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Wolf Hunt (DTK)
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Author:  Yozshand [ Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  Wolf Hunt (DTK)

Tiam made a few strokes and thrusts with his newly made spear. It was a good weapon, and it was good of the weaponsmith to use his old spear for the shaft. The same had been done for his javelins, each receiving a new bladed tip and now resting comfortably in his harness. He thanked the smith and his apprentices and paid for the work with some ill-gotten coin before departing. He didn't even take anything from the smithy - that was how much he appreciated the work.

Back on the road again, it felt good to have proper steel at hand. He had felt uncomfortable with just wooden spears for weapons before, and he had suffered at the hands of an elf because of them. Yes, it was definitely nice to have a proper weapon again. As much as he loved the salt-scented planking of his old ship, he would have given it up in a second if it meant acquiring new gear - sentiment did little more than get you killed when you were traveling and stealing while searching for a purpose.

That was the thing that Tiam hated most about losing his ship. True, he hated losing all of his shipmates, his place of residence, and his source of income to spend on bouts of debauchery, but what he really hated was the sense of purposelessness. It was a strange feeling, being surrounded by people working toward a similar cause for so long working, toward a "common" goal, and then suddenly having all of that taken away and thrust out on your own with no aim and nobody but yourself to talk to. It was... disconcerting, and Tiam was still having a hard time sleeping because of it.

He yawned at the thought of his lack of sleep and wiped a hand over his face. His cheeks hadn't seen a razor in nearly three days and he hadn't gone out of his way to acquire one yet. Perhaps he should have had the smith or one of his apprentices make one, but that would have cost money that he didn't currently have. That was what he would do, he would find a traveler, or a pair of travelers, on the road and take them for all they were worth. That would yield some money at least, perhaps even enough for a razor aside from the usual amenities of a hot meal, a mug of ale, and a decent wench to warm his bed. Once he got to the next town, of course.

The day was still young as he set out from the moderately-sized town on foot, left leg twinging from the wound that still hadn't completely healed. He could have stayed for a few more days, made some more coin from stealing, but he felt as if he needed to keep moving, that if he stopped moving he would just settle down and spend the rest of his days as an urchin. Besides, there wasn't much money to be made by stealing in such a town. It was a land-locked thing built next to a small lake, a pond really, with no rivers out on the way to Vallandar. That was always a good place to be. One could always find work there if they knew the right people, and Tiam was confident that he still had a few contacts left after the fiery battle and the explosion that had laid waste to a fair portion of the city a few years back. They were still rebuilding, so it was a great place to go.

The road was the same well-traveled, hard-packed dirt that he had been following for the last three days. He figured that if he kept up a solid pace and ate while he walked, he would likely be through the forest looming further down the road by nightfall.

(I've left a lot of options available for the location and time of the fight. A fight in the forest will take place sometime after midday, around 2pm, if that's where you want to fight).

Author:  dtknight345 [ Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:54 am ]
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The wind was making a low whistle while I ran. It was the greatest feeling I had felt yet. The need to run, that was all I felt. The earth under my feet, the clouds over my head, the path I was following was a game trail. Elfin was close on my heels, his breathe showing as a slight smoky essence in the morning air. We were hunting. Our supplies had grown low since we last felled the young buck who was to foolish to notice our presence. We left our little imprints in the dirt we called camp in search of our latest find, a forest. We had coaxed the information out of a traveling merchant. Avoiding the road because we felt that our kind was not welcome in normal human society, we opted for a less-traveled game trail.

It had only been a week since the devastation of their pack, leaving the images and sounds resonating through Irhinn’s brain like some ill-wrought song upon the populace. They had gone hunting, just as they were now. They brought back a massive buck; it would feed nearly the whole pack for the day. They returned, the buck dragged by its haunches, to the most utterly death-filled scene Irhinn had ever seen. Bodies lay scattered throughout the entire clearing his pack had called home. They sat, raised their heads and howled a long, loud scream of sorrow. Their hearts heavy, they lined the dead and buried them, a daunting task that took them most of the week. Under a silent agreement, they decided to not spend the night in the clearing.

Now, I found myself running through the brush as they finished running through the meadow the game trail skirted around. I ran headlong into the woods. I did not stop save once to smell the air. It smelled of dirt grime and treachery. ’I wonder what that smell is.. it almost smells similar to the scents left at the our pack’s clearing.’ I looked over at Elfin, who had dropped to a crouch sniffing the air, a silent snarl painted on his face. He had smelt it too. I thought quickly trying to think of what we should do, but the only thing that came to mind was vengeance, and suddenly an overwhelming sense of anger and the need to hurt overcame me. I knew what I was going to do.

