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 Post subject: The First Day of Life, The First Night of Death (BK VS Open)
PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:04 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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(open to anyone apart from LeboyX nothing personal I know your looking for a fight but I want to fight you at a later date hun x)

Ice filled Kate’s lungs as she inhaled, the sensation burned deep. She breathed again, ‘how can I breath?’ Every nerve in her body shot with pain, it felt agonising yet for the first time she realised she was alive. ‘I was happy, why?’ slowly her vision cleared from the darkness and she gazed upon the blue sky above. It was like being born again, everything was new. Kate looked around slowly, still laid out, it was all she could do to move her neck. Exasered she fell into unconsciousness again, the dreams came, haunted her every innocent that she had taken, Scarlet oh dear scarlet, her face an agonising realisation Kate hated who she had been.

Awaking to a slight thud to her left Kate’s eyes wondered from the circling carrion birds to the one on beside her. “I am not a corpse” her eyes fired an eerie blue. It was too much the bird left swiftly. After what seemed like an eternity Kate was on her feet. Everything buzzed to her sense’s. ‘I burned, I burned like dear scarlet. It was justice, a worthy end to my evil. Why am I alive?

~ Because you are a lost sheep and I am your shepherd ~

Kate didn’t even look around, she could tell which direction a sound came from, could plan a bolt in between any man’s lips without turning, yet the sound was in here head. Worse it seemed to come from her soul.

~ Life weighs a large price, you are free from the darkness yet you are mine ~

“I don’t understand” Kate whispered to the breeze. She waited there was no response. She cursed, she hated the world again, and she had been happy dead. She had found love hadn’t she, or was his power drawing her in making infatuation?

Kate looked around the landscape was unfamiliar. The short grass, went on for miles. ‘Grass shouldn’t be this short? It’s was like a lawn.’ Yet it wasn’t no man could have maintained this much grass. A small steam ran down the centre its waters an icy blue. Kate walked over slowly, she stared at her own reflection, it had been a long time since she saw her face. Yet now it bore no cuts, no slight scares.

She drank and it was cold and refreshing. She absentmindedly ran her hand down to her belt. The hilt of her Dao, was different, the handle no longer its dark purple but a light blue. She pulled it out, it’s blade was a shiny silver, it looked newly polished. It wasn’t an assassin’s weapon it was too pretty it reflected the sun.

Kate sheathed it, a parchment was next to it. It hadn’t been there seconds before. Kate unrolled the scroll. It was blank, but then it wasn’t.

As if an invisible quill was writing the gold shinny letters appeared. They were perfect they glowed from the page before settling into a dark cold font. Kate read it silently.

*Can You Still Take Life?*

Kate looked up slowly something told her she was not alone on this plain.

AKA - Boy Killa

Katherine Darksmith

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