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 Post subject: Re: Top of the Roof (BDF, Nuncia)
PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:02 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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To her great relief, the crowd let them through. Musalis could feel a strong sense of triumph well up inside her as she followed the path opening before her. Too bad she would have to leave right away, instead of taking time to savour that feeling. But then she had planned to do that anyway; there wasn't anything of interest here. Musalis looked back to see what Nuncia was doing, and just caught sight of her disappearing into the woods. She almost stopped short, but forced herself to keep moving. She mustn't show any sign of emotion in front of the villagers, especially not while they were surrounding her. But why would Nuncia run away without her, even while they were winning? Musalis had planned for them to leave town together, and keep each other with company until at least the next town. It was always more fun to travel with more people. And Nuncia needed a friend, that much was sure. So why did she run away?

Musalis was afraid that she was never get to know. In the woods, she had no chance to find Nuncia. And in a land as big as DI... well, the chances of running into each other again were small. No zero, but small. Lost in thought, Musalis hadn't even noticed that the path ended, and she was through the crowd. By some twist of fate it had led her straight to the wagon Ochre had gifted her. Musalis smiled remembering that. It was a nice gesture, though now that the battle was over, she had no use for it anymore. She had no horse, and if she did have one, she would ride instead of take a wagon, because that was faster. So she would just have to leave the wagon... randomly, she selected someone from the crowd.

"You there! I hereby give this wagon to you. Okay, bye."

And with those words, she turned, and walked away. She continued walking long after she had left the town behind.

(And that should end this battle. If a moderator could put this up to vote, we would be grateful.)

Map of DI

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