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 Post subject: Last Chance (A rather Tasty Christma... I mean TB.)
PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:23 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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You’re not some newbie and you already know what is expected of both DI and me so I’ll spare you the copy and paste for the hundredth time. Of course to prove that friends don't get special treatment the only 'special' treatment you'll get is an extention on your post level. (Mostly because if 3 days is such a strickt thing I don't think Biller would still be here :twisted: Misistry Dog.) So good luck to you buddy, although for all the RPing I already know you have done you better not need it.

He was still making a living at the Leach’s farm to try and repay the citizens and to gain their understandings. He had gained the friendship of a handful of people, none more than the young spiritualist he had saved. Nobody was around so he removed most of his clothing to deal with the hot sun, His long sleeve shirt was resting on a fence and his black robe was at the tailor who had finally agreed to accept his money in repairs. The teeth of his new shape shifting companion had ruined the sleeve rather nicely. Using his scythe he was currently harvesting wheat.

Before his handling was so poor it was laughable, but the farmer had shown him quite a bit about his weapon. He was still a novice but practice made perfect and the farmer had no concerns about a man willing to harvest his crops for lessons. The biggest lesson was being taught though by his daughter. Thanks to her optimistic attitude he had finally learned to smile again even in this strange world.

After completing the first row of wheat he had decided to take a break. Sitting back on a bench beside the barn he is joined by Emily who has brought the both of them a fresh glass of lemonade. It was really strange, not them sitting there, but the fascination she had with his skeletal arm. She was set off by it but more saw it as a toy of sorts, always playing with his bony fingers, enjoying the clanking sound they made. He wondered if Musalis enjoyed the sound as mush as Emily seemed to. Their little relaxation was cut short though when Emily’s attention was drawn to something else. “Scott?” she said in a scared voice as she hides behind him arm. Looking over he saw a familiar spirit on the hill, the golden wolf. “It’s ok.” He says, rising to his feet and grasping his Scythe. He did not expect to use it but safer was often better than sorry.

Moving to the hill, Emily close behind, the wolf starts to walk away behind the mound of earth. As he reaches the hilltop he again spots the spirit, he was sitting next to a rock. Upon that rock sat a man, muscular body and mangy unkempt hair falls to his shoulder. More of a sign of this mans life however was his bastard sword. Quite possibly a threat to the entire village he motions for Emily to wait as he move down the hill.

Quickly he regretted not grabbing his shirt, not only was his skeletal arm exposed in its entirety but he was much less impressive that this other man. Sure with his robe he could be a fearful force, but as a man with long white hair, currently tied back, with an eye patch over your right eye, being a skinny person with no shirt and missing the flesh of an arm was just disturbing at best.

The man seemed lost in his own world as he approached. Until that was that Scott himself found both of them lost in an entirely different world. The sky was a very dark blue and dim white clouds moved across the ground only foot high. The horizon had a purple lining in all directions. The only thing that seemed to follow the two were the rock the man sat upon, not only the wolf remained. Instead, his robe had returned and was even repaired. By what seemed to be magic his hood lifted to his head and his eye patch floats downward into his pocket.

It was her, the priestess from before who had told him about the Spirit Oasis. “This is a lost soul of the living. He has suffered a great loss and has lost his way. He needs to be reborn as a true champion of the world, this act is commonly referred to as ‘training.’ This is an area of the spirit world, neither of you will be allowed to leave until this man is either awoken or destroyed. Also, in this world he is able to see me and other spirits in our ghost form."

“Oh, this should be fun.” He spoke quietly under his breath.

“LOST SOUL!” He says in the most dramatic voice he can muster. “You have lost your path in this world and I am here to collect you.” He slides his left glove off of his hand and holds out his skeletal arm to show it. “Death has come for thee.”

Hubris of Humanity

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