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 Post subject: Vivid Dreams
PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:54 am 
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The sun was at high noon and the heat was at its peak, there was nothing to be heard but the earth cracking beneath your feet. Goryo breathed heavily while salivating from the lack of moisture in the air, Where am.. I.. he took in another deep gulp of the dry air trying to keep his spirits up we should have turned back when I first had the instinct too.. the Kiltharr's feet dragged lazily across the ground hoping to find a source of salvation. Its been days since the last time I seen a watering hole, if my brethren don't take a rest soon... His eyes turned to see a bleached set of horse bones, he grimaced and bowed his head in respect They will look no better then that animal that lays rest.. With a few more feet of struggling to continue he fell too the ground and leaned against a large chunk of rock the peaked out of the surface of the earth. "Crugue, Malie, sit take a break.." A large spotted leopard and a smaller mountain lion came to the side of Goryo and collapsed, both of them panting as heavily as he was. I knew it.. they are as exhausted.. if I don't find a source of water or food I fear we wont make it much further.. The kiltharr looked up to the sun while protecting his eyes with his right hand, it was so early in the days and there was no way they could escape the wrath of the elements. A chunk of dirt below his feet began to crack and snap is it gave away to the ground beside it. Is there no hope? Should we just give up.. his vision began to blur and his mind became disoriented and dizzy.. I can't give.. up.. the life of these animals depend on it.. how can I value myself as a tamer if I can't even help mysel-.... The large kiltharr fell to his side and went unconscious..

... the world is dark.. and I can't move... what is this sorcery....
A few hours passed as he stayed locked within his mind as his body attempted to re-cooperate.

A large cat tongue lathered the side of his face, Goryo jumped up and gathered his balance; "What happened!? Wha- eh, oh.." he looked to the sky again, the sun was nearly down and the plains were cooling, At last.. we have a chance to make it out of here, under the cover of night we should be able to fare these harsh lands and make it out alive.. I just hope that a town is nearby so I can resupply the rations.. He looked around at the surrounding area noticing a well travelled road a few meters away from where they laid. "The gods have graced us and given all of us another chance! Again he peered down both directions of the road to see where the closest haven may be. The Kiltharr walked over and studied the road, the tracks lead east and there are a few that go back west.. it appeared to be a trading route of some sort. He gathered what was left of his energy and danced eagerly, he then turned to the two cats. "we're not going to die-" A large crack of a whip shot out from the distance, both of his pets jumped to their feet and eagerly perked their ears to the direction of the sound. Goryo squinted and looked further down the road to where the sound came from, it was small caravan, it have have 5 humans with it and a large cage that carried along a few supplies that were attached to the side of wagon that was being pulled by 4 horses. What business do humans have out here.. and why do they need so much protection..? It must be carrying something of value..

The Kiltharr and his two pets ducked down behind the rock they were resting by as the group travelled closer, the humans voices became louder and clearer as they coughed and hacked from the laughing that ensued from the glee they carried, a larger more louder human belted out a few demeaning things about the nature of elves while the others continued to laugh. Goryo lifted his head up higher giving himself more access to listen in on the group. "I just can't believe we actually did it!" The smaller less confident mans voice cried out in happiness. "Of course you didn't, with our strength alone we couldn't have captured this monster on its own. We needed to outsmart it~" The more cockier larger man seemed to giggle with them and remarked in a snappy tone. Monster..? Outsmart? The human continued on bantering about the accomplishment they made, the caravan drew closer to the area that Goryo, Cruegra and Malie sat waiting. They could be heard clearly now "Dat big ol' thing couldn't pass by eh free snack eh??" Another man from the caravan joined in with banter of the others, "Good thing we had these sedatives right??" Sedatives.. thats all I need to hear, the 'monster' they are carrying must be alive still. Goryo was too curious to let an opportunity like this just pass by, he peaked his eyes over the rock to see the large beast they we're so proud of taking captive.. it was large, bigger then any living being he had seen. The features it had resembled a lion, goat, and snake meshed into one body. I can't believe this, there is no such thing as a beast like that. I've seen each of those animals separate from one another but not transformed into one identity! It must have so many complexes.

One of the humans that walked beside the caravan chuckled and pulled at the monster's mane through the bars of the cage, it was bound and gagged so it couldn't do anything "He aint nothing but a big ol' pooty cat~" A large groan and a growl burst out as the cage that was carrying the beast began to shake furiously it tried to break from the bonds, "d'Awww.. should I refer to you as a Chimera? Would tha' make yea feel betta'?" The Chimera grunted and rolled to the other side to ignore the man "Hey! You shouldn't be so rude! Show some civility would yea? I'm trying to make small talk~" The humans roared out laughing at the humorist attempt to taunt the animal.

God.. these men are absolutely repulsive, they have no respect or pride.. nor do they have a sense of humour.. Goryo's eyebrow twitched as he sat back watching the men still hoping to hear some more valuable information. "Oi, what do you think they be planning on doing with this one?" The larger man turned to him and smiled "Well if they don't pay what was planned then we're taking him, skinning him, and throwing his bowns away after we've taken all his useful resources." He grinned with a maniacal look on his face.

