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Déjà Vu
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Author:  bluedragonfire [ Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:44 am ]
Post subject:  Déjà Vu

It was pure chance that brought her back to this village. It was called... Ty something? Musalis didn't remember, and hadn't paid attention to the sign at the entrance. And going back just for the name seemed excessive. It looked almost the same as last time she had come here, except for the part where there weren't any people around. The blacksmith had been closed last time, too, but most of the other houses were nailed shut. And then there was the tavern - or what was left of it, rather. The building had burned quite severely. Two and a half walls remained, and somehow managed to hold up most of the roof. Although it looked like the building could topple over in the next storm, for now it still could be considered a building. You could see where the counter had been, and black remains told where tables and chairs had stood.

Lost in memories, Musalis tried to retrace her steps. It wasn't easy, because last time she had been here, Drakol had been with her. And at that time she was also so madly in love with him that it clouded pretty much everything else because she focused only on him. She didn't remember too well. They had sat down in one of the corners, but which one? Musalis searched, and found a chair that were still functional - at least they carried her weight. She wasn't sure if it would do the same for anyone heavier. Then she sat on the chair in each corner, trying to determine which one she had been in last time. It crossed her mind that this might be silly (and Cindy was quick to confirm her suspicion), but she continued anyway. Maybe she still longed for the time she had traveled together with Drakol, or maybe...

This corner, she decided. It was far away from the door, and the bar, so Drakol would probably have chosen this one. She sat down and wondered what had happened next. She'd talked with Drakol... and the door had opened... and a stranger had appeared...

Of course, it was no longer a stranger. She'd found out that he was Vius, and talked to him. Where 'talk' was a euphemism for hurting and angering him on Drakols wish. Which naturally led to a battle, and subsequently to the tavern burning down. Idly, Musalis wondered if that fire was responsible for the village being abandoned. It was so small, the loss of a tavern might be too much. Especially since there was no good source of wood anywhere near here - it would have to be imported, and thus be quite costly. Oh well.

Author:  jodai [ Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:33 am ]
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Trekking for days through miserable forests was enough to make an elf...miserable. The search for a master had led Vius high and low, chasing after rumors and so much smoke and mirrors. The woods broke suddenly and gave way to plains, which were soggy due to an unseasonable rain. At least, Vius assumed it was unseasonable. How long had he been away? There had been a clash with Ein, which led to the whole mess of a tournament, still a blur, really. Then the return to the coastal cavern that had served as a castle, fortress and sanctuary. He would return there, someday, but for now he was headed onwards towards whatever this strange world had to offer. Perhaps that port city he had heard of...something gate...oh, he hated it when he forgot things...

The road had turned to dust and dry, dead weeds before Vius remembered. Jadra's Gate. Yes, that was where he was headed. Of course, this trip took him through familiar territory. In fact, those ruins on the horizon seemed a bit familiar. It had been a while since he had traveled through here, though. These weren't ruins the first time around. Unless...was this where he had first met the cat? He stopped in his tracks. There was a trail that skirted the decaying buildings but now the elf had to know. There was something here, something familiar, though it felt like a lifetime ago. This place looked so...but it couldn't be...well, Vius knew there was only one way to find out.

Upon entering, he knew he had been there before. Obviously, time had not been nice to this place. The boarded up shacks and modest homes and businesses were all centered around a husk of a tavern. Surely once it had been something worth seeing but the fire that had burnt it up must have been amazing. Not natural, Vius would guess. He looked through where the door would be, if the wall that once held the door was still standing.

There was movement in the shadows. No mistaking it. Vius quickly stepped forward, unsure of how to respond. The midday sun shown bright enough to illuminate the rest of the town, but the shadows here seemed to absorb the light. There were a few chairs left standing and even tables, too scorched to be worth scrap. In the corner where the two remaining walls met, Vius was sure he had seen movement. Now it seemed a silhouette of a small figure sat upon one of the chairs, as if it were lost in contemplation...or maybe waiting for the right fool to spring a trap...

"Who's there?" Bravery and foolishness often appear to be the same thing. At this moment, Vius could have woken an ancient evil or given a group of bandits the go ahead to spring out and attack. He could also make a new friend. Perhaps the pairing of bravery and foolishness sometimes go hand in hand with optimism.

