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 Post subject: The Battle... Of Doom. (Discontinued/Friendly)
PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:40 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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It was another day in field. Tyzrk walked out to tend the vegetables with the only farming tool they could afford - his hands. The sun was out, blazing a vision-warping heat. He worked in nothing but a tattered shirt that demoted its way down to a pseudo-midriff shirt, and poorly made pants that were damaged and resewed to the point of shorts with stitches. His hair was cut short as always, never growing past his shoulders before he was to have a haircut again. The only thing that didn't look poor on his body was a necklace, which was supposedly gave to him by his mother when he was an infant. Nobody knows where she vanished off to, and Tyzrk swore that when he was able, he would venture out of his poor village and look to the ends of the world for her. That or do nothing if she's already dead. The pendant was a golden crescent moon, which, as his father had told him, represented his supposed mothers' passivity, and told Tyzrk to always follow his mothers' path in managing temper. His father promised that once he learned what being a man was all about, he would take Tyzrk out on a long adventure to seek their true desires, and that, as Tyzrk has put into memory, started with passivity.

And so it was another day where Tyzrk willingly took up work again, though he wished for something... more. Digging through the grounds to plow the field, he wished for his life to change, to bring forth excitement, prosperity, and reunion. At that moment, the crescent moon fell off of his necklace. Digging through the plowed hole he just dug, he recovered the pendant, and stared at it for a while. It was a while since he had looked at the moon pendant, relishing in its beauty. It was the only thing nice in his possession, after all. But there was something different, something anticipating and wrong. The pendant didn't emanate its usual, glorious golden sheen, but a dark green, almost menacing color. Clouds suddenly appeared, blocking out what used to be a hot sun. She looked east towards the source of the clouds, and saw a gang of horsemen. The clouds foretold a sudden dangerous predicament. Arrows were flung, balls of fire were thrown onto houses, and swords clashed with the local guards, but alas, the sheer power of numbers overwhelmed the village protection. Tyzrk had no choice but to run back into his shack of a home and hide, watching the village be pillaged, the peasants unpleasant.

A man clad in armor the color of blood walked into Tyzrk's house. In one hand it held a giant sword and a massive war hammer was strapped across his back. Kicking aside the table, the man dragged Tyzrk's father to his feet and slammed him against the wall. Holding him in place by his neck, the armored man put the ragged edge of the great sword against Tyzrk's father's cheek. In a dark, gravelly voice, the demon issued an ultimatum.

"Kill the child and burn down the house if you want to live. You have until your blood reaches my hand to decide."

With a swift movement, the armored man slashed a shallow cut into his father's cheek and let it bleed out slowly. For a brief moment, the blood welled up before rolling down in a single large drop. His father looked him square in the eyes and Tyzrk could see the iron resolve in them. Looking back into the demon's eyes, Tyzrk's father gave his answer.


The single drop of blood reached the man's armor just a fraction after the word left his lips. A spike erupted from the armor and went straight through his head, killing him instantly. Tossing the lifeless corpse aside, the man in the red armor turned back to Tyzrk. Pointing his sword straight at him, the man said one last thing before leaving.

"Your father was a fool. He thought you were worth saving. You didn't even move to save his life. You're scum. If you ever grow a backbone, come find me. Prove your father isn't the useless waste of skin he is now."

Tyzrk didn't move, and for the longest time ever, he tried listening to the noises outside, he tried looking out of the window to see an end to this raid. In the end, all he heard were the sounds of the mans voice and blade striking the floor, and all he could see was the repeating image of his fathers' death. His hands gripped for something that wasn't there, feeling the floor for something to comfort him. Picking away the resulting splinters, all he had left in this world suddenly was the pendant. It was tucked into whatever shirt he had left so the bandit wouldn't see, but he figured the man wouldn't have seen and stolen it even if it were out; it's dark green shade was very unappealing and ridiculing, as if taking the whole situation as a joke.