That was enough for Goryo to hear.. these men we're enough to make a scavenger puke. Goryo looked to his pets and nodded to them signalling that it was time, he stood straight putting his left leg up on the nearby rock and cockily stared at the men. "HEY!" His voice roared out in a dominate way. "I'm here to take everything you own on that pretty little caravan you have there, leave now and i'll spare your lives." The chimera's ear perked as he stared at the kiltharr curiously wondering what he could be up too. The group of humans stood there in shock and disbelief.. but who could blame them, they were in the middle of no where and a KIltharr of all things just pops out of the ground. The larger man jumped off of the horse drawn buggy and de-sheathed his sword "What business do you have with this caravan kitty? We're just honest men trying to make a living, would you really mean to have battle with us?" He grinned as the four other men walked towards Goryo all unsheathing their swords as well. "As a matter of fact I do have a transaction with you, it involves that Chimera and your heads!" All of the men laughed and stared with hungry eyes watching the lone lion stand against them, it resembled a pack of wolves finally trapping their prey. The larger man squinted and stared at him for a moment as the other men whispered and giggled to themselves over questioning the kiltharr's sanity "What be you, a man with no sense or a Lion that has too much pride?"

Goryo backed up into a defensive position, "Neither." as he responded his agility based cat reflexes grabbed the whip at his side and quickly cracked it at on the mans hand that drew closer with his sword drawn. The human that was hit writhed in pain as let go of his weapon, "WHAT THE HELL!? HE IS CRAZY!!" the man backed up behind the others wishing for them to take on the kiltharr. The larger man walked closer pulling his sword out readying himself to attack, "if thats your answer, its going to be your own undoing friend." He looked over to the other men and signalled them all to get ready with a flick of his head. "Ready then? KILL HIM!" The four men bolted towards Goryo, it was apparent that none of them had any skill with a sword. They were rushing head first into a battle without fully understanding their opponents strength or ability to fight. Goryo smiled and faintly whispered something under his breath.. "Fools..." With another crack of his whip both Crugue and Malie jumped out from behind the rock and grabbed onto the nearest opponent and began to maul them, one grabbed the smaller human by his neck and tore our anything vital it could. The other struggled and snarled as it desperately grabbed for something to weaken the enemy. "As I thought.. easy pickings." Goryo jumped out into the battle and snapped his whip at an approaching man who tried to remove Malie from her prey, "I wouldn't suggest doing that, have you ever seen what happens to a person who interrupted a Mountain lion from its prey?" The man shook and backed up "Please I didn't mean it! I'll leave, i'll do anything!! Just don't hurt me!" He whimpered and staggered back. Goryo shook his head realising how weak these men really were, "THEN GO BEFORE YOU END UP LIKE THESE TWO!" His voiced picked up again with a roar to intimidate them into leaving. The smaller man ran off and west down the trading path.

With one man dead by the jaws of Malie and another that still struggling with Crugue on the ground only the larger man who was giving orders and the last flunky stood in Goryos way. "What about you guys.. do you still think you have a chance...?" His voice lowered and became more calm as he waited on their response.. The large man re-readied himself for battle and gave a cocky grin "Now why would I run, i've got way too much at stake now.. if the Chimera is gone who's going to bring income in too feed my family and protect my loving wife?" He was trying to get the kiltharr to show weakness and it was working. Goryo looked to the man in concern and never gave any thought on how it would effect others by acting on his own greed. "I- I didn't think of it that way.." Noticing Goryo's stutter the larger man took advantage of it, "Well you should, that makes you no better then the monster that we captured.. have you ever considered how many people hes killed and how man families that have lost their own by its own disregard for humanity?" Goryo looked to the ground and lowered his defences, "I didn't want to hurt anyone without a cause.." The man stood tall and wandered closer to the leopard that was still struggling with the other man on the ground. "Then you should start thinking about how even the smallest of deaths can cause more pain then what it intends.." The man smiled taking note at the struggle the Kiltharr was having with the injustices he has done in the past "Haha.. you are weak.. just as I thought.. no one can be warrior without having a conscience!" He took his sword to the air and stuck it deep into the side of Crugue, the leopard howled in pain is it fell limp at the end of the man's blade.

Goryo's eyes lit up at the crime the man had just pulled "YOU SCUM! HOW DARE YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A MAN'S HEART LIKE THAT TO GET THE UPPER HAND IN A BATTLE! I will make sure you die by my own hands." The Kiltharr's teeth gritted together at the loss of his pet, but it wouldn't stop him from reaching his goal. "Malie hurry up and finish off the other so we can get this over with." The lion jumped into the air and grabbed at the other male leaving only the large human left to fight on his own. "Don't hold back for I assure you I wont." The eyes of a once forgiving soul turned into burning hatred, all he wanted now was death. "Now now.. there is no need to over react, i'm sure we can talk about this like civil adults." The larger man cringed at the look in his eyes as he backed up becoming unsure of how the outcome of the battle would be. "There will be no forgiveness.." Goryo leapt out into a dashing ram at the man, his long swift legs pushed him into the air as he lunged into him with a fury no ordinary man could fathom.


At that moment Goryo awoke to the small encampment where he was staying for a nights rest, he stared at the ground stunned at of how realistic his dreams were, Decapis his ally the large Chimera was laying next to him gave out a large yawn and turned his head so it was resting his chin on his enormous paw. He looked to his pet and grinned, "how did I come across you my friend? If only you could speak.." The kiltharr sat there still starring, was that a dream.. or a nightmare.. it feels like i've been through it all before.. but I just can't seem to remember... and those names, Crugue and Malie.. why does my heart sink every time I think of them. He rested his head back giving a large sigh relieving his anxiety. Did it all actually happen or are my dreams becoming more vivid.. Maybe i'll find out in time..


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