever seen. Sunken within their sockets, the two orbs sparkled in the dim light and her tilted cranium stared not at my face... but, seemingly, into my soul.

"You'd die for her... you'd KILL for her..."

Faster than what any normal human (or undead) could move, one of the child's hands snatched around my wrist and pushed firmly, knocking me from my knees and onto the ground. Her other hand moved and clamped onto my other wrist... and it was then I realized just how powerful this little girl was. I struggled against her grasp but made no progress as she crawled up my body and put her face directly in front of my own.

Black bile dripped from a hole in the base of her neck as she moved, smearing it across the front of my robe and shirt. I gagged as she spoke-- "And you WILL kill for her, Ein Weltal... but... you still won't save her..."

I panicked and called for the old lady to help... but, turning my head, I noticed that she was nowhere to be seen. In fact... turning back to the girl, I realized that she, too, had vanished. My body was covered with a thick, black dust and the shack where the old lady brought him smelled of nothing but rotting wood. No one had been here for a long, long time.

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Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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[A Sequence of Ein after meeting with Drakol in the Graveyard, but before hunting Grimmar and fighting Leon.]

'My dreams have been clear lately... and I believe I have Drakol to thank for that. Seeing a man starting to walk down the path I did has sobered me to the world once more:

Mortals are selfish creatures and history will repeat itself.

Eli and Arashi-- I finally understand how they feel. Two people in one body, struggling for control; man against demon.

But I, unlike the Saint Sword, will survive. I have Sakura to thank for that.'

Ein had met Arashi and Eli on the battle field several times during his wandering of Sekmet:

"You're... no match for me... Ein spoke between gasping breaths. "J-Just give up."

Shinarashi seemed angry at first, but then smirked in amusement.

"My power is as limitless as the storm you see before you. You are failing, not me."

He smiled as he said this, before suddenly going wide-eyed. His expression was distorted, and he clutched his head a moment, as if in pain. The moment passed, however, and he recomposed himself.

"Sorry about that. Where was I? Ah, yes. It's about time to kill you."

Once again, Arashi's sword was covered in sparks. He brought it towards him, poised for what seemed to be a long distance stab. Then the Lightning Demon's eyes gleamed a bit as he raised his left, free hand, the palm pointing at Ein, still glowing that eerie gold.

Shooting forth from his right, a golden arrow tore through the blue-haired man's side, like a bullet through moistened tissue paper. Oddly the blast resembled a solid object rather than an energy blast . . .

It was the Masamune.

Ein screamed as lightning surged through his body and as his flesh was cut. There was nothing to be done against a foe as powerful as Arashi. Even knowing what would happen, the spellcaster was powerless and, now, bleeding out against the ground.

It was noted that Arashi had barely moved throughout the duration of the fight, and the ease of it was beginning show on the creature's face. There was a bright flash, and he was gone. When he phased back into reality, he was standing above Ein with his hand on the hilt of the Masamune.

And, as the demon prepared to give the final blow, he was once again attacked by the ethereal force within his head. Eli was fighting against Arashi, which gave the blue-haired man a chance to survive.

Fingernails scratching against the dirt, Ein summoned his own dark energy. The symbol on his right hand flashed for a moment and the blood within his veins began to boil with power. Despite his wounds, the spellcaster rose to his feet, both hands closed tightly into fists. He was growling and bolts of black energy crawled in the air around the man.

Waves of power shot outwards, pushing the ashes from the charred forest into the air and, for the first time, Arashi looked really scared. However, he was far from done.

"Fool! You dare attack me with dark magic? I AM DARKNESS! THE ELEMENTS ANSWER TO MY BECK AND CALL--"

"You're mine." Ein shot back, his own voice now deep and poisonous to the ears. He lifted his right hand and an orb of black energy began to grow within his palm. "Just die."

Even starting, the immense heat from the growing energy started to have an effect on the area. It created a mirage of sorts, distorting and disfiguring Ein's visage as he watched Arashi. The only thing that remained visible were the spellcaster's piercing eyes-- burning like a cold fire in the middle of night, void of all mercy.

"Impossible! Where did all that energy come from?"

There was a thunderous roar as Ein released his power and the Lightning Demon scrambled to form a shield of yellow-white energy.

The two collided with amazing force, dark power deflecting in all directions. Yet, Arashi gave a spiteful laugh as Ein's magic dissipated... that was, until he realized that his shield, too, had been dissolved.


The last thing Arashi could do before being consumed by the last remaining bits of mana was to cross his arms in front of himself and brace. He was pushed... no, rather... THROWN back deep into the forst. His angry yell echoed behind him as he fell. When all cleared, he was nowhere to be seen, body off in the distance. He said nothing, but the creature was FAR from dead.

Eli was a great legend upon the planet of Sekmet-- labeled "Saint Sword" for his adventures as a youth. He stopped an entire camp of bandits without killing a single person-- although many limbs were lost in the process.

Of course, legends skew with time... and virtually no one knew about how Arashi and Eli came to inhabit a single body. Ironically, it was slightly similar to how Ein came across his own, personal demon.

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