With never-ending tears streaming down his face, he pressed the pendant against his forehead, loving it and hating it at the same time. He wanted to throw it out of the window, he wanted to shove it down the man's throat to dispose two birds with one stone. But his body wouldn't respond, his mind telling him to take the situation as it was. "Be passive, and your reap will be massive," he heard his father say at one point. But why, then, did he stand up the man? Maybe to be a man means to know when to stand by and when to act...

Tyzrk woke up the next morning in the same corner he sat in for hours, not knowing when he had drifted off into sleep in his tears. The room was odored by his father's blood. Forcing himself to get up, he walked outside to see the village in ruins. The few people that Tyzrk assumed were the survivors sat in a circle around a fire. Some people shouted for Tyzrk to come over, happy that he was among the remainder. Tyzrk sat down and wrapped his arms against one of the fellow villagers. "M-My father... He's...!" A fresh stream of tears started to flow, and the circle assured him that his pain was felt. "He was such a good man... I-I never even got to know his wife, my m-"

"I didn't know he had a wife," one of the villagers asked sincerely.

"Me neither," another one said, and the circle of people agreed in unison.

"Th-Then... He's..?"

"He's not your father, but did you believe he was..?" the young woman who Tyzrk leaned onto asked. "His eye color, his hair, his facial structure... None of them really matched yours. I guess we never really thought about it.."

"Heh, I guess not..."

"And along with that, you're umm... You're an elf, and he's a human. You show no traits of being a halfy, so I always thought it was weird..."

"It doesn't change the man he was... Wh-Who else of us were um.. Unfortunate..?" The recalling of the events of last night were too much for the people, and eventually all had stopped within the village. Then, again, were the sound of horse hoofs. Everyone jumped up at once, readying whatever weapons and tools they had on hand. "What the hell are they back for?! They already took everything out of our lives!!" Tyzrk was ready to charge first into the men, ready to fight until every drop of blood was spilled onto the floor.

But no such thing happened.

The men wore armor, had bright cloths for their horses, and refined weapons and arms. They rode not with their swords in the air, but their swords to their sides, both hands on the reins. There were four men that rode rather peacefully into the village, talking amongst themselves about the poor looking condition of the village. When they pulled up in front of the villagers, one of them greeted them. "Why h'lo fair peasants of this land. May I ask what's happened..?"

There was an abrupt silence, no one speaking a word. It was only a while until Tyzrk stood up before the knight. "We were just raided... About three quarters of us were killed, and all of our belongings were pillaged.."

"I'm... sorry to hear that."

"I thought you were sent here to track down the raiders though... Right..?"

"Haven't heard about it until this very minute."

"Then what are you down here for, sir?"

"I would say, 'that's confidential', but seeing the condition of the village, it couldn't hurt. In fact, who we're looking for might already be dead..."

"A search mission then?"

"..You.. could say that, yes. Oh, but where are my manners! I apologize, my name is Reifield, leader of this unit for the search party."

"The name's Tyzrk, it's an honor to-"

"-What's your name?!" the man asked rather uncomfortably.

Tyzrk stepped back, waving his hands in front of him. "T-Tyzrk, I know it's weird but I don't think-"

"You're the one we've been looking for!" At this, the circle of survivors started to chatter a bit within themselves, bewildered at the situation.

"I'm... sorry? I don't quite follow. What does a military unit of your status want with a peasant like me?"

"From this moment forward, your title is not Peasant. You see, the royal family of the elven kingdom have recently been assassinated one by one. With our king being the last survivor, he fears his time is short, and revealed a sudden new heir, the child he had cast away when it was just a newborn. He told only his royal guard, of course, and we were sent right away in search of this new heir."

"You mean I'm..?" Tyzrk said, too baffled for words.

"I don't see anyone else with such a unique name such as yourself. We've finally found you, the king's lost daughter."

A nerve seemed to sever inside Tyzrk's brain.

