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PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:40 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Chapter 1: Nero's Awakeing

Nero was normal kid in an American high school just starting his sophomore year. At 15 year of age he stood barely over 5’3 and weighed a good 150 pounds, most of it simply meat, neither muscle nor fat. He was barely physically active, but maintained at least his cardio. He was used to having to run from fights never really being all that big or strong. He spent most his time at home doing what most folks did, watching TV. His favorite shows were the Japanese animes. It was all pretty much just a typical life. But a typical life doesn’t make an interesting does it?

Sickness overtook Nero’s body very rapidly and aggressively. One day he simply dropped like a rock to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital where he was stabilized, but he didn’t wake up. Nero’s body was working perfectly, but his brain and spirit were somewhere else. This is where Nero’s story really begins.





“NERO!!! WAKE UP!!!”

“ugggg…… Where the hell am I?”

“Open your eyes stupid kid.”

Shaking his head to clear away the blackness, Nero’s eyes quickly come into focus looking in a mirror. Only something was off, the him in the mirror was laying in a bed covered up with his eyes closed. “What in the world!?!”

“No need to shout Nero. Now hurry up and let’s go.”

Turning around Nero see’s a man wearing a long white flowing robe covering his entire body, hiding his face in the shadowy depths of the hood. “Uhm you’re not the grim reaper are you?”

“Hehehehe. Well that’s one of the names for me but that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is that you’re coming with me.”

“Like hell I am!”

“Oh you don’t really have a choice. See if you ever want to return to your body you need to build up your spiritual strength. I’m going to take you to a place where you can do that.”

“I must be dreaming this.”

“Keep thinking that. Now off with you!” With that Nero’s body seemed to be lifted up by some unseen force and he was hurled backwards into a portal of shadows that was slowly oozing over is body consuming him and drawing him backwards into it. The last sight of his world was that off the white figure standing over his actual body and then blackness took him again.

Waking up brought a new fresh hell to Nero’s senses. Mainly his head hurt and his belly rumbled. Another big thing was that he was really cold. Looking down explained that one easily to him, he was naked. Luckily he was able to grab a pair of pants and a shirt off a clothes line. The material etched like crazy. It didn’t even seem to be made out of cotton like he was used to. However that was soon forgotten as his belly rumbled again.

Stepping out of the little alley Nero awoke in presented him with a little town. His first thought was of a little medieval farm town. The second thing was that it seemed deserted. That question was answered quickly. The entire town’s residence seemed to attacking one man who was engulfed in black flames. All behind the strange man the town was bursting into flames. Nero quickly turned to run only to find his path blocked by more of the town’s people.

“Who is this kid?”

“Don’t know. Maybe he is with Leon.”

“He sure doesn’t belong here and that means he is with the demon. Anyone who is with him deserves death.”
With that they rushed him. Nero was starting to back pedal before some instinct started to take control and he found himself diving to the side in a roll. A large power rushed by him and as He came up from the roll he noticed that the people who were attacking him were now simply gone. He could see their bodies down the street twisted in unnatural ways. Looking back down the path of the source of the energy was the strange man standing in a open street. All behind him lay the bodies of the dead. What’s worst, he was coming this way.

“Oh no… oh no….. what…. What the hell is he?” Turning to run, Nero was moving quickly away from the guy. That strange tickle feeling sprung up again and Nero jumped to the left in time to dodge another ball of black energy. His body took over and jumped back to the right in order to dodge the second one, but a third one hit him square in the back and sent him into a forward roll. Nero made sure to work with the momentum however and came up on his feet running again. Only to run head first into the black flames surrounding the man’s body. Looking up he was face to face with the man the villagers had called a demo. He was looking directly into the red eyes of Leon.
And in thoses eyes he saw something, he saw himself reflected there perfectly like a mirror. His body was engulfed in blackness again but there was a bluish green light keeping it at bay.

“You saw it didn’t you, the breath of life? It surrounds you. You’re lucky. If you didn’t see it you would simply have become another corpse on the ground though it is hard to tell the difference anyways seeing as you are just a spirit here anyway. You have to be awakened to your powers. I’m going to unlock those gates. It will seem like hell but having a couple of lifetimes worth of instincts and fighting abilities forced into your head wouldn’t feel good no matter how you did it.”

A large amount of that dark energy seemed to swell up around Nero and force it’s way into his eyes and temples. He could feel it creeping insides of his head and then lower into his body. Soon his entire body was filled with the strange dark energy.. no not energy.. it had a name. it was his spiritual power.. it was his ki. This was Leon’s ki. And not only that, he could feel more. His muscles were responding to unseen commands everything reacting so fast. All his muscles and nerves were firing all at once it seemed like. His head filled with names, images, old battles. He was reliving the lives of countless others all who shared the name Rygen. It was all just too much and soon fainted under the stress. The last sight was of Leon smiling. “Welcome to hell kid.”

As Nero woke up he was on a hill overlooking the smoking remains of the nameless town. Standing beside him was not Leon, but the same figure in white. He passed Nero a red ghi and set of good boots and finally a set of weapons Nero knew to be called tonfa. This was his gear along with all the new knowledge he had gained. The figure gave him a slight wave before walking out over the hil and the gorund in the air and vanishing.

“Good luck kid. Let’s see what you can do.”


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