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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:09 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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" You don't want Akmun as an enemy. To be a king to a nation of warriors, mages and rogues, you must be the strongest warrior, the wisest mage and the craftiest rogue. So, you see, he is a threat thrice over."-intercepted missive, author unknown

Vius stood in the entrance to the coastal caverns that he once called home. A mournful wind rose up, tousled his hair, howled and died down again. As he stepped into the place he had shared with people he once called friends, memories flowed over him. He managed a mournful smile as his sad silver eyes searched for any sign of someone else. His search was in vain. The caverns were empty and had been empty for...well, he was not sure how long. The last time he had been here, he had been brought back from death. He remembered vaguely that there was a room that he had never seen, the room he woke up in for only a moment that night. A room full of arcane objects, books of untold knowledge and a dark, mystical air. This was what he sought now.

Akmun was missing but he could not have taken all of those objects with him. Vius had heard opinions of where the great undead king had disappeared to, but he could never confirm any of them. The one he chose to believe, personally, was that the king and his strange pet had gone on to those lands beyond the mountains and mist that surrounded the continent. Perhaps Akmun now resided in one of those mysterious isles beyond Graven's port. Maybe he had entered the eastern lands to make an alliance with the gnomes. He could even be somewhere beyond this reality... Vius had a nagging suspicion that wherever he was, Akmun still clung to his unlife and whatever else he was doing, he was also planning his second return to the land of Darkness Incarnate.

Vius now stood in front of the different paths, each leading off into separate parts of the cavern. He figured there were two places he could access that mysterious room from. First, he would try the throne room. This room always awed him in it's natural opulence. The high roof and the stone walls were covered in glittering, glowing rocks. There was a throne, accessible by crossing a pure, clean stream that seemed to leap into existence as one approached. Vius crossed the driftwood bridge, the only part of the throne room that felt out of place, and ,after a moment's hesitation, sat down in the empty chair. He eyed the room carefully, looking for cracks or crevices that could hide the secret passage he knew existed somewhere in this makeshift castle. He leaned forward and gripped the chair's heavy metal arm. A click came from just below the manchette and Vius' attention was suddenly dragged to the chair itself. Sure enough, there was a small lever that, when pressed, was accompanied by the scraping of stone. But where was that sound coming from?

The young elf hopped up from his seat and once again crossed the little moat and climbed the stairs. Now he faced the five hallways again and this time, he took the one that would lead him to the other place he thought Akmun might hide a secret room...the dungeon. As he descended the spiral staircase into that dank circular room, he knew it couldn't be this simple. If he and his clanmates had been gone so long, wouldn't bandits or wild animals have taken up residence in this place? What was preventing that from happening? Was that some sort of magic Akmun had placed as a ward on this place or was it residual fear that maybe the great king would return? Worse, what if it was related to what had been done to Vius?

A warlock's intuition is rarely wrong and he smiled to himself as he approached the open door, which could have easily been mistaken for part of the wall. How had Akmun set all of this up in so little time? The lever in the other room operating a secret passage in the was something Vius would expect to read about, but never experience for himself. Yet here he was, about to enter that room where he experienced one of the most significant events in his life...his own resurrection.

"What torment, to have your thinking and your fantasy tied down by another person!" - Alexander Alekhine
Vius Ottum

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