"D-Daughter?? B-But I was told I was a boy...!"

"Not very educated, are you, your sudden highness..?" The knight said. He seemed to want to get a few jokes in before he had to consider Tyzrk his new ruler.

"No, I wasn't... I worked on a farm all of my life.."

"Well, that's easy to fix. We'll educate you and catch you up with your... well, slain biological family. There's no time to waste, you might just save our kingdom."

Tyzrk's head was spinning, confused above all reason. "Th-That sounds a bit too... Fantastic, doesn't it? B-But you said you're looking for the king's daughter! And I.. well, I was told I was a boy. What if you somehow got the wrong person??"

The young woman Tyzrk was previously hugging sent her voice out. "To be quite honest, Tizzy, I always thought you were kind of ambiguous... What with your hair and clothes like that."

"Aside from that, there's some very incriminating evidence you're the one we're looking for." The knight said, his high posture never shifting. "Your pendant. Could I see it?"

"This..?" Tyzrk said, handing the man the crescent moon pendant. It shined a bright golden color which seemed to illuminate hope.

"Yes, this is it!" the knight said, a hint of excitement in his voice. "The king described the only thing he could remember about the child, a pendant he left in its basket when he sent someone to take the baby away. This crescent moon was of the queen of the kingdom... It represents femininity and fertility."

"F...F.. F.... Uh..!" Tyzrk could not articulate words any longer. The shock of the current flow of events placed her in a state of shock.

"You mean I had a crush on a girl?!" Tyzrk heard one of the boys mutter to another. "Gross!"

The knight and his comrades stood in front of Tyzrk, and kneeled before "her". "Your highness," Reifield said to Tyzrk, "may we escort you back to the kingdom? You're our only hope."

Tyzrk felt her face redden. "I don't know though..! Th-This is too much... And what about these villagers..?"

"We'll find a way to help. We'll send workers to repair the village on your command. And do not worry, your bloodline is known for being strong and always adjusting to the situation. That is why you're a ruling family, after all."

"I guess..."

And so it began on horseback, a ride to a city Tyzrk never thought she'd be rich enough to afford even a visit to. Too much had changed her life in all but a day. A loss of a loved one, finding out just who she was, but most of all, finding out what gender she really was. Maybe she needed a book or two to read about that once they got into the kingdom. "..Feminity, huh..?"

Tyzrk, the Arch-Wizard

leboyX wrote:
and then pounce on them. To make sure they know we're dead.

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Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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(Ok, trying to get this back on track. And by back on track, I mean started. And to clear up any confusion, I can now interact with my various selves, due to my new skill [Separation].)

Faust was sitting in a solid mahogany chair when he woke up. It was practically a throne based on the size and the plushness of the cushions. But to Faust it was a prison. Thin, spiked, blood red chains were discretely looped around the arms and legs of the chair and were attached to the buckles on the backs of his armors arms and legs. They were long enough that he could feed himself and basic things like that but not enough to stand up. And the chains were some how blocking the sins from lending their strength so that Faust could break free. The chains of course were a subtle manifestation of Destruction. It didn't want him to have enough free will to leave the camp that was constructed all around Faust's tent. The faint sounds of the camp waking up and getting ready for another day were filtering through the thick canvas walls.

For a hundred yards in any direction of the giant tent that Faust resided in, there was a veritable city of smaller tents. But the people starting to wake in the tents were normal people by good living standards. Everyone of them was a villain. Rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperadoes, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers, Methodists, and their ilk. Their one purpose for living right now was to ensure that in every town the sheriff was murdered, crops burned, stores looted, people stampeded, and cattle raped.

Destruction was building an army.

Faust was just an unwilling participant in all of this. He had passed out during one fight and Destruction had taken the initiative. Destruction manifested and broke into a maximum security prison, taking anyone who would do it's bidding and killing anyone else. These men formed the core of his army. Over the next few months, the army grew. They recruited anyone who pledged to destroy lives and property and killed anyone else. It was surprising how many people would burn down their own houses and kill their neighbors just to live. But Faust had grown jaded to it all. He had tried to escape from it all a few times but Destruction's hold on him was too strong. So he did what he had to just to survive for now. And right now, his throat was dry.

