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 Post subject: The Diary of Eric Lasthaven IV
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:04 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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Preparation, Day 1

This is the first entry into the diary of Eric Lasthaven IV, Sworn Mage Apprentice to the College of Amneumodranos. I am writing this diary as much out of frustration as it is out of a desire for good record keeping. My teachers have told me that showing emotions, even in the midst of my records perfectly fine. After all, I'm not an elf, but a human. Showing emotions is part of what being a human is, not one of those cold, calculating folk. The heat of the moment continues to burn through me as I have just recently left the chambers where I delivered my idea about how I would attain my full Sworn Mage rank. They laughed me out of there! Every last one of my superiors! I'll show them that they were wrong to mess with my...

OK, calm down, Eric, you can record without shattering this stone, like you did the last one...

Sky is blue, grass is green. Grass is green, sky is blue. Bring yourself back to center. Breathe in, out, out in.

Maybe I should admit to myself that they are correct. Things are really as absurd as they might seem. Maybe they really are a bunch of non-functioning beings. But they can't be! Things are, well...oh drat. Might as well get this all into the records. Make it all formal. After all, I've just hung my entire future on this. On the other hand, if I have to go back to the drawing board because of the Council of Elders decision, then this record will be pretty useless.

Oh, what the heck, not like I have anything better to do right now instead of stand around and wait.


This is a recording of the proposal that I, Eric Lasthavenson III, made to the Council of Elders at the College of Amneumodranos on this, the third day of the fourth lunar cycle in the fourth year of the ascension of Julic the Wise to the rank of High Magister. The proper execution of this proposal and the contents therein, upon the confirmation of its research would effect the promotion of myself to the rank of Sworn Mage in the service of the High Magister, allowing and affording the rights, duties and privileges to myself of said rank.

Having discharged all the duties of an Apprentice and demonstrated all the proficiencies of a Sworn Mage, the only thing standing between me and my promotion is the rite of passage that is the Apprentice's research project. This project was designed to instill within those that are among the High Magister's service a knowledge and understanding of the methodology and praxis involved in the research of the magical arts. Without such an understanding on the part of Apprentices, the study and continued furtherance of the arcane would be simply left to chance and nature. With these projects, each Sworn Mage, regardless of their future endeavours, will have shown that they are capable of being able to conduct research should it become required in the future.

The College of Amneumodranos acknowledges the fact that some may find their way to become battlemages, spellcloaks or any number of occupations within or without the magical community that would render this scholarly requirement a mere waste of time, but no one being truly knows where they will end up within the world at large. Due to these two inherent facts, the Council of Elders has seen it fit to allow each candidate to choose their own field of study towards what they deem most interesting and desirable to their nature. Therefore, each Apprentice must choose a topic of study, craft it into a proposal and present it to the Council of Elders. Should the topic be deemed worthy of study and useful in the advancement of the magical arts at large (whether it be of a “pure form” or an “applied form” is irrelevant), then the Apprentice will be given leave to pursue this study in whatever form he deems appropriate.

Wow. It totally sounds like I just read that directly from the admission requirements scroll that they keep in the dormitories, but I have all that committed to memory. Does that show that I'm extremely bored, extremely driven or just have way too much time on my hands? Bah. Who knows? The best part about that previous bit is that it's all out of the way and now I can take some time to actually talk about what I want to do.

I have to say that my topic of choice is probably the most outlandish and moderately suicidal that they've probably ever heard. OK, so probably not as bad as that one proposal that involved unearthing mass graves for the purpose of practising “necromantic profiling” on dead people as a means of furthering the way in which people are able to be judged in a court of law. (From what I heard, that one didn't go over very well because of a concern about what you were going to do with all the dead people once they weren't dead anymore, but you needed them to be dead again because you didn't need to experiment on them anymore.) There's been some crazy things put forward, but people have been saying that mine is just...”batty”. I tell them that this could potentially change the manner in which battles are fought and recruiting is managed. Most of those people that I tell that to just smile and nod. Or, nod and smile. Or, if they feel particularly enlightened, nod, smile and then nod again! Never met such a condescending group of people in my life...

Okay, okay, enough ranting about the short-sighted morons that seem to be plaguing my existence. I'll get down to the point of my research. I'm trying to figure out how to unleash the latent magic or psychic (that part has yet to be definitively determined – but I'm leaning psychic at this point) energies that I believe lie within one of the most destructive and unruly races that inhabit the face of Darkness Incarnate – orcs. That's probably where I get most of my detractors from. Not the magic part, not even the “unleashing”'s the fact that I'm trying to work with orcs. These being are notorious for being unruly and unpredictable at the best of times and I'm trying to tease out even more power from them? What kind of insanity was I dreaming up? Am I really trying to bring about the end of the world as we get swept asunder by some raging green tide?

No. I believe that we can harness this power. I'm not totally sure how yet. At best, it might never reach a form that we can control, but if we can engineer things correctly, we could have whole contingents of shock troops that are able to take objectives with great gusto based on little to no motivation whatsoever. Entire battalions of troops that are literally without fear! Enough musclepower and wanton destruction to make our enemies quake in fear at the very thought of the fact that we possess such forces at our beck and call. Obviously, we wouldn't be able to use these elite units when attempting to take objectives that we actually wanted to keep around, but it would be amazing to have them for when collateral damage wasn't an issue. We might even be able to get some of them to be able to study and unleash the powers as spellcasters instead of mere musclebound brutes!

But that all lists things as a “best case scenario”, my peers and superiors all say.

Obviously that's a best case scenario! What invention, what dream, what giant leap forward in magic and mundane development was not completely based on visions of “best case scenario”? Do people really think that the basic cantrips that are taught to the initiates here at the College were designed to be little better than parlor tricks? Would their creators be completely devastated at the fact that we have advanced our science so much farther than this already? I don't think so! People are overjoyed when anything works in a way that is anywhere close to what they expected. People are even happy when beneficial things result in a manner and a method that wasn't anywhere near what was expected in the first place.

I say we shoot high! I say that we try to see how much we can learn from this endeavour before the opportunity passes us by and we mere mortals are naught but food for worms and vanish into the dust of history. Anything that we learn along the way can only help us and our descendants. Whether we serve as their heroes or their warnings is for the future to decide.

But, if we do nothing, then nothing is what we shall become.

**end recording**

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