Author:  bluedragonfire [ Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:07 am ]
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Musalis chuckled softly to herself as someone actually entered the tavern while she was remembering Vius doing the same so long ago... but it wasn't really that long, was it? It just felt that way, since so much had happened in-between. Oh well, she should probably get up and greet the newcomer; she could use someone else to talk to besides Cindy. Not that she had much to complain about recently - Musalis had found out that Cindy loved singing. So when the relentless chattering was really getting on her nerves, she would just sing a song for Cindy, or ask to book to sing one itself. That made traveling seemingly endless days much more pleasant.

Slowly, Musalis got up. There was no real reason to be slow, but it might convince the stranger that she had no harmful intentions. And just when she was about to introduce herself, Musalis got a good enough look at the person in the remains of the door to recognize who it was. Vius. For a moment, Musalis doubted her senses, and sat down again in shock. Was there really someone there, or was she just hallucinating? It could just be a memory from last time. Vius going to the bar... and then, soon after than, calling her and Drakol freaks. Musalis didn't really mind being called a freak, it was true in some sense. Skeletons were at least rare enough to made her unusual, and people tended to label unusual things as freakish. But calling Drakol a freak - that went too far. Nobody insulted her Drakol, and didn't regret it. Musalis rose slowly, shaking with anger. She would go to the bar, and teach him a lesson...

and suddenly, her perception snapped back to the present when she heard him speak. The bar was empty, and moreover burned down. She looked back the the door, where Vius was still standing. Really here, meeting her again in the same place. But why did this have to be so confusing?

"It's me.", she said, "Musalis. We met here last time, remember? Also, at the tournament recently... huh. I don't usually tend to meet people that often. What are the odds? Or maybe... are you stalking me?"

Author:  jodai [ Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:47 pm ]
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The shadow chuckled and then spoke. Even before she introduced herself, he knew who it was by the musical lilt of her speech. Musalis, the skeletal priest of the music god Ochre. How strange to see her here...but then it came back to Vius. They had been responsible for this tavern's destruction and maybe even the town's ruin. It had been a petty squabble, an incident that should have been resolved with a few choice words but Vius had stumbled and faltered and Musalis had been very defensive. That was where he met Drakol, too. The skeleton had told him that the drow did have some sort of control over her for a while. He should consider that fact in dealing with her now.

"Oh. It's you," Vius spoke in the monotone one uses when receiving a shock they are not sure how to deal with. A host of emotions rose up in the elf, anger chief amongst them, and yet... he knew he had been as much, if not more at fault for the first meeting going so wrong. He smiled as much as he could and some life returned to his speech. "Actually, I was on my way to a port city but there was something about this place that pulled me in. It may be that fate has decided we should keep meeting until...well, I was going to say until one of us dies, but you did that before we ever met and I did that shortly after, so who knows what destiny has in store for us."

Vius stepped forward, his hands out in a symbol of peace. A strange thought occurred to him and he decided to go with it and speak his mind plainly. If you couldn't say what you were thinking to one of your greatest rivals, well, who could you ever tell the truth? "We made quite a mess here, eh? Although, if I recall correctly, there was a third party involved that caused most of the trouble from behind the scenes. Musalis, do you think that if we hadn't had such a dramatic confrontation, we could have been friends?"

Author:  bluedragonfire [ Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:26 am ]
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"I should think so.", Musalis said, relaxing when Vius showed no sign to attack at once. Maybe this meeting could go without hostilities, "I tend to like being friends with people, and try to be friendly with everyone. Unless they attack me. Or... other, more complicated circumstances. Like when I met you. Anyway, I would like to offer you a place to sit, something to eat and drink, but... well, you can see the state of chairs here. As for food and drink, I only have stale water and dry bread. Not that I need it. But I figured that it is possible that I meet someone out here in these deserted lands who is close to starvation or dying of thirst. And I figured that I would not want to stand idly by, unable to save them just because I don't have any provisions with me. Though I am sure you have better things with you. Still, the offer stands if you are interested. Oh, by the way, have I formally introduced Cindy to you yet? Assuming I haven't... this is Cindy. My bible."