"Garçon! Breakfast!"

A little while later, a woman walked into the tent. As far as Faust could tell, her one job in the camp was to ensure that he was fed. He actually didn't know a lot about the camp. No one actually told him what was going on. They all knew he was just Destruction's puppet. The woman unceremoniously dumped the breakfast tray onto Faust's lap and shot him a look.

"Garçon means boy."

With out missing a beat, Faust shot her a smile and replied as sweetly as he could.

"I do it because I care."

Rolling her eyes, the woman gave him a very unladylike and inappropriate gesture and turn her back on him to walk out. Behind him, a deep and gravelly voice spoke to him. At the same time a blood red gauntlet reached over his shoulder and picked up one of the biscuits off Faust's tray.

"You aren't her master, she doesn't have to be nice to you. And she could probably care less about if you care or not. I did make her kill her husband."

Faust just scowled and snatched the biscuit out of the gauntlet. He wasn't going to let his hallucinations eat his breakfast. They could go get their own. The voice over his shoulder laughed and walked around to the front of Faust. Destruction looked down at Faust as it leaned against one of the poles holding up the tent. Before the armor could even get settled, a beastial form of pure, midnight black, lunged from a shadow and collided with Destruction, knocking it to the floor. Faust ate his breakfast with total indifference as the two rolled around the tent, fighting for dominance. The sins were constantly attacking Destruction and almost never got more than the slightest advantage most times.

Halfway through Faust's breakfast, Destruction put a gauntleted fist through the sins head. The sins instantly dissipated, only to quickly reform in the corner of the tent, sulking and planning their next attack. This happened at least once every hour most days. It was almost kinda pathetic at times. It was like two kids fighting over who got to play with the favorite toy.

"You two done yet?"

"Only if you runt in the corner is."

"I'll get you one of these times."

"Yea, we're done for now."

"Then why isn't the camp starting to pack up and move yet?"

"Last night we ran across a Legion patrol. Seems there is sizable camp some where around here. I am having my horde dig in and prepare for battle here. They are all afraid enough of me to fight a losing battle and I may have mentioned that the Legion was here to kill them all, regardless of surrender."

"So we just sit here and wait for the battle to come to us?"



 Post subject: Re: The Battle of Eternal Hiatus (Tengu)
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Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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It was all too new to "her".

Reifield offered Tyzrk his horse as he joined one of his comrades on their steed. After saying their farewells to Tyzrk's fellow villagers, the newly found female majesty and her search party rode northbound towards the imperial city she would soon call 'her home'. It was all too strange to her; she felt like another person already. In just one fateful night, the young elf now rode alongside royal cavalry. She found it very uncomfortable to ride the horse at first. With Reifield and the other man on one horse, their horse strode the slowest. Tyzrk wasn't far ahead of them, and the other two men frequently slowed down to allow the other two horses to catch up with them. Eventually, Tyzrk asked the men for a break. The search party immediately stopped, an act that made the elf feel quite awkward. She got off her horse, realizing how sore she was first, then how powerful she suddenly was second. Each of the men stood by their horses, waiting for what Tyzrk inferred to be her orders.

"N-Now wait a second.." Tyzrk started, sitting down on the floor in an unladylike manner. "What are you guys looking at me for..?" she asked, knowing the answer already.

"We're waiting for your 'go', Tyzrk," Reifield told her. At least he didn't cal her "Your highness", she thought.

"W-Well, do your own thing now, I-I'll be here for just a bit.." Tyzrk felt her leg, trying to move it just a bit to feel the stinging pain.

