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 Post subject: Unladylike Behaviour, Bar Brawl. (TM vs Open)
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:37 am 
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Can't wait for MWO
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(This event occurred on the way to Teranok following a few weeks after the events of:
It is not a requirement to have read the above topic but it gives some background to Katherine’s return to nobility and the events that lead her to be travelling. Enter how you like, however it would be out of character for Katherine to start a fight with a random person in a pub so it would help if your character had some incentive to start one.

Some notes to people who have not followed Katherine’s exploits (Which could explain why they want to fight her) She is now a retired assassin; she has done many things and killed many people. At the height of her career she was possessed by a dark spirit and slew many innocents that didn’t deserve to die. She was once a high up member of the Ministry of Silencing which split resulted in a civil war, many of the members died in the conflict and the eventual destruction of the assassin’s guild has gained her many enemies who allied themselves against her. Finally many of the great houses that fight for power behind the scenes dislike the Prince of Teranok taking an interest in Katherine; many see her and her family as a threat to their position. However you could just be nasty piece of work or drunken patron hitting on the wrong woman)


The Coach rolled on past field after field; farmland offered little in the way of interesting landscape. Katherine had long since grown bored of the confinement of the coach and had taken up residence on the roof near the driver. His concerned glances betrayed that he was worried about her falling off but Katherine had no such illusions, even in a fancy travelling dress and ridiculous healed shoes she had no fear of losing her footing she was too agile for that.

The cool breeze of an ending day, blew her loose hair behind her, she had not had it so long in years but her father was right it was time to start looking like a real noble woman. The wind was comforting and a smile brightened her face, it was good to be travelling again she bit her lip slightly thinking of her destination.

As the sun grew low a large tavern approached along the road. The Stallion’s Rest was a merchant’s tavern made rich by travellers from all walks of life stopping off on this large road. The Sign showed a white horse holding a pint with its owner. She told her driver to stop before climbing back into the carriage. Lilieth her new personal maid gave a slight start as her mistress landed hard on the seat across from her. She had had to grow accustomed to a lot in the recent weeks following her new employment.

“I wish you didn’t do that, My Lady” she finished almost as an afterthought. Katherine just laughed the woman was the best she had ever seen with all aspects of beauty from hair to dress fitting, she had become Katherine’s secret weapon in high society. “We are stopping the night at this Tavern” Kate announced cheerily. There were some protests and even more when Katherine insisted on them not asking for a private side room away from the riffraff.

The coach man looked even more uncomfortable in Katherine’s company than Lilith did. Katherine had forgotten how the social divide made her families staff uncomfortable with her openness. Eventually she ordered them away giving a pile of silver perhaps too big but told them to enjoy themselves she wished for some time alone. Secretly she would have loved the company but these people wouldn’t do, above all they saw her as their employer.

Katherine looked out of place at the bar, her green dress made for travelling but no less fancy fitted her perfectly. The men around her gave her appreciating looks but a cold glance with her icy eyes stopped any unwanted attention. The sleeves of the dress where generous and hid concealed demise very well under the right, the other sleeve had been made to mimic the shape by an expensive dress maker. Several young women who now saw Katherine as some sort of icon had taken it as all the new fashion and Katherine had smiled at their copies. Freedom had been left in the coach, not even a travelling dress would hide that long silver blade.

Katherine took another drink of her expensive wine noting the slight difference in the taste declaring it to be a cheap copy but smiled anyway. That was how the common man made a living off the rich after all.


(As a final note to anyone who takes this battle, I’ll try and post as soon as possible but may miss the three day rule a couple of times but will let you know if this is going to happen. Just so you know before you declare victory)

AKA - Boy Killa

Katherine Darksmith

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