After presenting Cindy to Vius, the bible predictably started chattering away. Starting with hello, the bible managed to change the topic surprisingly fast to a conspiracy theory featuring mostly radish and purple scarfs. Musalis didn't pay too close attention, just enough to get the general gist of what Cindy was saying. It didn't pay to tune out completely - sometimes Cindy did say important things. Mostly, though, the details weren't of any use and would never, ever turn up again except in something else Cindy told. Musalis had to admit that the bible had an amazing talent for not contradicting herself even while talking mostly about outlandish and seemingly crazy topics.

The question that Musalis was turning over and over in her mind instead of listening to Cindy was why she was meeting Vius again. There had to be a reason. She couldn't believe that she met someone three times in so short order just by change. Other people, maybe. But Musalis knew that there was a supernatural being taking interest in her life, so it was much more likely that Ochre had something in mind for Vius. Musalis just had to figure out what, so that she could follow her Gods wishes. So, what Ochre want? Well, the obvious answer was followers, since he had lost so many... and while Vius might not have a natural talent for music, his voice did indicate that he should be able to sing well with enough training, as far as Musalis could tell. And in these times it did seem that the primary requirement for a follower of Ochre was the ability to fight, rather than being able to have a perfect pitch.

"Soooo, Vius...", said Musalis when Cindy took a break between a story about a sad flute and whatever she had planned to tell next, "Have you ever considered worshipping Ochre?"

Author:  jodai [ Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:32 am ]
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"Ah, Cindy," Vius nodded towards the book and even slightly bowed, although he wasn't really sure if she had eyes to see the movement. In fact, he was a bit perplexed at the talking bible. Was it a ghost trapped in a bible? Some kind of spirit of knowledge, perhaps? He rubbed his hand, a faint memory of his first meeting with the book, when it had been a bit more animated. "Good to see you again." Before he had got his last syllable out, the bible launched into a rapid-fire conversation, first greeting Vius and then mentioning something about "most elves" and then expanding on each tangent that she flew off into. Some people might find it annoying but Vius could understand how it might be nice to have such an amiable and talkative companion.

Cindy spoke so fast and was so hard to follow that Vius would have tuned her out. It was times like this that he thought his elven mind was a bit of a curse, as he was able to manage to follow most of her train of though while simultaneously wandering off on his own tangent. Surprisingly, she made a lot of sense, although the elf could be coming unhinged himself. Still, he wondered why, here and now, was he meeting Musalis again? After the tournament...things were a blur. He did remember their battle and how hard the skeleton had fought. She had made a good point, at the end. Hers was an unending endurance and eventually, she would defeat any foe she faced by outlasting them. He had mocked her and called her foolish for her devout beliefs but she had rebuffed him easily and made a very good point about why she served Ochre.

A faint memory brushed Vius' mind. Formless void...Limbo. Vacuus and Ahkkaryp met him in a world parallel to his own, a world the gods inhabited and ruled absolutely. Only, he wasn't sure if that really happened. Then, there was the interruption between the first and second match of the tournament. He had been sure he would die and then he was floating in nothing, facing a woman who hid in shadow. Was she a goddess? Was that who he served, even though he didn't know for sure? Could the gods be propelling Vius over and over to meet with Musalis as some sort of test?

Almost as if she read his thoughts, Musalis asked Vius a simple question. He almost laughed out loud, though it was not at the question but at the way she presented it. Casually, but with an underlying charm that Vius had never noticed before, since most of the time he and this priest were attempting to destroy each other. What an odd thought...a charming skeleton. Here she was, though. Vius smiled and nodded.

"I've never considered serving a god," Vius said. His silver gaze skimmed the room until he spotted most of a table that remained intact and chose to perch on it. "The gods seem to choose whoever will be most useful to them, use them up and move on. No offense, of course. I've always wondered...did you serve Ochre before you died? Was he the one that brought you back? Don't you ever wonder why you're here? I know you touched on it once but this conversation might be easier to have when we aren't pitted against each other in a battle to the death." Vius chuckled and settled down to listen to the skeleton's response.