I took a good look around me. I stood in a small circular clearing around 15 meters in diameter. It was here that the road met the game trail, and where both were coincidentally the most worn. I was still in human form, as I found encounters with humans went better if I wasn’t a ravenous wolf looking for a meal for the day. Surrounding the clearing was a large gathering of evergreens, about 15 feet tall and wide enough that two men wouldn’t touch arms if they hugged the trunk. The branches were too high to climb, and there wasn’t enough brush in the clearing to suffice an ambush. A plan started to form in my head, but I was unsure. If this great evil that was approaching was even slightly experienced in combat, he would know what was about to happen. All the I could hope for was that he thought himself to good to be taken by it.

I looked at Elfin. He understood what needed to be done. He trotted to the right of Irhinn, and disappeared in the shadows of the itrees. I stood there, ready for confrontation, as I remember my ultimate purpose at this point and time was justice, not vengeance. I reviewed my lines in my head, making sure that they were not provactive beyond the nature of the conversation. I breathed in, and breathed out deeply. The sun looked to be just after midday, and I heard the rustling of the bushes and the crunch of twigs as the scent grew stronger and the Evil One grew closer. I prepared myself. Today was likely to be a grim day.

Author:  Yozshand [ Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:08 pm ]
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(Hmmm... first person, interesting. Be careful though, you might find it difficult to explain some attacks with that writing perspective. Also be careful when you're explaining your pet's movements in relation to yourself, you used "Irhinn" instead of "me". Just a little thing, but I felt that disrupted the first part of your last paragraph. Glad to see that you've become a much better writer.)

It was a little past midday when Tiam passed into the evergreen clearing that seemed oddly out of place in the deciduous-dominated forest. It had the look of a holy place, perhaps used long ago by elves or other forest dwellers before man came and cut a swath through the forest for a road. The trees were old, that much was undeniably clear, and they seemed to give off an air of wisdom that any millenium-old elf would have been jealous of.

Of course, almost all of this was lost on Tiam. He only had eyes for the nearly-naked boy that was standing at the edge of the road with a particularly angry gleam in his eyes. The kid - that's undoubtedly what he was - looked as if he was just running through the woods and had been rolling in the dirt recently. At the very least, he wasn't an elf, but he lived like one. Perhaps he was raised by elves, or by wolves - was there a difference? Or maybe he was just one of those feral things that left home for one reason or another and eked out a living in the woods. Oddly, the boy didn't look starved and appeared to be at least marginally healthy; the kid might have been Tiam ten years ago.

Tiam suddenly became very wary. That WAS him ten years ago. He had done something very similar with his bandit crew to draw in a group of traveling women. The poor things didn't even know what was going on until it was too late.

Tiam would not be caught so unawares. He immediately drew a pair of javelins from his harness, leaving his spear secured for the moment, and eyed the trees more closely. They would have been rather hard to climb, and the area wasn't very ideal for an ambush, but there could still be men hiding behind the large trunks of the trees. There, a flash of the eyes... then it was gone. Was he imagining things?

"Look kid, if you want to live you'll just go back and wait for the next traveler to come by. I know what you're doing here and I promise that I'll take you with me." He eyed the trees warily, looking for movement, "Go on kid, you want no part of me." He stood there, one javelin in an outstretched hand, the other poised over his shoulder, ready to throw if the kid did anything suspicious. The birds had gone silent at the sound of his voice - there wasn't a peep to be heard. No bird call signals, no movement... was this an ambush?

Author:  dtknight345 [ Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:22 am ]
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(I have to apologize for that. Night insisted on talking to me while I wrote it.. and well.. yeahh it took longer than it should have. Also, if I write anything that seems unusually unfair outside of my skills limit please message me and I will accommodate. There’s a lot of room for description with it.)

I watched as the Evil One entered into the clearing. He was an average man of average weight, but he smelled of salt and too much sun, a distinct characteristic I knew you only gained when you had been out to sea for too long. The murderers of my pack smelled almost the same exact way, although this man had more of a tint of earth in it. He had short brown hair that looked thin, and the rest of his body was covered in a tan hide. He had a scar on his chin that appeared to be from a small knife. Self inflicted or otherwise, I knew this man had some experience with blades.

The thought of blades brought me to study his equipment. He hadn’t much, but I could definitely tell the man loved big sticks. ‘How befitting for him to be taken by two dogs.’ And an almost unobservable smile crept onto my face at the thought. However it appeared the man had five lightweight throwing spears and one heavier, but just as lethal steel-tipped spear. These were housed on his back, which was covered by a medium-thickness leather carcass shaped to his body. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to shred it, I had done it a hundred times over after hunting, my razor sharp teeth and claws helping to puncture and rip the leather hides of deer and sometimes cattle, if we were feeling lucky enough to chance against a human with bow and arrow or sword.

It was obvious this man wasn’t used to difficult combat, or even that of one of mine own nature. He was used to throwing his spears and not getting his hands dirty, I could see from the way he took care of himself; I could always tell a lot about a person from how they took care of themselves. So my solution was an obvious one, get inside his defense quick and make the armor and range of his weapons useless. But I knew it would not be as easy as I hoped. The spear could kill me as easily as a hot knife ran through butter if I pounced or sprang at him from a run, as well as a throw of that javelin may as well run me straight through if I didn’t pay enough attention to it. So no, I would not advance upon him as a harmless rabbit.

