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 Post subject: Enter Exile (Nizel's TB)
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:19 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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-Battles are fought in turns, you post after a response.
-Fighting happens in "real time"; meaning you can, if you wish, go back in time a little to describe actions and things you do before any attack the opposition lands (within reason)
-Be as descriptive as you can. More information makes for better battles.
-Do not ever control your opponent's character (or pets) in any way.
-Characters are, typically, allowed two actions per post: One defensive action and one offensive action. Regardless of whether you were attacked or not, you may only attack once per post.
-You can only use 1 special/spell per turn (you can use multiple skills per turn, but only 1 special per turn). Specials that have an effect on your opponent count as your one offensive action.
-Try to be fair in both your attacks as well as your dodges. Getting hit every now and then is not the end of the world, and deepens your character. (And makes battles more interesting)
-A minimum of 2 paragraphs (though more are desirable!)
-No "unblockable" attacks. There's always something, somewhere that can happen.
-Be creative, use the world around you to your advantage!
-Use a spell checker, or a program that helps with punctuation. It can't hurt...and can generally help your posts become more readable.
-Have fun!!! Battles are supposed to be enjoyable. If you don't like it, something is wrong.

It was a beautiful day on the edge of the lake; it was warm, the sun was high, the sky not crowded with too many clouds, and the peaceful lake waters reflected the trees just on the other end. James sat on the peninsula like land that stood between the southernmost point of the lake and its southern river. It was the perfect spot to compliment the perfect day, even more so for the mind in search of answers. So many things have happened to him since his defeat in the preliminary match of The King of Darkness, and there were many things to consider and dwell upon before his next course of action was chosen. He found he was able to at least settle his mind here, if not sort it out. Despite the company he had shared this day, a small green creature known as a goblin. He had seen these creatures before, but only as servants or slaves, never a stray one wandering the landscape. He found it strange he was able to tolerate his presence and bear small talk with the creature, but the goblin’s profession was akin to his own, Mage.

His new friend, Nizel, was a water mage, forced to practice alone in secret but recently discovered; the outcast was without a trainer, not unlike his own study of magic. Both had been forced to teach themselves the art in which they employed, and thus he felt a small bound between them. He had already decided a while ago to test this goblin’s ability, in a friendly manner of course, to see if the goblin could survive on his own. Very few goblins were able to make a name for themselves and be accepted into a society apart from their own, but if any goblin could adapt it would be on accustom to the use and manipulation of manna.

He had waited enough; they were well rested and fed from whatever encounters they had earlier in the day and both were ready for a test. James stood, brushing the stray grass from his pants he took a few steps away, leaving the goblin more to the edge of the peninsula and thus surrounded by water, although he was in no immediate danger of falling in. Turning back he looked at the goblin and adjusted his glasses before speaking.

“Little friend I would ask you to humor me in a display of manna; nothing too competitive, more a test on both or parts. Who knows, we could easily end up learning something from each other.”

He lifted his hand and focused on the center of his palm. Manna flew from his lungs, down his right arm and rested above his hand. Instantly he willed the manna to take shape and create a flame. The blaze floated just above his open palm. It was the size of a melon and required little energy or focus to maintain, he could hold the energy for a few minutes if he needed. He held the orb, waiting for Nizel to accept his challenge.

[Simple Torch + Area of Expertise: 3 Uses left. +1 Stress]

Post 1
1/6 Stress
(I always add this to the bottom of my posts as a reminder to myself and opponent)

Hubris of Humanity

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