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 Post subject: A New beginning
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:33 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Another short story present, which i want peoples oppinions of.


The large stone building of the orphanage was rather boring, or at least that was what David thought. He was tired of waking up day after day to see that same dirty roof and those same dull grey stones. To eat that same, tasteless food day after day was also very boring and not very filling at all. All in all David considered his life to be horribly dull, and there didn’t appear to be anything waiting for him in the future ether.

He was one of those ‘lucky’ kids, who had lived their whole life in this dull orphanage, arriving one day as a stray baby found by some surprised passerby, whose soul of compassion had been so great that they picked him up, carried him to this orphanage and even asked if the sisters here had any money they could trade for him. It was an old joke between the sisters that still brought out some laughter when retold over the dinner table.

And the worse thing was that no one knew who his parents were. Not that David really cared, but no one would adopt an orphan whose parents were unknown. They could have been outlaws, or poor travellers, or worse, commoners! And no one wanted to adopt a commoner’s son, it was just unthinkable. Really, they just wouldn’t fit into a nice proper family, or at least that was the belief. A belief that kept him safely sitting in the orphanage, watching as all the orphans of nobles or influential people were snapped right up to be adopted.

David was sick of it, sick of being stuck in these walls, sick of having no future to look forward too, and just plain old sick of being so sick of everything. Really, he wished his life was so much..... Well not even so much, he would be happy with just a bit more. Even the littlest bit more would be nice, enough to distraction him for his boring meaningless life here.

With a sigh, David stopped his brooding and started walking back towards the orphanage, his rumbling stomach telling him that lunch must be soon. He decided as he walked through the large, looming stone doorway that it was time he stopped brooding, and that he would try to find something else to do during his walks tomorrow morning. Sadly, he realised that he made this decision every day, and yet his mind always returned to the brooding until his stomach told him it was time for lunch. Then he would say grace, eat the small helping that every orphan got, and begin his afternoon chores.

The afternoon passed exactly the same as it always did, and David was bone tired as he sat at the dinner table and ate his supper. He finished the meagre food and slumped his way up the stairs, heading to his small bed with the same stiff mattress that it had always had. He was walking passed the large, glass windows in the stairway when he noticed something that he hadn’t noticed in a long time. Something was different outside, and with excitement David glued his face to the window and looked out, his dark brown eyes trying to see through the darkness of the night and determine just what was so different about this scene.

Then his eyes detected movement and his excitement turned to alarm as he realised that there was about a dozen shadowy figures out in the yard creeping towards the orphanage building. They moved with unnecessary stealth that spoke louder than words of their ill intent. The dark shadows had all creep from the outer gate that had for some unknown reason been left open, and they were spreading out as they went, surrounding the front of the orphanage.

David continued to watch, routed to the stop by both his fascination and his horror at what he was watching. The shadowy figures all stopped when they were within throwing distance of the building, and David could make out several of them as they reached over their back for some dark object. Sparks briefly flashed out in front of every figure before catching and lighting some kind of torch they all now held. Once every torch was lit the central shadowy figure threw his through the large windows just above the main orphanage doors, causing the night air to be rent with the sound of shatter glass.

As if released by that one throw, a dozen more flaming torches soared through the air and shattered windows of their own, filling the orphanage with surprised screams. Suddenly realising how dangerous this situation was, David opened his mouth and screamed an alarm at the top of his young voice.

“ATTACK! Everyone run out the back door!” Following his own advice David started bolting back down the stairs and into the dinner hall, yelling as he went. “Out the back door!” He would say, waving at the sisters who had started towards the main door to open it. They took one frightened look at him then complied, realising suddenly that someone was trying to flush them out and that something dangerous was probably waiting out the front for them. Quickly the sisters started directing frightened children towards the back door, and David rushed past them to make sure none of those shadowy figures were waiting around the back.

Seeing that the back courtyard was clear, David rushed across and opened the little back gate in the outer fence. Standing there, he started directing all the younger, frightened children out the gate and into the nearby woods. He watched in horror as the only home he had ever known was consumed right before his eyes. Hungry tongues of flame protruded out of several windows as the fire climbed higher, and it wasn’t long before they burst through the orphanage roof and reached for the night sky.

The last sister came rushing out of the burning building, carrying a child under each arm. David held the door wide for her as she ran out, before looking around the courtyard to see if anyone was left. The flaring light from the flames bathed the courtyard in a red glow, banishing all the shadows of the night. It was at this moment that the shadowy man realised that something was wrong and came rushing around the sides of the building, quickly spotting David as he stood with the gate open.