I quickly thought of a new plan, as I remembered to confront him first. I approached him. As I approached, he drew two of his throwing-spears, one in each hand. It was almost unnoticeable, but his weight shifted slightly to the arm he had just cocked back. A snarled began to form on my face. I had not wanted to fight, at least this early. It was better for me to confront him first and give him a peaceful option, as was my good nature. But he drew his weapons, and I drew none as I owned none, but instead I stopped, planting him feet shoulder-width apart in a base that was strong yet offered a good amount of mobility.

I had originally started out at the edge of the clearing, where the game trail and road converged, with the man approaching in front of me, he stopped nearly two meters into the clearing, allowing the distance between them to settle at a comfortable thirteen meters, approximately. With my slow walk forward I closed another two meters. The distance was closing, as my chest grew nearer the tip of his spear. The tip seemed to draw my attention in somehow, and it dawned on me that this man was perhaps not as he seemed, but much more than that, possibly infinitely powerful underneath his wary cloak of suspicion and experience. Besides his outward shell, I had to believe he had some conscience and not just a psychopathic murderer that sated his unnatural thirst for blood on my family I call my pack. I rethought my strategy, made sure it left me many more openings if this man showed more power than I previously thought.

Eleven meters. That was all that stood between my bare skin and this man who had caused me a great deal of pain. ‘I believe he did, anyways.’ I thought afterwards. Eleven meters was a comfortable amount of space to launch a javelin. It was a lethal distance, perhaps so even for one of my speed, for it left almost no room to dodge or escape the trajectory of the projectile. I had to close the distance to within five meters. At least then I would have a chance of reaching him without extensive harm from one of his many pointy sticks.

Each stick was roughly one and three quarter meters, with a rather sharp steel tip at the end of one side. It was enough to warrant my caution, of that I am certain. While the one balanced in his hand over his shoulder bobbed with the man’s breath, I noticed him breathe a little deeper than normal and present me with a voice for the man. "Look kid, if you want to live you'll just go back and wait for the next traveler to come by. I know what you're doing here and I promise that I'll take you with me” It was his next movement that I considered the most. He seemed to avert his gaze into the trees, as if to catch sight of something previously seen. I could not help but to guess that the light had caught Elfin’s eyes. If so, the man was now privy to my plan.

"Go on kid, you want no part of me."

“I beg to differ.” I said, speaking for the first time since I encountered this man of great evil. “You see, retreat is not in the cards for today. Unfortunately you have caused me a great deal of pain from the evil you or your friends have committed.”

I slipped a little closer, closing in another meter.

“I am leaving you with an option. Come quietly. I’ll see to it you are treated nicely. I cannot allow you to progress otherwise.”

My voice lowered to an almost whisper, though it was deafening in the silence of the forest. Not even a bird peeped, it seemed. I found that the most sickening and disturbed way to relay a threat was to whisper it. If you could command the respect and silence of another, the threat was multiplied in magnitude. I readied myself for what seemed the inevitable, for, if he could draw his weapons on an innocent unarmed bystander, he will most likely attack at confrontation.


As soon as Elfin cleared the first layers of trees, he bound off at a fast trot, giving the events behind him enough time to elapse and for him to get the distance he needed for himself to be effective as effective as possble. As soon as he had traveled a good distance, he turned a hard left, scattering a large amount of birds. Suddenly the earth went into dead silence and his great ears allowed him to listen to the conversation. He heard nothing yet. So he kept going, circling around the clearing.

He chanced a glance at the Evil One, and came close to the clearing’s edge. He could see him just as he entered. He looked in the vicinity of Elfin, and he felt the man had seen him, for he glanced wearily as if he had seen a specific shine that gave away a weapon… or animal. He stood stock still, even halting his breath just a little, bringing his lolling tongue back into his mouth. The man passed on. Elfin caught sight of the spears on his back. He didn’t think much of it, for there was no way for him to alert Irhinn. He retreated into the forest.

He circled around for another few meters and sniffed. He smelled the man, the familiar scents from the devastated pack den. He slowly padded to the edge of the clearing, keeping much closer to the thicker trees than the clearing this time. He could make out the Evil One, holding two spears with glinting metal tips; he was directly behind him. Then in front of him stood Irhinn. The brave boy had advanced slightly. It looked as if the boy was awaiting an answer. Elfin sat back on his haunches and bided his time. He took note that he was about four meters from the clearing edge, with the Evil one only two meters from the edge of the clearing.

(mmm mmm mm. That was a helluva lotta fun to write. Yes, I like first person. I based this character on me. So it made sense to write in first. I felt describing what Elfin felt and saw was unique and had not been done before.)

