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 Post subject: Ubiquity
PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:08 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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=====Chapter 1=====

Once there was a girl named Ubiquity
Material and yearning, greedy as could be
A ball, a doll,
everything from the mall
"I want it!" she would say, "I want it, want it all!"

She, as her parents were, was born in the monopoly
Top ten of the economy,
The size of their wallet and their house was an anomaly.
And still, with a walk-in closet of overfilled walls,
"I want it!" she would say, "I want it, want it all!"

She had a special ability, to no one's knowledge but her own.
It started with reality, high hopes responded with a groan.
"A Kasami doll!" she shouted to her mom at the mall.
A window sticking out the store showcased the stall,
but her mother, busy with her business call,
ignored poor Ubiquity, and at age four did her emotions fall.

In the car, Ubiquity asked about what had been done,
"Well aren't your other dolls any fun?"
"But I want that one - it's new!"
"You have other Kasami dolls- I think ten-thousand-thirty-one!"
"But I want that one - ten-something-something-two!"

T'was not a matter of money,
But "Mommy's really busy, honey,
we'll buy it next time!" Though she smelled something vile,
for she knew her mom would take vacation soon - and won't be back for a while!

Ubiquity came home a disgruntled mess,
entering her cluttered room in total distress,
closing herself off in the closet from which nothing she would share.
It was so full of toys and clothes, only she could fit in there!

In there she allowed her tears without shame
To any light she was blockin’
but T’was in that walk-in,
that she found what her perturbation became.
Between her hands, a ball of magic, purple in shade,
emitted, her interest of dark orchid caused her blues to fade.

The ball took form of sandy wind of dark,
yet lit the closet with a bright spark.
Waves of purple and black defining
the many winds with curious lining,
folding itself over and under,
into a resembling sphere of captivating wonder.

The purple energy swirled in the air,
no larger than her head in size.
It expanded in a burst,
a jerk of her head aside,
and not unlike her despair,
simply dispersed,
for as the light and darkness subside,
only happiness marked its demise.

For from the purple spell left all but grief -
Before her was “A Kasami doll!” much to her disbelief.
Exactly how she remembered it,
From the hair to a dress of perfect fit,
To blue eyes that seemed so cutely lit,
It’s presence something she almost did not wish to admit.

But exist it did,
Denial she forbid,
Though concern of the mystery she simply could not rid.
Curious about the strange, purple ‘thing’ she saw,
she tried to see if its power she could once more draw.
Much to her surprise, at desire's call and will,
the purple energy swirled before her in an exciting chill.
Between her hands, it recognized her thoughts and spawned
another Kasami doll, to which she knew not of how to respond.

This power, to herself she would flaunt,
thrilled when the potential of this her mind did ring,
“With this I can get anything I want!
These dolls.. I can have two-ten-something-somethings!”
The purple enigma, she would keep to herself,
Filling up an already crowded shelf.
For making her mad and leaving for so many days
“Tch, mommy no need to know about this anyways!”

Purple greed that filled the room with its presence
soon took her imagination wild with endless presents.
First starting with a catalogue, she tried to satisfy herself before dinner,
with the toys that could be made by what she dubbed “Imaginer”.

=====Chapter 1=====

(PM me any thoughts about this! Any constructive critiques are more than welcome!

Throwing this out now before anyone mentions: This isn't meant to have a consistent rhythm. And yes, the rhyming pattern at "The purple energy swirled in the air," is ABCD ACDB XD )

Tyzrk, the Arch-Wizard

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