Author:  bluedragonfire [ Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:24 pm ]
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"I don't actually have any memories from when I was alive.", Musalis said, "So I'm not even sure if I am the same soul... but that means I have no idea whether I served Ochre before I died. For all intents and purposes, I consider my life - or unlife, if you prefer calling it that - starting when I first woke up, as a skeleton. The first thing I noticed was a song, played by someone... I never found out who, or if that was what woke me.

Musalis became silent for a moment, reminiscing about days long gone. She used to wonder quite often who played the music that woke her, and if it was the music, or something different. However, lately her life had been too busy, and she didn't have much time to think about the deep questions of life, interesting moral dilemmas or her origin. There was not much philosophy that you could fit into a battle for life or death. It would be nice to have someone else to talk to besides Cindy - the bible was not really the sort of person that you could discuss the deeper mysteries of life with. And Ochre had probably arranged this meeting... maybe they were supposed to travel together for a while? Which fit perfectly with Vius' need for lessons in song if he was to join the followers of Ochre...

"Anyway, I think it's a marvelous idea if you were to worship Ochre. You already know just how powerful Ochre is, and what power he grants to loyal followers... all you have to do in return in pretty much be nice and sing songs for Him. Well, the be nice part can probably be argued - there are songs for pretty much any path you could chose. So as long as you praise Him, you should be free to do mostly what you like; Ochre interferes rarely directly unless asked for help, in my experience. And if you worship Ochre, we can travel together, talk and sing together... well, I guess I'd have to teach you singing... Ohhh! You can be like my apprentice! This is going to be awesome!"

Author:  jodai [ Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Déjà Vu

There was a certain...not sadness but thoughtfulness as the skeleton explained her existence. She paused for a moment and Vius knew she was probably considering just how amazing it is to be back from the dead. To be given a second chance... though it seemed this was Musalis' first time alive, as far as she knew. Could she be a lost soul inhabiting a body that happened to be available? It seems she could have picked better, if it was her choice. A skeleton didn't offer much for tactile senses and the fact that most people are pretty frightened of the undead didn't help relations anyway. Perhaps it was all a test for her, to see if she could overcome these limitations. Now she spoke of Vius becoming her apprentice. It was easy to get caught up in Musalis' enthusiasm. Vius grinned widely and nodded happily.

"That does sound like some fun, singing all day," Vius agreed. He laughed and shook his head, surprised to find he really was interested in learning about Ochre. He rose to offer his hand, to shake on their agreement. Suddenly, the blue gem in his palm flared to life. The blue glow threw strange pale shadows on the wall and Vius' silver eyes stared in terror at his own hand. He had a moment to look at Musalis before he felt control escape him. He felt his legs push off the ground as he jumped backwards and then drew his dagger; the weapon was hardly any bigger than a throwing dagger and would be pretty ineffective against the skeleton.

"This one is already taken," Vius spoke in a voice that was his but somehow wrong, deeper and more malevolent. What he really wanted to say was "I'm sorry, but it looks like I can't join you." Instead, he bellowed an angry shout and raised his left hand. So, whoever was controlling him knew how to use his magic. The drawn dagger was just to show aggression. Vius had to pay attention as best he could to what was happening; there had to be a way to take back control of his own body. As he frantically searched his mind to try to recall something that would help him in this situation, he saw his left hand glowing. He knew what was going to happen and he wished he could tell Musalis to run.

Daybreak used(charging), 1x left

(Figured we needed to get to fighting so Vius is possessed but he still has all his regular abilities. Just needed a new way to fight. PM me if there's any problem and I should have regular internet on Tuesday but I might be able to check in on Sunday)

Author:  bluedragonfire [ Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:02 pm ]
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To Musalis' utter delight, Vius liked her idea. Only now did she notice just how lonely she was, walking over the continent all by herself. True, there was Cindy, but she was her bible. It wasn't really the same; talking to her wasn't easy with all the crazy theories and stories all the time. And Ochre... well, the God didn't show up so often. Which Musalis could completely understand, there were probably much more important things to do than talk to a little skeleton. And then time she had followed Drakol... well, that too couldn't really count as someone to discuss deep and important questions with. The only reason Drakol allowed her to follow him at all was that she was useful to him. Or maybe amusing; she wasn't sure. But now things would change, and she had someone to talk to about anything and...

