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 Post subject: Take it Outside? (MoxyMatt's Training)
PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:59 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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Incoming standardized battle post:

-Battles are fought in turns, you post after a response.
-Fighting happens in "real time"; meaning you can, if you wish, go back in time a little to describe actions and things you do before any attack the opposition lands (within reasonability)
-Be as descriptive as you can. More information makes for better battles.
-Do not ever control your opponent's character (or pets) in any way.
-Characters are, typically, allowed two actions per post: One defensive action and one offensive action. Regardless of whether you were attacked or not, you may only attack once per post.
-You can only use 1 special/spell per turn (you can use multiple skills per turn, but only 1 special per turn). Specials that have an effect on your opponent count as your one offensive action.
-Try to be fair in both your attacks as well as your dodges. Getting hit every now and then is not the end of the world, and deepens your character. (And makes battles more interesting)
-A minimum of 2 paragraphs (though more are desirable!)
-No "unblockable" attacks. There's always something, somewhere that can happen.
-Be creative, use the world around you to your advantage!
-Use a spell checker, or a program that helps with punctuation. It can't hurt...and can generally help your posts become more readable.
-Have fun!!! Battles are supposed to be enjoyable. If don't like it, something is wrong.


Grimmar was enjoying his meal at his favorite tavern on the outskirts of Galanath. It was a waypoint mostly; travelers came in and out of here all the time, looking for their last drink before leaving civilization on a journey or taking their first one in a while after being on the road. As such, it was always very busy and usually not a horribly troublesome place since most people were just content to be on their way. As he sat at the bar, downing his drink, he noticed something new on the menu in the dessert section.

Fortune Cookies - sate your sweet tooth and find your future!

The dwarf decided that he would try the new item on the menu and made an order. He generally didn't put much stock in anything that attempted to tell you your future, but what the heck. He hadn't had any cookies in a while anyways. The cookies came in a set of four - obviously meant to be shared. However, there was no one around that Grimmar felt like giving a cookie to, so he figured he might as well eat them all and get a comprehensive view on the future.

Opening the first cookie, he read "You will be very successful and have a long life." Yeah, sure. The second was just as stirring, "You will meet new people and find interesting places." Big whoop.

The third one was special. "You will meet a man that will act very unusually because he is new in town. Train him."

Great, now I'm getting training summons in my meal instead of just at my meal.

Grimmar looked about the room for someone that was acting out of place. Aside from the usual rabble rousers, merchants and general patrons, there wasn't anyone special in the room. It was a medium sized stone building and the room was dominated by the bar on the west side. The door opened to the south and the rest of the room was lit by open windows letting the noonday sun stream in. There were a whole bunch of circular tables and chairs sitting in the middle of the floor. They were all made out of the stereotypical shoddy wood construction one would usually find in a place like this. A quick fight could easily level the furnishings and provide an interesting place to have combat. However, he'd try to take things outside.

He figured that he'd wait at the bar, paying special attention to the doorway to see when his visitor arrived.

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