Author:  Yozshand [ Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:17 am ]
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Movement this time, in the shadows of the firs - probably an animal not wanting any part of the humans in the clearing. "The hell are you going on about kid?" Tiam was perplexed. Was he being mistaken for someone else? The last he knew, he hadn't set foot outside of a port in the last six years until now. Perhaps this one held a grudge from before? Maybe, but not likely. Either way, he didn't look happy, and his slow advance was certainly meant to be threatening. He was doing a poor job at being threatening, and Tiam was becoming increasingly sure that this was not some sort of bandit ambush.

If it was they would have done it already - at least one of them would have a crossbow, and Tiam had been standing still for long enough to provide a perfect target. So, if that wasn't it, what was the kid's game? He was doing a poor job at being threatening - how could one be threatened by a boy with no weapons but his hands and no covering but his own skin? What did the kid plan to do, throttle him? Perhaps that was why he was advancing slowly while keeping him preoccupied with talk - get inside the spears and he would 'win'.

The number of people who had died assuming that folly could not be counted on his fingers and toes combined. True, against the average foot soldier that was the case, but Tiam had learned long ago to be versatile in the way that he held his weapon. Such was the way of the agile skirmisher, which Braytz revealed was his profession in the army before deserting to find his fame and fortune as a bandit. Harrying the flanks and picking off soldiers not quite fast enough, and surprising them by getting inside their sword with a spear. That - Braytz said - was one of the best looks of shock one could observe.

Tiam followed that advice now, letting his grip on the javelin in his left hand slide upward from a half-staff to a quarter-staff grip. It was his preferred grip for his left hand - it gave greater control and a much better close-in game than a half-staff throwing grip. Besides, it was easy enough to reset the grip to throw if he needed to.

"I am leaving you with an option. Come quietly. I’ll see to it you are treated nicely. I cannot allow you to progress otherwise.” His voice was a whisper, barely carrying over the space. Perhaps he thought that would make him scarier? Tiam had truly been scared by that tactic a few times. This was not one of those times - the boy had nothing but a breechclout! The men that had scared the pirate by whispering had been far better and skilled than him, at the time.

"PHAW! Look kid, I'm not sure who you think you are exactly, but I won't be going anywhere with you. Now, I'll tell you again - go back and lay your ambush for the next traveler to come down the road, one that is more likely to be intimidated. I've been doing what you are now for nearly as long as you've been alive, boy, so let me be frank: You're doing it wrong." Tiam nodded at him, "Last chance. Take another step and you die."

He fell silent as the gave the ultimatum, taking in a deeper breath than normal. If the kid moved he would let his javelin fly. The throw would be aimed at the stomach - a slow and painful death, but one that the kid deserved if he didn't stop being an idiot and backed down. In the kid's position, Tiam mused, he would have backed down. Pride was not worth dying so stupidly over.

(I've set up an attack here that will be executed the moment you step forward. If you don't step forward the attack will be null)

Author:  dtknight345 [ Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:08 am ]
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(The events seem outlandish, but were allowed via PM.)

"Last chance. Take another step and you die." Were the only words I heard about this desperate man’s speech. He might not have been afraid, but he knew I wouldn’t of confronted him if I wasn’t in the very least confident about my abilities. He obviously didn’t want a fight.. or my death on his conscience. Either way, my hand had been played and events were forced into action.

“The die has been cast and the rest is up to fate..” I said, my voice trailing off.

The next events happened in a blur of motion, so that I’m not quite too sure of what happened. First, I remember thinking that this was it. It was my time for vengeance. Something nagged at my conscience, though. I had never killed a human before. I had killed animals before, sure, but none of them were sentient beings that thought and felt and had a possible exciting future. I struggled to deal with this. I concluded that it was only right that I killed this man in human form. So I broke off at a full sprint towards the man. As soon as my foot left the ground the second time, the man launched his javelin with a horrid form that made me consider if he really was experienced in combat.

His feet stayed in the same exact position, his weight shifted considerably though. His arm moved backwards in a throwing motion. The breathe escaped my lungs in slow motion as I took stock of what was happening. I kept running, full tilt now. I had closed in two of the ten meters that were left. The javelin was easily close to one and a half meters. If I kept running, the javelin would meet me at the six meter mark. It was my only course of action committed as I was. I watched as the inevitable happened, and the man’s muscle flexed, showing his strength at throwing the javelin. The javelin left his hands fast, but not as fast as I had originally thought; probably because he wasn’t using good form. Now, the javelin would meet me at five meters.

I kept plugging along. The javelin sped towards me, an instrument of death, homing in on its eager victim. I took good note of the man’s hand as it slid right back onto his back, grasping the much thicker spear. It was an obvious defense that made perfect sense to me, and it explained the defective form. I had to act quick. I watched the javelin speed toward me, and the perfect plan formed in my head. I took a small step sideways, shifting me out of the javelin’s death trajectory and allowing me to feel comfortable in my speed. As I neared six meters, I prepared myself for my ingenious plan. At five meters, when the javelin should have impacted with my oblique, I thrust my hand at a diagonal angle which was viewed as a blur due to my unnatural speed.