Vius changed. His stance became aggressive, and a look of terror on his face was quickly changing to anger and aggression. Even his voice changed as he suddenly told her that "this one is already taken". Which didn't make sense for a moment, until Musalis understood. Vius was possessed. Somehow, something had gotten control over him, and refused to let her bring him to Ochre. A God could just have materialized, so it was probably something else... something more sinister... well, Musalis couldn't allow that. Vius was sort of her friend, or at least had agreed to become her friend. Whatever held sway over him, she would take it away and break it's control.

Of course, there might be a few problems with that. First of all, Musalis had no idea how she could accomplish something like that - none of her skill deal with removing possessions. Secondly, the thing possessing Vius seemed hostile. Which made it very likely that Musalis would have a fight on her hands very soon - but she really didn't want to harm Vius. Well, she still had her voice. And Vius was probably still in his body, so she should be able to reach him. For her protection, she drew the Battle Tuning Fork, and then addressed Vius' body in the hope that he could hear her:

"Ok, apparently, you are possessed by something. I will try to free you, once I come up with a good idea for how to do that - and if not, I'll ask Ochre to help me. Now, if I'm not wrong, your possessor will attack me. I will be forced to defend myself, but know that any damage I do is unintentional. I do not want to hurt you, just get rid of whatever controls you currently against your will."

Author:  jodai [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Déjà Vu

There was a struggle in the elf's head, a battle of wills between him and whatever had decided to lay claim to him. The initial attack that had allowed it to possess him was a surprise and he could not have defended it. Now that he was more aware of what was happening, he put up a better fight but whatever this was was something more powerful than he could have expected. The invisible battle took place all in the elf's head while his physical body held a glowing ball of energy in its hand. The spell was almost complete. Vius was distracted by his worry for Musalis and he realized fearfully that this thing controlling him was fighting him off handily while still using his body to attack the skeleton.

" you see, there is no point in trying to stop me."
The voice was calm and steady but too neutral for Vius to recognize. Still, he had an idea of who it was but he couldn't prove it yet.

"Who are you?"
Vius demanded in his own head, his frustration and confusion pouring out of his mental voice.

"Shhh. I'm busy right now."
The voice scolded Vius as one does a child and his frustration grew. This wasn't fair to him or Musalis. He had to find a way to let her know it wasn't him doing this. Even as he had that thought, though, he saw his own body facing the skeleton; he also saw that Musalis had drawn her strange tuning fork weapon. He heard her explain that she knew he was possessed and he would have shook his head in amusement if he wasn't a disembodied spirit at the moment. She was too clever to think for a second that he would turn so quickly on her. As soon as she finished speaking, he heard that strange voice come out of his mouth again.

"Ha! So, you think you can stop me? Save your friend, eh?"
He saw his own body rear back, ready to let loose the power in his left hand. Silver afterimages blurred through the air with his movements. "Good luck, little girl." With that, Vius watched his own body twist forward and throw a small silver ball of energy towards Musalis. Angrily, he watched the little ball of energy move towards his friend. She had time to move but he wasn't sure if she knew about the blast radius of that particular spell. He hoped his resourceful friend would be okay.
Daybreak used

Author:  bluedragonfire [ Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Déjà Vu

"Why wouldn't I be able to stop you?", Musalis asked, "Apparently, you have nothing but his body to use against me. And I have fought him before, I know all his tricks."

That was, of course, an exaggeration. She knew a bit about his capabilities, but probably not everything by far. However, it helped a lot that she could see magic, and thus knew when he (or whatever was controlling him) was going to cast a spell. And she'd watched him cast a lot of spells, so she knew when he was just charging and when he was about to cast... it was enough of a prior warning to dodge. But Musalis didn't want to dodge. She didn't want to drag this fight out, that could just harm Vius further.

