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 Post subject: A Set Dream
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:17 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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==========Chapter one: Phase

The town was dark this particular night. Clouds above have gathered, collected, formed, into one huge, dark clump. Along with the darkness the clouds generously gave, it was foggy. Some places had candles lit, their glow would lightly bubble the windows in light. Outside, it was a temperature that few could bear even standing in. There was a sound of water tapping wood. Then, there it was again. Several seconds later, there were more. The clouds had started to release, and the rain started to heavily strike down in a matter of minutes. Most of the town laid comfortably in bed by this time, feeling the warmth of their world and not needing to worry about the cold outside.

Of course, this is talking about most.

The pub was quite lively at this hour. Many lights were on, and voices were many. There were clacking noises of boots tapping on the wooden floor, and the smashing noises of beer mugs hitting stocky-made tables. A musician at the piano played a jingling tune, though played a lot more quietly thanks to a few complaints from a few nights before. Many men shared their stories, of how he killed this guy, or how he lost that girl, or that weirdo story that never makes sense from the guy that's always really drunk. One of the men stood up, his stance graceful and impervious to drink. His ears boasted elven heredity, his elven body tall and slender. His face showed a laid back, calm guy in his early twenties or so. He walked towards the door, announcing that he turning in for the night. The room shifted and everyone looked at him, giving their friendly farewells and such. "Ya sure y'wanna leave right now?" the bartender shouted from behind his bartable, "it's been rainin' for hours, and it keeps on pourin'." The door swung open, and without a word, the elf left.

"I'll take that as a yes," the bartender sighed. The men sat silently for a few seconds, the piano had stopped playing, and the sound of the rain outside, as well as the sound of fading footsteps filled the room. All was silent until the bartender shouted, "Goddammit, he forgot to pay for his drink!"

"Great.. Rain.." the elf thought to himself as he walked out of the pub and into the alleyways of the town. The rain was fiercely striking the ground, great puddles were forming in response. "Ack, I've never seen rain this strong before..." he thought as he nearly tripped into a puddle the area of an average living room. He cautiously walked around that puddle, just for the winds to strike him, making him lose balance and falling over into the puddle anyway. He got back up in a poised manner, coughing it away as if nothing happened. "I was drenching, soaking wet to begin with.." he thought as he walked along.

He walked a long way, for what seemed like an hour or two in the mad winds and rain that flew mercilessly against him. The night was dark, and he almost felt lost until he had found the city's welcome sign, marking the city's limits. He was about to walk out of the city to his home, which was just passed the city limits, until he looked over to the right. He didn't know why he had the impulse to look over, there was no light or anything of significance off to the side, but when he did look, he found something peculiar.

In the alleyway between two small buildings, he found a something that looked like a someone. A very dark, very faint silhouette seeming to be sitting there in the alleyway. Shivering madly, the man decided to stride slowly towards the alley. He cleared his throat as he approached the person, trying to make his speech sound clear as he said, across in this loud, blowing wind, "Hey, y-you there... Wh-wh-wh-wh-what are you doing here?" His lips shook, his body trembled as he tried to talk again, "H-Hello? Are y-y-y-y-you okay?" He kneeled down, moving a shaking hand towards the person's head. He gently moved aside the person's hair, which was completely drenched and heavily covered the person's face, and then touched the person's forehead. At that instant, the person shot up, making the man jump back quickly. He gasped in a breath of the painful air, backing into a wall of the alley. The person fell back down again, their whole body thrashing and shivering madly. The man looked at the child for a few seconds, seeing that whoever it was, it was a child. He stood still for a few more seconds until his senses came back, and he tried to lift the child, thinking that he should have helped him or her out a minute or two earlier, instead of standing there in shock.

The child shook uncontrollably, making the elf wonder how long the child has been out there. The elf put his arms around the child, trying to maintain the child's shaking, as well as his or her body temperature. His home was a pretty far run, so he couldn't afford to lose a second. The longer he ran, the harder it seemed to have a secure hold of the child. But right as his last ounce of energy was about to drop, right as his body was about to give into the cold as this child has, he had found a specific cave he called home in the middle of the forest. He ran into it, instantly starting a fire with whatever wood was stocked in there, and grabbed a mattress, setting it next to the fire. He searched and took all of the available blankets, placing them over the child. Now in the light of fire, he examined the child. He was surprised that at the first glance he had realized the child he saved was an elf; a girl at that.Her face looked very young, how young, he couldn't tell. She looked almost like a five year old, and most likely was. Elves generally live longer than any other race, and when he thought she looked like she was five, he would think, of course, in terms of elven years. She definitely had the ears of an elf, and to accompany it, a head of blond, soaked hair, that covered most of her head. The rest of her was under heavily blankets, in his hope that they would somehow help her. He took towels, drying her hair next to the fire, then undressing her and setting them over the fire. He didn't care for a peak of this child; for one, she was just a child, and secondly, it wasn't that hot to stare at a shivering, dying girl to begin with. After a while, the elven man found that she wouldn't stop shivering. Sure, she had stopped reacting very violently, but this wasn't helping. He sighed in knowing the one way he would save her, and started undressing himself...