My eyes opened wide. I let in a swift breath that filled my lungs shallowly. Immense relief came as I held the javelin in my hand, backwards. I was at four and a half meters running full tilt. I brought it around to hold in front of me like a barricade or pole. At four meters exactly the second phase of my plan was about to be executed. I felt my muscles bunch up, preparing for this sudden burst of immense speed. I exerted a distinctly reckless amount of energy moving my legs faster, pumping them at a blur. It made me run so much faster than normal, I closed in the distance to the man in not much more than a second. I held the javelin’s oak shaft out in front of me, barring myself hopefully from harm. I kept running even when I saw impact was inevitable, as it was phase two. I kept running as fast as I could. [Wolf-like Agility]

If this attack proved to work, the man should be knocked on the floor with me on top of him, the wind escaping from his lungs, as the javelin was aimed right at the diaphragm. Aside from probable bruising, it would give me the ample amount of time to improvise from there. I had no real weapons, and the javelin I held wouldn’t do much more than allow me to better defend myself. Grappling was my best option. I really hoped he was not more than he appeared.

Author:  Yozshand [ Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:56 pm ]
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The kid stepped forward so Tiam made good on his promise. The problem was that, somehow, the kid was WAY faster than the pirate had expected. With blurring speed the kid stepped to the side and snagged the javelin right out of the air, appropriating it for himself - MID STRIDE! That wasn't very good - now the kid had a weapon of his own, and Tiam had given it to him! What a piss off. Not only that, but he didn't even break stride and was still running toward him at great speed. The lack of a pause hadn't given Tiam the time to set his grip on his spear properly, so it was just about as effective as a javelin right now... Could things get any worse?

The only blessing appeared to be that the boy had no idea how to use that javelin properly. He was charging forward with the blunt end toward Tiam - apparently not understanding that the deadly end was the other one. Did he even understand what metal was? Probably, but it wasn't likely that he understood what to do with it even so. That 'understanding' of his opponent gave Tiam some solace and he understood right away what he had to do.

The charge was head-long and quick, so quick that he wouldn't be able to stop in time. Tiam had entertained the idea of throwing himself at the child and using his superior weight to halt the charge, but the acquisition of the pole caused him to change his tactic considerably. Instead of simply throwing himself head-long into the wild boy, he would throw himself shoulder-first into the child. Was was the difference? Well, not much, but the lowered profile would prevent the pole of the javelin from striking home against his chest. Tiam had to admit that it wasn't the best of his plans, but time was too short to even bother with thinking about anything else.

Against a slower opponent he might have dropped down and swung at their legs with his spear, but he didn't have the time nor the proper grip to do so. If he attempted that he would likely just end up with a knee to the face - not a pleasant prospect. Tiam knew that he wasn't all that handsome to begin with, so he needed to preserve what good looks he did possess....

No more thinking. Tiam crossed his spear across his body as he turned and lowered his shoulder, the tip of the weapon about three inches past his offending shoulder. He crossed the javelin the other way, keeping the point well clear of his vitals. Incidentally, the cross left the butt of his own javelin extending forward past the spear tip higher up on his arm. In the end he had more or less adopted the same poor tactic as the child, though hopefully his would be much more effective. He pushed off with all of his might

The butt of the javelin - Tiam's javelin - struck hard on the bandit's left arm and glanced to the side, crossing by his body as the pirate plunged forward. The strike hurt and would leave a very nasty bruise, one that would likely effect his ability to use his left arm until he stopped being a sissy. In the end, Tiam and the kid would clash violently and probably land at a stalemate. While it was true that the pirate was heavier, he didn't have nearly the inertia that the kid did. In fact, Tiam would still likely end up being bowled over, but the little bugger would be much worse for the wear if that was the case. He intended to give the kid a face-full of shoulder before he went down.

(Javelins Remaining, 4)

Author:  dtknight345 [ Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:47 pm ]
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I ran, inhaling and exhaling in a smooth rhythm. Wind rushed past my ears, alerting me to the speed at which I was running. The grace, the serenity, and the utmost beauty of nature I represented. As beautiful as I may have appeared, my intents were ugly. I wanted blood. I wanted this man before me to feel excrutiating pain as I ripped him limb from limb, drank his blood, and defiled his corpse in the most disrespectful way possible, string him up in front of a city gate with a message written in blood. Sanctuary has come. My wolf's blood ran thick in my veins at this moment. My bloodlust was such that only an animal could understand, for it was the most basic emotion anybody can feel, one that many sentient beings had lost sight of.

My feelings were that of true anger. An anger one only felt when my entire being had been stripped from mr. This is the extent of the suffering I have endured. Can YOU imagine your entire society and culture being stripped from you? I think not. Those past few weeks were the hardest time of my life yet. But this man, he would be my reprieve, he would be my drug that would cure my illness of lost identity. That is why I felt the insane bloodlust I now felt as I barreled towards this man. The javelin I held in both hands had the blunt end towards him. It was a blow not meant to kill but to disable. At the speed I was moving, the javelin would cause quite a bit of internal damage, and possible internal bleeding. The man would be knocked on his rumpus, and I would land on top and have him at my prey as I had several other animals before this.