So instead of dodging, she decided to throw something in the way of the spell, so that it wouldn't hit her. When she was quite sure that Vius was just about to cast his spell, Musalis reached behind her, and picked up a charred log or something like that, and threw it at him. About halfway between the two, the spell hit the log with enough force to stop it. The log fell clattering to the ground, but Musalis didn't even notice. The light and sounds from the spell were somehow highly disorienting, and she wasn't even quite sure about where Vius was anymore - her surroundings seemed quite surreal at the moment. Those that she could make out through her overstimulated senses, anyway.

But she could still talk. And so she did, trying to figure out whether the possessor was good or evil. If she could reason with it, it was probably good. Otherwise, she'd have to fight for his mind. And just to be sure, she made her voice magically project more intense feelings. The idea was to make her opponent feel pity for Vius, and let him go. [Siren's voice used]

"Please, let Vius go.", Musalis asked, "He's a decent human being, and certainly doesn't deserve to be possessed by someone. Not being in control of your body is a terrible experience. Do your really want to subject him to that? To steal the free will that is every sentient being most sacred right... do you really want to commit such an act?"

[Siren's Talent used, 2x left]

Author:  jodai [ Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Déjà Vu

Vius applauded his friend's quick wit as she tossed a log to catch the impact of the spell. With a silvery burst, the Daybreak spell exploded, disorienting the elf's body since he was caught in the radius of the explosion. Oddly enough, perhaps because Vius stood outside of his own conscious at the moment, he could still see everything clearly. Whoever was in control of his body was not so lucky. Vius watched his own body wave its hands in front of its eyes, shake its head and then take an unsteady step back. From his vantage point, Vius also saw Musalis, who might have been affected by the spell but was better at hiding the effects. He heard the tender lilt in her voice when she spoke and knew that she was trying to appeal to this being inside of him on an emotional level.

For a moment, she paused. The distorted vision, coupled with the skeleton's emotional plea on her friend's behalf caused her to remember her time trapped, sentenced to an immortal life waiting and watching the world change around her. It wasn't fair and now she was doing something similar to the elf right now. He didn't know enough to know what was happening or to know that she owed him more than he owed her. She could just explain it but...anger flared through her as she realized that the skeleton was borrowing power from her God; only a bit but enough to affect her mildly. Impressive. If the skeleton wasn't already serving a master, she might have recruited her, too.

"Don't lecture me, child," The entity controlling Vius spoke with an imperious tone that the elf would never use. He struggled once again to fight this powerful will imposed on him but to no avail, so he simply listened and hoped he could hear something that he could use against it. "Freedom is not a right, it is to be fought for and earned. Furthermore, free will is an illusion. One such as you, who has felt the presence of a God who can manipulate your life according to his own plans, should know better."

With a twist of his hand, a silver beam of light appeared and flew forward, straight towards where Musalis was standing. The being in control of Vius' body aimed well enough for one who had just been hit by the Daybreak spell but then the elf's body stumbled backwards without a warning. Vius quickly attempted to seize control of his body when he saw the misstep.

"Don't fight me. I need to know what you can do for myself." The voice warned.

"No! Don't hurt my friend!" Vius pleaded.

"Friend? Please. There are no friends, only temporary alliances formed until one person outgrows the other. You will learn."
So the struggle continued. Vius wasn't too worried at the moment but he had a small handful of spells that could be incredibly destructive to Musalis. He had to take his body back before she was seriously hurt.
Bright Ray used, 3x left

Author:  bluedragonfire [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Déjà Vu

(the bright ray seems to do basically nothing to Musalis, since she has no bear skin, and is disoriented anyway. It does hit her, but she doesn't notice)

Her plan to make whomever was controlling Vius feel mercy failed. On the other hand, her opponent apparently wasn't too bright. Musalis had intercepted the spell between them so they were probably both affected and disorientated. Now, by speaking, Musalis had made herself a clear target; which had been necessary in order to try to persuade her opponent to make Vius go. Due to the spell, she wouldn't have known if she had succeeded if she'd been met with silence. A clever adversary would have attacked straight away, exploiting this weakness. This one, however, talked first in order to deny her plea. This told Musalis several things - first, it didn't seem like Vius' body had moved, based on the direction the sound was coming from. Furthermore, he was still possessed. The last point also meant that he was probably still hostile. Which meant it was a very bad idea to be in a position where her opponent knew where she was, but where she couldn't see any attacks coming. She would have to move, and quickly too.

