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 Post subject: The Ghost of Her
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:15 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Shortly after this was written...

Vius had spent the last few nights on the run, sleeping during the day in places he could only hope were safe. Common sense told him to avoid cities and stick to smaller, less-traveled highways. Besides, money was a concern at the moment and he couldn't afford to be wasteful. So it was that Vius found himself traveling along a poorly kept dirt road, most likely a goat trail that had fallen into disuse. Light from a full moon illuminated the path well enough that Vius had little trouble navigating the overgrown brush and large potholes.

His heart still beat rapidly in worry and fear. The young elf had lost everything he knew, everything he held dear and coping with the pain was hard. Without proper guidance, Vius wasn't sure he'd last much longer before the wrong people saw him and he was either killed or hauled off to an Enclave. He felt it was so many times would he let his guard down and allow himself to feel comfortable and safe only to have it all ruined? Over and over again, it happened. Just when he felt he could go on no longer, she appeared...

At first, the soft blue glow of her could easily have been mistaken for reflected moonlight. Still, it drew the eye and after a moment, Vius noticed her distinct form. Her sharp features stuck out from her small round head. Long hair cascaded down to the middle of her back, no longer held in place by her customary scarf. Her whole body was slightly translucent and glowed faintly in that eerie monotone blue. Vius had found her attractive in life, a strange and exotic beauty that he had longed to make his own. That could never be, though... and it was his own fault. He bowed his head slightly while keeping his golden eyes locked on her.

"Omni," He spoke her name quietly, a reverential whisper with pangs of deep sorrow. Here she was, an illusion slowly moving towards him. Vius wanted to avert his eyes but he could not find the willpower to drag them away. It was true that she had been beautiful in her corporeal form but the haunting quality of her now made her breathtaking, a sight to behold that one would never forget.

"Vius," Her voice was still soft, high and gentle with that slight accent she had picked up from her time in the southern lands. It seemed to echo and Vius noted with some concern that that was because her words were being spoken and also, somehow, transmitted directly into his mind. She returned the slight bow of the head and, as she drew nearer, he could see that wisp of a smile she always wore when she saw him. It was hope on a face that was not use to such a feeling. She smiled wide, a look Vius only remembered seeing a handful of times. In her current form, it was even more dazzling than before and Vius began to tremble, not sure if he was about to laugh or cry. "Always so serious, my little elf. Please, smile for me. We're together again."

He stared blankly at her. She was only a pace away now, floating slightly above the ground. If this was an illusion, it was dead on, for she had always had a strange sense of humor. If she somehow found a way back to him from the other side, this was exactly what he would expect. She was acting as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn't killed her in the exact way he had feared her old master would have done. She didn't look the least bit bothered.

"That's because I'm not," Omni cut into Vius' thoughts by responding directly to them. He was slightly taken aback but only waited for her to continue. "Vius, my sacrifice saved you all. I don't regret it in the least. It wasn't your choice that took my life; the choice was my own to make and I did so let that guilt go."

Vius stared through her, literally. He slowly panned up to her face and met her eyes. Those warm, pale blue orbs showed nothing but compassion for the elf. In life, they had been a strange sort of honey color that Vius had loved staring into. He sighed once, then stepped forward, wanting to embrace her but knowing that that was not a possibility. She lifted a delicate, clawed hand to his face and he felt a gentle, comforting pressure, almost like having a silk sheet rubbed along his cheek.

"Don't you dare cry," She said, her voice taking on a mock angry tone. "I didn't show up here so you could breakdown now. Quite the opposite. Before I continue, I want to see you smile."

Vius couldn't help himself. A smiled started on one side of his face, creating the lopsided grin that Omni had always found charming. It held for a moment, then spread across his face. Despite his weariness and fear, Vius grinned widely. Here she was, for whatever reason and for a second, he could forget all of the pain and sorrow and just let himself relax.

"That's so much better," When she spoke, Vius thought he could feel her warm breath on his ear. "I am here because you need guidance. It's true I sacrificed myself to save lots of people. Honestly, though, I only wanted to save you." Vius shuddered, the emptiness and disgrace he had felt for so long replaced with admiration at the depths of her feelings for him. "In doing so, I unknowingly became something more than I once was. Before, I was a conduit of power. Now, I am a guardian of wisdom."

"Wisdom?" Vius raised an eyebrow, slowly coming to as if awakening from a dream. What had his friend become?

"Glad that you decided to join the conversation," She said, her voice still warm but now more comfortable. Her hand dropped from his face and he reached out to grab it. She obliged him and her insubstantial hand floated through his in a similar fashion to the way they used to thread their fingers together when she was more physically present. Vius was not really surprised at how easy she had adapted to whatever her new role was; she had always been clever and quick to catch on. "You're right about that." Vius blushed as she responded to his thoughts again."Don't be shy with me, my little elf. As I was saying, I have become a guardian of knowledge. I have gained great power and omniscience."

"So, you know everything?" Vius was startled by this revelation. Such power could be utilized in so many ways...

"Well, it's not exactly that easy. I guess it's a sort of limited omniscience," She shrugged and continued. "I am a spirit that provides scryers and seekers with the answers they are looking for but I don't know the answer until they ask..." She raised a finger, cutting Vius off before he asked why she had appeared to him. "When the moon is full, I am given a short time to visit the world. I've kept tabs on you and watched you grow. I never felt that you needed me before the recent events. I just want you to...I need you to carry on. Don't give up. This world needs heroes and you have the potential to be a great one."

"I...I've lost everything," Vius said, turning away to stare at the moon. "How would I even continue?"

"You have me," Vius felt a strange tingle and then Omni was in front of him. Had she just stepped through his body? She only smirked for a moment but that was answer enough. Her face became serious and her hands were clasped together in front of her. Vius knew what was coming. She was about to lecture him.

"You had better listen, Vius," Her tone was stern and her voice took on an air of authority that Vius had never heard before. "You will keep living. You will eventually find a new master but until then, you will train and fight and become better, faster and stronger. I will return to you every full moon to see your progress. Do not fail!"

Vius bowed his head, shook to his core by the goblin girl's faith in him and her forceful encouragement. He felt something inside of him was the feeling of hope returning and he would not ignore it. However, he did have a question..."Where do I go now?"

"I will set your course and fate will unravel as it often does," Omni reached up again and stroked Vius' cheek. "Now, here comes the hardest part. You will not remember this conversation." Vius' eyes widened as he shook his head. Why would she force him to forget? "I'm sorry...I can't explain it to you." She chuckled. "You'll understand when you cross over. There are rules that must be followed and what I am doing now is tip toeing along the edge of what is acceptable. This is the stipulation: You will not remember our time together but on every full moon, I will return to you. At that time, you will remember and we will speak of where you will go from there. In the meantime, I will help you forget your pain."

Omni reached up and touched Vius' head. His eyes closed and he was overwhelmed by flashing images. A dark forest, huge shadowy beasts, an unbearably bright ray of light, concerned faces, fire, screaming women and children. Then they were slowly replaced. He saw faces of people who had cared for him and protected him. He saw the children who had looked up to him. He felt the pain slowly fade and he felt peace slowly fill him. Vius felt himself losing consciousness. A moment before he passed out completely, he heard Omni say one more thing.

"You should smile more often."

Vius woke a short time later. The moon was gone and the first few rays of sunlight were slowly chasing away the night's shadows. He had had a strange dream but it remained on the edges of his memory. He stood slowly and gathered what little gear he had. There was much to be done.

"What torment, to have your thinking and your fantasy tied down by another person!" - Alexander Alekhine
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