"We're ready to go anytime, but we'll wait if you're not yet used to riding. We can spare time, especially if it's for your well being." Reifield told her as the other men grabbed their water pouches. One of them was attending their horse, feeding it and doing what seemed to be grooming it.

"Ugh, f-fine. Just give me a moment.." Tyzrk said, trying to find a comfortable way to rest.

"Don't worry," Reifield reassured her, "we have plenty of time." He stood still like a statue, his ears open for when she would be able to ride again. "You know, I could teach you the posture you need to ride."

Tyzrk waved her hand at the offer, wobbling up onto her feet. "No, no," she said, trying to regain her composure. "That'll take too much time; I'd want to get to the city as soon as possible." Reifield smirked, walking up and petting the horse Tyzrk rode on.

"It'll take even longer if you needed constant rest. It's a ways away.." He gave an almost playful look at the horse as he pet it. "Don't thrash her too much.."

A few minutes passed and the group was on the road again. The sun ascended further and further up as Tyzrk started to find the correct form to ride. After a while, she found it fun to have the wind flow through her short hair, allowing her horse to slowly go faster and faster. A while later, she completely forgot about the pain in her legs before, and her horse entered a quick, galloping gait. She was ahead of the pack a good fifty meters before she could hear Reifield's voice from afar. "Don't go too fast, you'll tire the poor thing out!"

Tyzrk heard a faint giggle that she later declared hers. "It's alright, right?" she yelled back, trying to face back at them while the horse was still galloping. "These horses are trained at this sort of thing, right?" Turning her head back around to face the road, she saw an uphill ahead, and let her horse go a bit slower up the hill. Once she got to the top, she stopped and turned around once more. "I found something, guys!"

The men caught up and stopped around her, looking down the hill. "It's a camp." Reifield said, in a rather matter-of-fact tone. "Is there a flag or anything visible down there?"

"It's the Legion!" one of the men said, pointing out a flag displaying the symbol of a sideways cross and stars. The long end of the cross widened up near the end, so that it resembled a sword blade. Though barely visible from their distance, the blue and white designs were quite discriminating.

Reifield gave a contemplating look in front of him. "But what are they doing here..?" He huffed and grabbed the reigns on his horse. "Well, let's enter the camp, Tyzrk. Stay behind us until they know who you are, and they won't disturb you." Tyzrk nodded, and they led their horses down to the camp.

Trailing down the dirt path to the camp, Tyzrk saw an overwhelming amount of soldiers. Some were eating, other were exercising, and the few left were guarding the campsite. Reifield's presense allowed Tyzrk inside quite easily, and they followed their way to the general's tent, a slightly larger tent in a shade of blue. "General Mayfair, greetings." Reifield said as he slowly lifted the tents' opening cover. Tyzrk stood outside, awkwardly looking around and wondering if she should have followed him in. "What brings you and your squad over here?"

"There have been reports of several raids happening about, Reifield." Tyzrk heard from outside. Her thoughts immediately jumped to the raid that happened only one night ago. "Most were dead, but some were found missing, or very severely injured. The missing would later be found aiding in the raids of other villages. We're suspecting some great power is controlling these masses, so we've been following their trail. According to our scouts, we're very close to the suspected enemy camp. We will engage with the camp in question later today to see if we've caught our culprit or culprits." Tyzrk's breath was short. She couldn't believe that she could be only a few minutes from horseback away from her murderer. What would happen to her if they attack? What would she do?

"Well, on our side, we've found a very potential ally today." Reifield said quite proudly. Tyzrk shot back to reality, and tried hard to pick up Reifield's voice, her heart bouncing. "We've found the king's daughter, Tyzrk!"

"Y-You have?" stammered the voice of the general. "That's... quite fortunate, yes. But I'm afraid the timing can't be any worse. The enemy camp is much closer to us than the imperial city is. We'll have to deal with the enemy before I can allow you to take her to meet the king."

"What?" Reifield shouted back, "We can detour around the enemy camp so that we never have to cross paths with them. It's preeminent that we get her to the safety of the city, at once!"