I was in my element. I was on the hunt. (+5 cool points to who gets this reference) I was bounding towards my target, a harmless rabbit without defense... until the rabbit suddenly caught on to my plan and turned into a porcupine. He seemed to extend his shoulder towards me, and push his javelin's point out several inches above it, and the butt end of his spear even further than that. He did not have a great grip on his spear, because of the time involved, however I could almost guarantee he would drop it with a sharp strike to the wrist. I however wasn't worried about the objects he used to ward me off. I wanted blood and I would have it. As I felt the javelin's butt connect with his left arm, a smirk was summoned to my face, a look of extreme rage. My nose connected with the man's left clavicle and I felt a convincing crush as my nose was smashed back into my face. A blinding pain overcame me for a fraction of a moment before it settled to a sharp ache. I was aware of the sensation of falling, and felt my stomach land on something hard, almost winding him.

I opened my eyes to see me sprawled on top of the man. I tasted blood and saw blood drip onto the man's brown leather armor. I felt dizzy. The other man however didn't seem to be fazed by my attack at all, and that pissed me off. My rage turned into battle-rage, and my bloodlust became an addiction, his blood a substance I needed to taste. I couldn't control it. I felt my bones forming and shaping and I was well aware of the brownish red colored fur that sprouted from my skin. I felt my face extend and my senses of smell and hearing became enhanced beyond that of a normal human's. I was acutely aware of my surroundings, based only on natural instinct. My rage took on a life of its own. The beast inside had been released and for the first time in my life, I felt sorry for the prey. The man wasn't likely to survive this encounter, and my belly would be full with his flesh. [Woodland Wolf]

I wanted to flay this man's skin and rip into him. I wanted to feel his skin part as my newly found claws pressed into him, ripping sinewy tendons and muscles, grafting bone. I wanted to hear this man scream as no man had ever screamed. He would suffer over twenty deaths in one. And I did just that. I snapped at his neck, my large canines glinting in the sunlight. The attack's speed was heightened by my better developed muscles, making it move at the same unbelievable speed as before. [Wolf-like Agility] I aimed just at his trachea, even a glancing blow would leave him with a debilitating tracheotomy, leaving him gasping for breath, unable to properly control his breathing as he could not seal his airways closed. He would lay there, breathing slowly as blood filled his lungs with every breath. Of course, I could always turn him over and allow him to cough it out so I may sink my claws into him and drag out his physical pain before I began to besiege him in a mental battle that would break his sanity.

Unfortunately my transformation did not get rid of the injuries I had sustained, as I had hoped. Instead, my nose lay flat, lifeless and dripping blood. I hadn't noticed it in the confusion of the grapple that had just occurred, but I had received quite a nasty scratch on my shoulder, as when we collided, the man's spear shifted and made a slight puncturing of the skin. Blood trickled down and matted my new fur, making it wet, hot, and sticky.

Woodland Wolf Used, infinite posts remaining.
Sprint and Adrenaline Rush unlocked

Wolf-like Agility Used

Author:  Yozshand [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wolf Hunt (DTK)

The crunch that a nose makes when it breaks was like music to Tiam's ears as he drove his shoulder forcefully into the boy's face. Tiam's spear had passed less than an inch from the younger's cheek, and the butt of his javelin had glanced clumsily off the kid's hip to no ill effect. That was alright though, he had done the damage that he intended and taught the kid that speed wasn't everything - a strategic counterattack could easily put an end to any charge no matter how furious. Of course, his counterattack wasn't all that strategic - it was one that had been developed in his early days of brawling with boys on the street and he had won some degree of respect when he left an older boy's nose smeared half across his face. The only difference now was that there were pointy bits involved.

The Tiam saw the problem only a moment after the crushing of the boy's nose - he hadn't stopped the charge as expected. That left him in a very precarious situation that landed him on his right shoulder which quickly turned into his back. The impact hurt, but not much. The fall was in a manner that let the meat of his arm hit the ground after having the fall slowed, even slightly, by the butt of the spear digging into the ground. Not that Tiam was worried about his arm at the moment... what he had set out to prevent had come to pass anyway, but there was blood on his leather that wasn't his own, so the situation wasn't all bad.

Not all bad... but still pretty bad. The bandit's arms were pinned solidly under him, and as long as the kid decided to lay there he was well and truly screwed. He had been taught one time how to get a man off of him in this sort of situation, but the knowledge flew from his mind in momentary panic. He knew that the boy had a weapon and saw his life flash before his eyes. He heaved upward with the strength in his right arm to no avail - his left arm crying in protest from the newly forming wound. He took in his breath to scream at the kid...

And that was when he started to sprout fur. FUR! The change happened so quickly that Tiam almost didn't register the weight lifting off of his chest. He saw only the boy's face becoming the elongated muzzle of a wolf and fur sprouting from the length of his body as it too changed. "Holy shit!" Tiam cried as he heaved upward once more, even more desperate to get the shape-changer off of him. The timing was lucky, too, because the boy lunged at Tiam's neck, aiming to rip out his throat only a moment after that.