“He is the one we want!” one of them yelled out as they ran across the courtyard. David could see them all clearly in the red glow of the fire and he didn’t like what he saw. They were all big man wearing darkened leather armour with cruel looking curved swords at their sides. At the sight of him they all drew their swords and bolted towards the gate.

With a surprised yelp, David slammed the gate shut and bolted into the woods, being careful run in the opposite direction then that which all the orphans and sisters had went. The gate burst open as his pursuers burst through, catching sight of him ducking behind the trees and running after him. Extremely scared now, David ran through the dark woods faster than he had ever done before. His legs pounded over the soft, springy grass and flew over any stray tree roots or branches as he dodged in and out of the trees.

The sound of many heavy footsteps followed him deeper and deeper into the dark woods, feeding his fear and forcing him to greater speeds. It wasn’t long before his lungs seemed to be on fire, and his chest bellowed in vain attempts to get enough air to feed his burning lungs. His legs ached from being used harder than they ever had been, and his face stun from all the low handing branches that snapped into it during his run. The world became one big blur with trees appearing directly in front of him every now and again, forcing him to dodge swiftly to the side. The sound of footsteps got closer and closer, and David started fearing the worse. He knew that burning an orphanage took a considerable amount of evil, and if these dangerous men caught him there was no saying what would happen to him.

Suddenly a chilling howl rang out into the night, coming from the bushes directly beside David. Surprise caused him to lose his footing and suddenly David found himself flying towards the dark, soft forest floor. He hit it with a grunt and a skid and put his hands over the head for what he knew was coming, ready for the end that never came. Instead the forest around him was suddenly alive with the noise of a very fierce struggle. The fight was filled with oaths and growls and snapping of powerful jaws, before David knew it his pursuers were in full panicked flight, their swearing and yells of pains fading into the distance.

Figuring out that whatever frightened off those horrible men had to be extremely scary; David lied very still with his hands still held over his head. His ears picked up the very soft patting of many footsteps walking towards him before a silence ran out that was more pronounced then the noise. It grated on his already high strung nerves, and before long he could no longer take any more of it. He hesitantly raised his head and looked directly into a pair of glowing yellow eyes.

With a yelp of surprised David scrambled backwards into a sitting position, realising that those huge eyes belong to the biggest wolf he had ever seen. It sat directly in front of him, watching him with no expression on its furry face. Looking around, David saw a whole pack of wolves sitting around him, all starring at him. The silence continued to hang in the air as David’s eyes returned to the huge wolf in front of him.

His fear slowly evaporated as he realised these wolves weren’t doing anything to him, and he was gripped with the desire to break the silence and say something, even if they couldn’t understand him. “Thank you” he said in a shaking voice.

‘You’re welcome’ said a voice that rang out in the deaths of his mind, causing the young boy to jump in shock. He looked around once more, trying to pin point the source that put those words directly in his mind. Suddenly the wolf in front of him opened its mouth and its tongue rolled out in what could only be called a wolfish grin.

“It was you?” David said accusingly, not quite sure that wolves had the power to talk into directly people’s mind.

‘Not all of us do’ the voice in his mind said, as if answering his thoughts. ‘While every member of the pack can share their thoughts with each other only a few are born with the gift to share with those not of the pack.’

To stunned to argue with this very strange animal, David voiced another question that was burning in his mind. “Why did you save me?”

‘You are the son of the great one,’ was the mental reply, ‘and he instructed our pack to watch out for you as long as you lived in that cold grey pile of stones.’

“My father?” David asked in a quiet voice, stunned by that response. The wolf simply nodded its great furry head and continued to grin. Confusion filled the young boy as he said, “No, you got it all wrong. I can’t be the son of a great one, or even a good one, because I am nobody special. I am just boring little David.”

‘Well, boring little David,’ the wolf said, its mental voice sounding amused. ‘You are who you are, and your father has need of you. Will you come with us?’

“With you?” David said without thinking, his mind too busy absorbing what had just been said. The fact that he had a father was a shock to him, and now this wolf was asking him to go with him. He didn’t know where they would go, or what would happen to him. All that he knew was that if he went his future burn so much brighter than if he went back to the orphanage. Looking around at the wolf pack surrounding him, David got to his feat and accepted his new future eagerly. “Let’s go”

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