There was a chuckle that came out of the tent, though it felt sympathetic at heart. "And how safe has the city been this past new moon?" There was a moment of silence, and for the next few minutes, Tyzrk started to question what she was doing. The general had a point;, what if she was going to share the same fate as her biological royal family did once she is revealed to be royalty? "Reifield, I understand your wish for hasty action. I wouldn't prefer it any other way. But right now, it's a tad of a gamble, isn't it? She will be safest staying here at the camp while we confront with the suspected camp."

Tyzrk grabbed onto the cover of the tent, her breath stopping. Her whole body froze, wondering if her move would be the smart thing to do. She suddenly had a lot of responsibility on her, and the choice she was about to make would be a big one. Her mind tried to weigh out the pros and cons of her situation until Reifield broke her train of thought.

"Fine, she will stay here and my men and I will join your forces temporarily."

The tent opened. "No!" Tyzrk said, her will pushing her words forward. "I'll fight! I won't just stand here!"

"The king's daughter? Fight?" Mayfair said as he analyzed the elf's structure. "Well you do seem to have the body to fight.. It's not very feminine, but you do have the body to fight."

"I've been a girl for about half a day. Now let me fight." Tyzrk eyed Reifield to find his face more than puzzled.

"What weapons can you use, Tyzrk?" Reifield said. "It wouldn't be a good idea to jump in there without any experience with a weapon.."

"Just give me one and I'll live with it!"

"Hmm.. I have an idea." Mayfair said as he walked towards the two. Walking outside of his tent, Reifield and Tyzrk following, he took a rectangular box, and opened it. "This is the weapon of the royal family. The King had stopped fighting in his army a decade ago, and I've been ordered to keep this safe ever since. His hands dug into the box, and pulled out a green, odd-shaped bow with blades on either ends. "Since you are of the royal family, this is yours to use, Tyzrk." Mayfair got on one knee, holding the bow's body with both hands, presenting the bow to her.

"Th-Thanks.." Tyzrk said, feeling no less than awkward, "This will come in handy. All I have to do is learn how to use it."

"General, I will escort her to the archery post." Reifield said, bowing respectfully to the man. "I will see you later when your squad ride off." Mayfair mimicked the act and bowed. Tyzrk, seeing the two, quickly bowed gracelessly to Mayfair. As the two walked off, Reifield gave a side-mouthed reminder. "You're a lady, a curtsy is more appropriate. But we'll tell you all about that once you're safe and in the city."

A few minutes of walking and the two found themselves at the archery range. The post had several archery targets set up a distance away from a line of men taking practice shots. "There are arrows over there; grab a quiver." Reifield ordered. Tyzrk took an arrow out of the quiver and was soon taught the way to shoot an arrow. Her first shot barely dug into the outer ring of the target. "Are you sure you want to go into battle? If the camp ends up being what we think it is, you'll have trouble.."

"I-I know! I just.. N-Need practice.." Tyzrk felt quite unsure of herself, but she was determined to get it right. Pulling out one more arrow, she pulled the string back and, trying hard to aim directly for the center, accidentally slipped by putting too much pressure on her back foot while aiming. Her arrow released, the trajectory aiming upwards, into the sky, and out of the camp. "U-Uh oh.."

"It's alright," Reifield said, "there isn't anyone outside the camp in that direction. But uhh... We'll leave your bow for later.." He lead Tyzrk out of the archery range and looked around through the tents. if you have trouble using physical weapons, maybe you can use a magical one." Eventually they found a set of five tents laid in a circle very close to another. "Here are where the wizards of our army stay. They lay in a circle near each other to better feel each others' presence, as well as to concentrate their powers better. You'll do fine to learn what they can teach you."

"M-Magic? Me? I-I'm not so sure.." Tyzrk said, looking at the tents curiously.