The boy-wolf was still unnaturally quick, almost impossibly so, and Tiam didn't escape injury. As he was lifted off the wolf's teeth raked the left side of Tiam's face, opening up a nice gash along the line of his jaw and the lower portion of his cheek. Luckily the teeth were halted by the bone and didn't actually manage to rip into his mouth - that would have been one hell of a mess if they did.

The bandit threw the wolf-boy off to the right with all of his strength. His wolf form was considerably lighter than his human form allowing Tiam to cast him a good eight feet to land on his side in the dirt off the side of the path. He scrambled to his feet as quickly as he could, his jaw oozing blood from the new tear. That was going to be a bitch to get fixed and would not doubt require a fair number of stitches. It was still only a flesh wound though, nothing debilitating.

The kid had shown his power, and now that the wolf and it's snapping jaws were not on top of him, Tiam was decently sure that he would come out of this alive. He knew that canines had very sensitive hearing, much more sensitive than humans, which meant that his shouting abilities would no doubt be more effective. Couple that with the fact that he was carrying a spear - a weapon designed first and foremost for the hunt - and he held a solid advantage.

Now all he needed to deal with was the kid's speed.

Tiam flexed his left arm and winced as he set his stance and gripped his spear properly. The bruise was pretty deep and would no doubt hinder his ability to throw - that was fine, he doubted that he would be throwing javelins much this fight anyway. As he settled his stance his foot brushed against something on the ground - the javelin that he had first thrown had apparently been discarded when the kid had changed. That was definitely for the better, since it would prevent him from shifting out and stabbing him suddenly.

Yes, things would turn out just fine.

Author:  dtknight345 [ Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wolf Hunt (DTK)

I felt that awkward feeling of being out of control, but I did not panic. I knew I was being thrown, I knew that I would land. The only thing that mattered in the world anymore, was that this man was going to bleed. And I was going to drink it, bathe in it. Cleanse my evils in the blood of my victim today. Nature is not very forgiving, but I did not care. My battle-rage was fearsome. Even as weak as I was, I still was a terrible opponent. This man was the only thing standing in my way, preventing vengeance. He was going to be dead within the hour. That, I was sure of, if I was ever sure of anything, being the wild spirit I was.

As I felt my weight being heaved up, I felt my teeth sink into the man's epidermal sheathe. The euphoric feeling I experienced was a high like no other. I was more than blood drunk. I was possessed. The need for this man's blood was that of a man's need for poppy seed. It was beyond controllable. I felt ashamed, yet at the same time I could not stop myself. It was like my heartbeat, unstoppable, except for outside sources. The only way I was going to quit this fight was if I was dead and my brains scattered in the clearing. I watched as my animal self crouched, snarling, licking my lips, tasting the blood, and loving it. Feeling ecstasy at the iron in my mouth was just the start. The sight of his exposed mouth was as much eye candy as a woman at the corner after a hard night's drink. I just couldn't get enough.

A small bit of flesh floated into my mouth from my fur. I went bat-shit crazy. I barked, growled, and snarled. My paws dug at the ground. I was eight feet away. As I couldn't control the animosity represented in my wolf self, I could control the strategy portion of my being. I willed myself not to charge. To bide my time, to look for weaknesses in his defense. To believe that to survive long enought o win was just as good as drinking his blood. I felt the drunkenness abate and I started to regain control. I started to circle around to the original directions we were facing. I knew what should be done. I came to a stop as I was now two and a half meters away from him, but following the same path that I originated from. Elfin was just behind him. Ready to pounce. Ready to rip into his flesh. Ready to die for our cause, for it was a noble one, because nature was always noble. Death was nature. Death was noble. Perhaps death is just the beginning.

I came back after a fraction of a second spent towards this tangent and redeemed the rewards of my efforts. As soon as I had hit the spot and steadied myself, Elfin came running out of the bushes at full tilt, fur blowing in the wind, making him seem larger than he really was. He kept silent to try and avoid the man's attention. As soon as I saw him I began to rush at the man as well, letting out a loud high pitched growl. We were two points equidistant from the center of our universe; that was what this fight seemed. A small universe, with only us involved, where nothing else mattered. I kept focus.

I saw every detail with a certain acuteness that one only gets when he is in the middle of a physical struggle. This man had the better physique, but I hoped I had the upperhand in surprise. I was going to force him to fight a two-front battle, one of the hardest to win. They are easily lost, one cannot simply keep up with the attacks. Only a man encased in solid steel on all sides could avoid it for any extended length of time. And this man was most definately NOT shrouded in metal. Quite the contrary, he wore a light armor designed to maximize movement for the protection offered. And that was going to be the death of him. One cannot ward off nature with her own creation, for nature is everlasting, ever persistent, and it always wins in the end. Always. I made sure to remember that.

