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 Post subject: The Darkness unleashed. – Not so friendly, friendly (vs DJ)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 2:55 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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My Character sheet slightly edited, and using some future maybe specials.


Name: Kate Darksmith
Race: Human
Age: 18
Evilness: Very
Class: Assassin


*Attractive, yet doesn?t flaunt it
*Dark brown hair, few shades off being black
*Blue (very few people live to see them)
*left handed
*(See avatar)*


Damaged Dao : Custom weapon
Kate’s Dao, had taken a lot of damage over time, since her loss of mind her blade had been slammed into many things, not all squishy and filled with blood. As a result her blade, is two inches shorter than normal having had the top broken off. Its point is now actually two points where it has been broken awkwardly, the rest of its blade is riddled with cracks making it ridged almost like a saw. The blade itself is still deadly sharp and strong.

Long daggers : Custom weapon
A pair of daggers a few inches longer than normal, they have black handle and the blade is tinted with a strange black metal around the edge.


Flash Cutter - Weak
Using her sword or other blade like weapon, Kate makes an extremely fast slash at an opponent, this isn?t really stronger than a normal slice but a lot faster (x3)

Dark Claw – Weak
Fusing dark energy into her hands, a dark purple aura grows from them and forms what looks like a ghost like claw around each of them. Each one has three large blade like claws around 6inches long and these function like blades. Can be used to slice or stab or a quick parry, only last for the post used. (x3)

Dark Cutter – Medium
A slightly slower slash then usual however behind its arc is an immense build up of dark energy which can be seen as a trail and when it hits something it catches up and adds a lot of strength to the hit. This type of hit would not be possible by a normal person of her build. (x2)

Dark Blast – Medium
Kate focuses dark energy into one of her hands, it glows with a dark purple aura. Kate can then release this energy in the form of a dark energy ball which files quickly and when it hits explodes into dark energy which only causes minor injures but great pain for the next 4 posts. (x2)


Legendary Assassin - Strong
After contract after contract being successfully undertaken Kate finally feels she has earned her equal in the family name. Katharine has now become a legendary assassin in her own rite, her name sends fear into the minds of people with prices on their heads and many in the assassin community envy her. Over the years she realised that the key to taking down people is to be faster than your opponent and to strike where it counts. Kate by doing this as gained a speed that many people would find impossible and now she is vary rarely matched in her level of speed.

Blood Vision - Racial
As an ancient technique of the Darksmith’s Kate has awakened the power inside herself, the blood vision is a second sight, which allows Kate to see a person’s very life energy. When activated Kate sees around a person a glow of energy, which differs in colour and strength depending on the person and their type of inner power. In this way a warrior will have a much fainter glow then a magic user however is still very visible. However the technique can become tiresome on her eyes this can only be used for up to three posts at a time and then has to rest for two before being able to activate it again. (see Blood Lust)

Blood Lust – Weak skill
The blood vision had its flaws, the pain it caused when overused was one. But Kate soon overcame this focusing her mental will to keep the vision active this however had its own side effects. The vision opened up several well-sealed doors in a human’s mind, which should probably be left shut. Somewhere between instinct and insanity is what starts to build when used for too much time. The blood vision skill now can be used for longer periods of time and adds the effect to the surroundings with less of an effect of living things. However after 5 posts blood lust kicks in and the insanity and instincts of wanting to kill at any cost builds over the next few posts until post 12 where it reaches its peak of her unstable state. If used after post 13 she is not able to turn her vision off and has to spend the rest of the battle in this state. When turned off every post that passes she recoveries one post of insanity.

Assassin's mind - Weak
Kate has a cold calculating mind; she can think fast and precise and allow her to make decisions fast.

Tainted One – Medium (catalyst) [weaker version of a future skill]
After her battle with Grammar everything was different the Darkness reformed itself and soon engulfed Kate, she went mad fuelled by new power she went on a bloody rampage, indiscriminately killing. Now one with the dark creature Kate acts as its puppet of pain. This skill allows Kate to use Dark energy in her skills and specials.


Kate drove mad by the dark being inside her soul had been going on a bloody rampage ever since the incident against grimmer. Unable to control it now Kate is moved and forced to fight and kill for the sure pleasure received from it. Weeks past and people died until she was stopped, local militia ambushed her and she was knocked out. They should have killed her, instead they took pity and moved her to a mental asylum where many priests and doctors tried to cure her. They should have killed her. Yet she killed them, still strapped in her chair she utilised the dark energy and slaughtered the place now abandoned and shut in the room Kate awaits her saviour which incidentally is also her next victim.


It had been an eventful few months since meeting the Dwarf, the outcome was still fuzzy in Kate’s mind. Something had happened in that fight but she had managed to hold it back. The Dark being that had implanted itself into her had tried to take hold it had caused her to make rash and stupid decisions, something in her mind had stopped it. Well stopped was the wrong word, the reality was it was slowed down but eventually the Darkness had taken hold.

She had not lost control just lost her sanity. It wasn’t a massacre but a series of uncalled for assassinations. No ally way was safe the people began to fear the dark. Hole tows populations where reduced significantly people spoke of hidden dangers, of demons and monsters but never was one seen or heard. Somewhere found, with next sliced yet some with horrific and brutal claw marks and unexplainable wounds. Even armed guards and soldiers didn’t stand a chance. Some had been found with wholes in their cheap armour, which went all the way through to the other side.

Sadly for Kate, this time of great ecstasy didn’t last she was ambushed by some willing men who had formed up to try and stop this beast but instead they had found Kate. They set a trap, a young man had been used as bait and when Kate went to kill him she was ambushed and whacked hard in the back of the head and was knocked out.

The villages didn’t know what to do with her, she was taken to an institution for the possessed or crazed. Kate awoke strapped down in a chair in the centre of an empty room. Doctors of limited skill and foolish priests tried to help her, they gave her strange alchemist concoctions and cast, and prayed and yet nothing happened. Kate’s eyes where mad, every living thing that came into the room was her new prey. She wanted everyone dead but she was stuck. The sedatives had reduced her energy she was somewhat unable to attack them.

The Darkness awakened, forcing out a wave of negative energy the entire place fell dark and silent. People soon started to go crazy. Other almost adjusted inmates started killing each other, then themselves. Kate’s room was now consumed in dark energy and when two doctors came to check on her they died on the spot. Their hearts weak, the fear had taken them, combined with the realisation of the monster they had imprisoned.

People quickly abandoned the place, knowing now what they had unleashed. Kate was still strapped down and locked in. her power dropped again. Weak from hunger and mental stress she waited her death. Well actually she awaited her saviour who incidentally was also her next victim.

Weeks past…

Kate woke, something had disturbed her, the place was no longer dead and silent, someone had entered. Kate’s face painfully made a smile, like the sort a viper would make as it saw a stupid rat walking in it’s lung range. Kate’s energy had kept her alive but now she was weakened. She sat there looking very worse for wear blood stained floor, from her own and other people blood, when they had stood too close. Her arm filled with faint wholes from the many needles that had been injected into her. Her usual cool assassins image was now that of a crazy person who had just been dragged through a hedge. Her attire was now a mere clinical gown. It stretched down just enough to cover her modest not that it mattered now. Any humanity was lost. Once the girl would have been very embarrassed to be one small garment away from total nudity but now all she wanted was blood, more and, more blood.

AKA - Boy Killa

Katherine Darksmith

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