Of course, moving wasn't simple, as she couldn't risk stumbling and falling. So Musalis moved slowly to her right side, probing with her feet to avoid rubble. Just moving wouldn't be enough, of course. Even a small sound would give away her position... she'd need a distraction. A silently as possible, Musalis drew Cindy, and whispered: "Talk once you land. About anything that you can think of." Then she threw her bible in the opposite direction of where she was walking - not to far, of course, since she wanted to be able to pick it up again.

A thump informed her that Cindy had landed, and almost instantly a sheer flood of word came from that direction. Musalis could almost hear the omission of punctuation:
"Oh hi Vius, it's been so long since we talked well at least a few seconds which you might not think is long but think of all that you can say in a few seconds it's quite a bit so I think that it is a long time and I apologize for not talking during this battle but it was so intense so I didn't want to interrupt and so I didn't which I usually do during battles because I want to let Musalis concentrate and as I said its interesting to follow battles anyway and I can't really do much myself unless Musalis wield me although there was that one time when Ochre made me fly that was fun and you were there Vius right so anyway that's why I don't usually talk during fights but now Musalis said that I could and should talk so that's what I'm doing and I don't even know if you can hear me since you are possessed and stuff and how does that feel by the way oh and I almost forgot to greet your possessor so whoever you are possessing Vius hello to you I am Cindy and what is your name?"

Author:  jodai [ Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Déjà Vu

As soon as Cindy landed, she starting speaking. Someone who didn't know the little bible might think this was a trick or a ploy by Musalis but the fact was that the skeleton girl was merely using her tools to the fullest advantage. The book could carry conversations on for hours with its, or her, seemingly insatiably hunger for knowledge of even the smallest detail. If Vius was still in control of his body, he would have smiled at his friend's clever tactic. Instead, he could sense the presence that had possessed him losing it's grip on his body. His body turned to regard the talkative book. Vius knew he would have to conserve his energy for one big push but the time was almost there.

"Do you think this will stop me?!"
Vius heard his own voice but also a woman's layered on top. He took that as a good sign, as if she was separating from him. From the dark place he floated and watched this person use his body to attack his friend, Vius thought he saw an opening. He gathered energy inside his own mind and tried once again to wrest control of his own body.

It was not enough. Close, but not quite.

With a small growl of annoyance, the woman turned Vius' body towards Musalis and raised his hand. Bright silver motes of energy coalesced, lengthening and shaping into hardened javelins with blunt ends. "I have wasted enough time with you, priest." Before she sent the final burst of energy that would send the magical projectiles towards Musalis, Vius tried one more time. As if in sync with his tactic, a chorus of birds cackled, distracting the entity that held onto the reins of his body. A flock of black birds flew up over the horizon and then settled all around them, perching on rubble and pieces of old furniture. Had they been watching the exchange the whole time? Vius was slightly disturbed by this new development. The entity seemed stunned for a moment. A noticeably larger raven descended from it's perch and stood only a few feet from Vius' body. It stared with beady black eyes that seemed to see much more than it should have. The brightsteel lances clinked to the ground and dissolved as the bird continued to stare. Without warning, it let loose a piercing screech that seemed to cut Vius to his core.

"NO!" The woman's voice echoed in Vius' head and his hands shot up to his ears. For a moment, he simply stared at the ground, shaking his head slowly back and forth. Then he turned his eyes to Musalis.

"Did...did you do this?" Vius motioned to the birds, who all still seemed to regard the both of them with an unusual interest. Musalis' power grew every time Vius ran into her again and the birds could be part of Ochre's blessing. The elf couldn't be sure of what just happened but he was in control of body again. For that, he could be happy.

Brightsteel Lances used(sort of), 1x left

Author:  Yozshand [ Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Déjà Vu

So I've been asked to call an end to this one by Jodai, so here are the rewards.

Jodai: Weak + 2 gold

BDF: 2 gold.

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