Reifield walked forward towards the tent, signaling her to follow. "It's fine, really! Like I said, your family is known for adapting to the situation! And maybe with a bit of magic, your archery will be better." He chuckled, and the two entered the tent to see what secrets they may be taught.

Tyzrk, the Arch-Wizard

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and then pounce on them. To make sure they know we're dead.

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Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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(Sorry about the delay, the drinking games continued a day longer than I expected.)

Faust stared down at his right hand. The very tips of them were turning black. At the moment, they felt exactly like his hand had before, but smoother. The burns on his hand beneath the blackened skin were completely smoothed out. The ends of his fingernails had even been absorbed into the black flesh. The black skin had appeared the night before. Waves of excruciating agony had spread out from his hand, racking his body with spasms and locking his jaw shut, preventing so much as a whimper from escaping his lips. As soon as the spasms had stopped, Faust had ripped his glove from his hand just in time to see the blackness stop spreading just before the bottoms of his fingernails.

Destruction and the sins had refused to tell him anything about it, no matter how much he begged, pleaded, or bargained with them. While Destruction had seemed to actually be interested in what had happened, the sins were just smug about denying him information. Either they knew what was causing it or they just thought Faust's fears to be amusing.

Hearing a commotion outside of his tent, Faust put his glove back on and looked up. His attendant ushered in a man who looked to be on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion, even in front of a monster who had probably forced him to commit some vulgar act and had no problems killing a follower. Falling to a knee, the man groveled before Faust.

"My greatest lord, the Legion has struck out against us. My son and I were scouting the Legion encampment like General Stoeckigt had commanded us. Without warning or even showing their location, an enemy archer placed an arrow through my son's chest. It pierced his heart and killed him instantly. I fled as fast as I could. I ran here without stopping to warn you."

Faust hadn't personally met this general was but the man before him clearly feared the general almost as much as Destruction. But Destruction knew exactly who the general was and what was going on. The blood red armor strode from its place by the door. It walked past everyone in the tent yet no one paid half a thought to it. Only Faust could see it and since Destruction had him chained to the chair, he couldn't run from it. The armor quickly took the two steps up to the throne and sat in it. It was a new trick Destruction had learned. By just occupying the same space as Faust, Destruction could exert a small amount of control over Faust. In this case it was to control Faust's voice, the very limit of the gimmick. The timber of Faust's voice dropped and it became gravelly to match Destruction's voice.

"You did well. Well, at least better than your son did. Now leave my sight. Attendant, send for the general!"

The exhausted scout scampered backwards from the tent. the attendant walked after the scout to the front of the tent and gave an order to a runner waiting just outside of the entrance. A few minutes later, a new man walked into the tent. The man was just over six feet tall. His head was topped by close cropped salt and pepper colored hair. His powerful frame was laced with pure muscle. His shoulders were at least two and a half feet across and his posture arrow straight. He had been a general in an army once but his fondness of alcohol and complete lack of concern for men under his control made him unfit for that army's command. Destruction had found him in a tavern and had nearly lost in single combat to the man. It made him perfect for second in command of the horde.

"I presume you know what happened to the scouts?"

The general had an uncanny ability to know everything that happened within the horde. He even knew when one of the camp followers were giving birth. It was almost obsessive creepy and Destruction didn't trust it at all. He was immensely valuable but Destruction knew there must be an ulterior motive.

"Yes. On my way over here, I took the liberty of spreading the word we might leave soon. We will be able to leave here and march on the Legion with in the hour. If you wish.

He probably thinks himself to be the real one in charge here. He thinks he is better than you.

It does seem he fancies himself to be in charge here, suggesting what orders I should follow.

It would be nice for a change of scenery around here if he took control.

You should probably kill him.

I can't, not yet at least. He is too valuable and he knows it. But soon, I will ruin him. But first, I will show him I am the one in charge.

"No, we will wait until first light to march. It will tank an entire day to get there anyway."

And now to just kill him and rid myself of this horde. This game is becoming tiresome.


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