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 Post subject: Earthy Orchestration (Fell's Training)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:54 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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(I'll be using a different character to train you since my character is far too powerful to be training anybody fairly anymore. I'll add the character sheet to the end of this post.)


-Battles are fought in turns, you post after a respond.
-Fighting happens in "real time" meaning you can if you wish go back in time a little to describe actions and things you do before any attack of the opposition lands (within reasonability)
-Be as descriptive as you can. More information makes for better battles.
-Do not ever control your opponent's character (or pets) in any way.
-Characters are, typically, allowed two actions per post: One defensive action and one offensive action. Regardless of whether you were attacked or not, you may only attack once per post.
-You can only use 1 special/spell per turn (you can use multiple skills per turn, and 1 special and multiple skills per turn though). Specials that have an effect on your opponent count towards your one offensive action.
-Try to be fair in both your attacks as well as your dodges. Getting hit every now and then is not the end of the world, and deepens your character.
-A minimum of 2 paragraphs (though more are desirable!)
-No ?Unblockable? attacks. There's always something, somewhere that can happen.
-Be creative, use the world around you to your advantage!
-Use a spell checker, or a program that helps with puncuation. It can't hurt... and can generally help your posts more readable.
-Have fun!!! Battles are supposed to be enjoyable. If don't like it, something is wrong.

Jamboor had been kind this day. Tork had found plenty of roots to eat, and had found a clear stream from which to drink. Water was not beer – even disgusting human beer – but it was still something to drink. Tork also managed to snare two rabbits which were currently roasting over the fire, fat dripping from the meat to fall sizzling into the coals. There was a small pot of soup sitting near the edge of the fire at a slow boil. The aroma from the combination was wonderful.

Tork sat idly by the fire whittling a piece of wood as he did every night. It was taking the shape of an animal this time – a horse that he happened to pass on the way down the road. He and the traveler had eyed each other warily, but nothing came of it. It wasn't likely, given that Tork had a rather large battle axe at his hip and looked more than prepared to use it, and the horseman was armed with a sword. They decided to give each other a wide berth, a fair idea in that case.

Tork had made camp early, as he did most days. He was in no hurry, with no real destination. Jamboor was a slow-moving god who had few demands that were short term. There was little for him to worry about for now, so he just wandered. His wanderings took him to interesting places where he met some interesting people and drank some atrocious alcohol. Little could compare to dwarven beer, but everybody already knew that.

Tork pulled the roasting critters off the fire after putting the finishing touches on his miniature horse and setting it aside. He did the same with the soup before standing and stretching his stout bones. He began rummaging though his back when he spied a figure down the road. It was then that Jamboor spoke to him ”My first task for you is to fight this man. You will test him and show him the ways of this world. Do not kill him – that is not my wish.”

That was an odd request from Jamboor, but Tork would obey. He hefted his double-headed axe and stepped out into the middle of the road. ”Greetings, traveler. What brings you to these parts?”

(This is the character I will be using)
Name: Tork Steadyhand
Class: Mage (Novice)
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: Neutral
Inventory: Small Battleaxe
Gold: -5
Specials/Spells List: Metal Spike, Rock Slam, Steel Rain
Skills List: Natural Talent, War Priest, True Grit
Biography: Tork Steadyhand is a dwarf priest of Jamboor who is on a pilgrimage for his god.
Physical Description:
--Height: 4'6''
--Weight: 160lbs
--Eyes: Grey
--Hair: Black
--Skin: Brown
--Special Markings: No special markings are clearly visible.
--Special Traits: Tork has a natural talent for magic that is normally not present in the dwarvish population.
--Dress: Tork wears deep brown trousers with a lighter brown shirt accented with tan cuffs, and brown boots.
Spells Description:

Metal Spike: The mage causes surrounding debris to gather before him, then compacts it to form a large metal spike. It takes 1 post to form; He can either hold onto it and use it as a clumsy weapon or blast it at an opponent dealing damage similar to a crossbow bolt.[Earth, Weak/Slow/Magic] 2x per battle

Rock Slam: The mage raises a small rock in front of them, and proceeds to blast an at their opponent. While it causes only minor blunt damage and some knockback, this spell can be used several times. [Earth, Weak/Fast/Magic] 4x per battle

Steel Rain: Bringing up shards of metal from the earth, the mage then fires a large screen of sharp projectiles at their opponent. It's difficult to dodge and yields damage similar to thrown glass [Earth, Medium/Medium/Magic] 2x per battle
--Bonus:If the mage also knows Metal Spike, it contains a few larger shards that can shred leather, though this effect is rare.
--Bonus:If the mage also knows Rock Slam, it also contains some large chunks of earth that deal minor knockback

Skills Description:
(Earth Element specialization)
Natural Talent: Tork has had a natural talent for magic from a very young age. He is particularly attuned with the element of earth and the strength of his earth spells is greater as a result. This affords Tork a moderate boost to his earth-based spells.

War Priest: Tork has been trained as a war priest for his clan. The role of the war priest is simple – to call upon the blessings of one's god in the heat of battle to turn the tide. With his proficiency in magic, Tork needed no real training with magic. Instead, he was taught to use weapons in battle, and as such is more proficient than the average mage with the axe.

True Grit: A blessing sent down from Jamboor, Tork's skin is gritty and rough. Blades do not slide as easily through his flesh as they would the flesh of others, and as such he is afforded a minor resistance to slashing damage.


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