The next morning was a natural follow-up to a rainy night. All over the town was a heavy fog, and temperatures were a bit lower without the presence of the sun. Without the sun, there was also no chance for the large puddles and pools to get smaller over just one night. There was little wind, but overall, it was a very gray day. Even in the forest were the elf's cave was, it was very foggy and damp. Around this time, it was normal for forest birds and other peaceful creatures to start playing, Their chirps and squeaks filled up the forest boundaries, and sometimes even the townspeople can hear their noises in the morning. But to this elf, it was his most despised noise and way to wake up. His ears twitched as he opened one eye, looking out of the cave to see fog, and hear birds chirping their morning songs. He then felt something heavy on top of him, as well as no clothing on him, and opened the other eye, shifting his head a bit. At the sight of the girl's face, he yelped a bit in surprise, jerking his head back, hitting his head against the floor. As he felt the surging pain in his head, he tried to recall last night's events. In an instant, he remembered all of his events in attempt to save this child. His body had transferred heat to hers over the night, and he smiled a bit in relief to see that it had helped. Her body had felt much warmer and the shivering had stopped, but she seemed very sick, naturally, and her breathing was weak. There were still many blankets on top of her, and a crushed elf man under her. He crawled out from under her, letting her lay in the mass of blankets. He put back on his clothes, and searched for some food, wondering what she would want for a meal after her body was just about to give in.

It was a while before she had come to, but once she did, she got out from the blankets in a hurry, looking around the room. She sat on the other side of the mattress, leaving the blankets on the other side, looking around until she saw the man, fixing eyes with him. As the man looked back at her, he found that behind the curtains of blond bangs of hair, there were bright green eyes under. For a while, the man stared back at her blankly, realizing that he forgot to think about what he would do once she is awake. Within the elven race, there are many tribes and much more people, and therefore, many languages. He was fortunate enough to have been raised with the most commonly spoken elven language, but he soon subsided into a life with humans, and therefore discarded most of his language. He gulped at what he would do in terms of communication with the girl, but in the end decided he would try the human English language. "Umm... Are you okay..?" He said, trying his best not to sound awkward. He wondered how she must feel, waking up in a cave with some random man, under heavily blankets, naked. He thought that maybe him talking wasn't helping much at all. Much to his surprise, she tried to respond, opening her mouth in small, shy shapes. No noise came from her though, and she started to struggle a bit. The man reacted quite quickly, taking a small canister of water he heated up for her, and gave her it. She drank it with in slow, forced gulps, until finally she threw the bottle aside, jerking her whole body forward as she had coughing fits, choking a bit as water sprayed from her mouth. He patted her back until she had calmed down a bit, breathing heavily. "Here," he said gently, wrapping her up in the blankets she had previously thrown aside.

"I-I.. I..." she said in a soft, quiet voice. Even with the heightened hearing trait elves have from their ears, he had difficulty listening to her. "...I'm feeling dizzy.." He was glad that the communication part was resolved, but it was one problem after another, trying to save her. He walked to a table from across the room, bringing back to her a plate of food. The fire next to the mattress was still lit from last night, which of course was dangerous, but he felt that leaving it was for the best. At least today he didn't have to relight it. He handed her the plate, and very happily, she started eating. She started at first in small, unsure bites that soon turned into big, almost greedy ones. He smiled to see that she was fine, but had thought her reaction was quite abnormal.

"She is acting upon very natural instincts," he thought to himself. "But she seems pretty smart, and I thought the first thing people would teach children would be not to trust random adults, especially food they give them." He sighed as he walked slowly towards the table, eating his breakfast. "At least she's eating, I'll get her home after she's finished." At that thought, he turned towards her. "Where do you live?" he asked in his still gentle voice, "I can take you home after you're feeling a bit better."

"Y-You mean.. This isn't home?"

"I'm in trouble."

The man stood up from the table, walking back to her. "I found you yesterday in the rain, you were unconscious, and almost dead. But never mind that now, where do your parents live? Where is your home?"

Again, she gave a disturbing response. "..Parents..? Home..?"

"I should have known from the way she was acting towards my breakfast offer. Her case of hypothermia must have damaged her brain, and now.." He thought about what he should do next, especially given his own personal situation. He sighed as he thought how he would work everything together. "I.. I don't know who your parents are, and it seems you don't either. But if that's truly the case, I'll take care of you. I'll look after you, trust me, I'll give you the best care I can give." The girl nodded, giving him a shy smile. "You just rest for a while, you're still very sick." He set her down on the mattress, and laid the blankets back on top of her. "She seems to trust me a lot. That's good, at least. Oh! Before she falls asleep!" "What's your name?"

"I... I don't know."

He gave a firm smack to his forehead. "Should've known.. Oh! Before I forget again!" He took her clothes that have been hanging over the fire all night, all toasty and dry. "Can't believe I forgot about this.." he thought to himself as he rushed it to the girl. "Here, put these on. They're.... .... Th... They'll... warm you up.." He thought about not telling her that they were her clothes, but he had just remembered that she wouldn't have known anyway. She got up, trying to put the clothes on herself until he had to helped her put them on. "I feel like I have a child now.." he thought to himself as he saw a piece of paper fall out of one of the many pockets on her outfit. He picked it up, gently undoing the folds on the paper, and looked at it. As he tried to read it, he had found that it was written in ink that, obviously, drowned with the paper.. Even though the masses of elven languages vary heavily, they all use the same writing system; even though they have their different pronunciations, they all wrote in the same style: in the form of English letters. The only legible word he could read, which was still difficult to make heads or tails out of, was "Ranoka," which, in the dialect he grew up with, meant, "lucky." "She sure is.." he thought as he looked back at her. "I'll..." he said, facing her again, "I'll call you Ranoka. Is that alright?"

The girl smiled and nodded before asking, "Wh... What is your name..?"

With a bright smile, he said very proudly, "Call me Phase."

(For any critiques, comments, etc., PM me.)

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