The wind blew and as Elfin and I gained on our target I began to slow, watching as Elfin's muscles bunched up, ready to jump at this man's back. He could use his claws to latch onto the leather armour and then from there go for the back of the neck, breaking the fragile vertebrae and pulling out the long, soft, string-like cord that existed within. The intent of their attacks were to kill. This man was about to be as good as dead. Elfin jumped. He soared through the air, and the whole event seemed to pass through slow motion as the adrenaline in my system began to reach the insane levels only wild animals knew. The adrenaline would keep him running for the remainder of the battle-hopefully.

Author:  Yozshand [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wolf Hunt (DTK)

The beast-boy went absolutely mad at the taste of blood, and Tiam was more than mildly appalled by the sight. The bestial sounds and gargling that came out of the wolf's mouth as he scrabbled at the ground were off-putting. The boy was more beast than human, despite the trappings of human skin that he had worn at the beginning of their confrontation. The two aspects of the boy seemed to be fighting amid that madness. One moment he would be making to charge froward, the next he was pulling back - the struggle within was shown by a struggle without.

Tiam took advantage of the brief lapse and put two more steps between himself and his opponent, kicking the javelin back as he did so. Distance would be a huge factor in this battle - reacting to his opponent's over-quick charges would be vital to surviving. Blood was running freely from the tear along his jawline down onto his leather. The wound wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. There was little in the way of flesh in that area when compared to the areas directly above and below - the most fortuitous spot for a wound to land if it had to land.

Two steps was all the bandit was allowed before the boy-wolf - was he a werewolf? - regained his composure and intelligence returned to those feral eyes. He began circling again, looking for an opening that wasn't there. Despite the boy's speed, he really had nothing else going for him. Dogs were too simple to fight - too linear with little ability to move to the side, especially when charging. Humans were infinitely better at skilled combat, but raw ferocity still had its merits - those that followed the Way of Rage were evidence enough of that.

The boy charged again, his claws scraping at the dirt of the road and kicking up puffs of dust behind his paws. There was something odd about it though - the sound of the charge was coming from behind as well. Different from the first, off in more ways than one. Where the first was rough and gravely with an incredible pace, the second was slow and soft like feet thudding against grass. Were it not for the wolf-boy's insanity a moment before Tiam may have dismissed the sound, but that outrage would have scared off any other animal in the vicinity. The boy had a friend.

Tiam hastily discarded his javelin. His normal approach to combat was best suited to fighting a single opponent. The braced grip of the spear prevented much in the way of motion, limiting his thrusts and cuts to a forward arc with the javelin handling the close-in work. Against two opponents that was not desirable - one had to be able to strike in any direction at a moment's notice, which was much better suited to a two-handed weapon.

"Remember," Braytz had said after completely crushing a training circle of five opponents "The spear is a staff first and a pointed weapon second. The staff is the most versatile and agile weapon of all - make good use of this and you will be successful". Where the man had learned what he did was beyond Tiam. Braytz always struck him as the sort of man that should have been training raw recruits, not criminals and bandits. He always had an air of nobility about him, not like the others that surrounded him, and yet he was the most ruthless of the bunch. An odd man.

Tiam made use of his former teacher's philosophy now. It was true that the spear was not nearly as well balanced as a staff, but that mattered little where Tiam was concerned. Balance was required for the weaving motions of the ritualized combat of martial artists, not the cut-and-dry motions that he would employ.

Tiam dropped low as the boy-wolf and his companion approached, cutting a low sweeping arc around him in an attempt to take the one approaching from behind by surprise and hit the charging boy at the same time. The one-handed sweep began on his left side and traveled around and behind him as far as his shifted grip would allow without turning. The sweep failed. The boy had scrambled to a halt just outside of the spear's sweeping arc, and the other one sailed over Tiam's crouched form like a shot. Tiam swept his weapon back round quickly, bringing his weapon into a proper two-handed grip as the other wolf landed next to the boy-in-wolf's-clothing.

He pushed backward in a low jump, returning to a standing position and landing with his weapon in a light grip, ready to strike at the briefest moment's notice. His leg was beginning to twinge again, the wound suffered from the shuriken about a week ago reawakening and threatening to put a damper on his ability to move. That was a pressing concern, as was the still-bleeding wound on his jaw, but the most pressing concern was the similarity that the two had with another pair he had met only a few days prior.

"A boy and his pup - quaint. Wouldn't happen to be related to a skinny little elf, would ya? She had a dog too, though much more interesting than yours."

Author:  Yozshand [ Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wolf Hunt (DTK)

Regretibly, after an extended wait and waiting a few days on a pm for conformation, I'm going to end this battle with a time out. I would love to keep going, but I would like to keep moving as well.

Sorry DTK, maybe another time.

If rewards could be given, that would be great.

Author:  theDINGbat [ Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wolf Hunt (DTK)

It's a bit small, but didn't go over one

Yoz: 3 gold

DTK: 1 gold

(man, I remember the days that we didn't even reward battles that were > 1 page)

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