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 Post subject: Trainers and Trainees - Read This!
PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:27 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Alright, so there was a post up here a long time ago about this, but it has since been removed. I suppose I'm going to have to do this all again. Oh well!

I'll cover the Trainees first!


First off, welcome to DI. It's great to have you here! Now that you've made it through the character approval process and have posted your character in the member's list, you are now eligible for a training battle. A training battle must take place before you can take part in other battles. Training battles are relatively quick battles that are meant to show you the ropes of DI and to help give you an idea of the quality of writing that we are looking for. They're also designed to help you test out your character and get you used to playing in their skin.

So! If you're looking for a training battle, feel free to post in the thread linked below for a training battle. It might take a few days, but eventually a member will come along and pick you up for training. It is then their job to set the stage for the battle and to give you a scenario. After that, the battle will begin and you'll get your first taste of DI!


Now you're in a training battle! So, the question now is: What are we looking for? Well, there are a few things that we are looking for, and there are a few rules that we adhere to when posting. I'll list the rules first, and then tell you what we're looking for.

- All posts in the battlegrounds must be at least 2 paragraphs in length. This is a minimum, though more is definitely appreciated.
- There is a general 3 day rule in effect. After this point your opponent is able to time you out of your battle and claim victory. This is more strictly enforced in training than is normally done by other players. Of course, we understand that you're human, and if you send a PM to your trainer about a reason for being a few days late, you will definitely be accommodated. Know that if you have not sent a PM notifying your trainer of an absence you run the risk of being timed out after 3 days of not posting. (Worry not though, most of us are pretty nice and will give you a few extra days.).

The general rules for combat will be covered by your trainer in their first post, but they basically boil down to the following: no character control, take hits where they are warranted and no godmoding. Basically, be fair.

What We Expect:
We expect a few things from you before you are able to pass your battle:
- You must make an attack
- You must defend (preferably a dodge and a block)
- You must take a hit
- You must use a special
- (If you have a pet) you must utilize your pet at least once.

What we are looking for by requiring these things is fairness and adequacy in your descriptions. All of our trainers are players that have completed at least one battle and as such are proficient in combat. They will offer pointers where needed and will give general advice as they see a need. You can also ask your trainer for comments and tips as the battle progresses and they will gladly provide them.

Of course, the above is just the bare bones for what we are expecting. You can always go above and beyond what we are expecting. Here are a few pointers:
- Formulate a plan and try to put in action
- Relate to your character's past
- Use your surroundings to your advantage (if possible)

While you are not graded on your performance, it's a good idea to get experience in these field now, since you'll probably be doing it in battle later anyway.

There is one last thing that you should know before I finish up this explanation: If your trainer is taking too long to post (is over the three day limit) you are free to request a new trainer in the training battle request thread. You can also PM a mod about it if you feel the need.

That's all. You can stop reading here if you wish, but you're free to continue. Good luck, and enjoy your time on DI!



So you want to train newbies and show them the ropes of DI. First off, there are a few things that are required before you are able to take on a trainee.

1. You must have completed a 2 page battle.
2. You must have demonstrated good writing skills.
3. You must not have been locked out of training in the past.

If you meet these requirements (feel free to ask if you do not) you will be able to take on a trainee. Once you have, you will set up a training battle for them. This battle will go as long as needed to show the members the ropes and for them to do what is needed for them to pass. These battles usually last about 10 posts or so (5 from either side) but can go longer if needed.

The battlefield should be relatively neutral, or tailored in your trainee's favour. Do your best to give them an element that can be used if they so desire (such as rocks on the ground). Aside from those two requirements you can do whatever you wish with the battleground. Just don't make it too extreme - no burning deserts, blazing forests, tornado-strewn fields or anything of the sort.

So, you've set up the battleground, but you don't know the rules yet. There are a few general rules that need to be adhered to by trainers.
1. Do not try to kill your trainee. Remember, this is training. This is not fatal combat.
2. Take s decent hit.
3. Do not over-bear on your trainees with your character. If you have an uber, top-tier character do your best to play more toward your opponent's skill level. They are a new character that you're not trying to kill, treat them as such.
4. Do your utmost to stick to the 3 day limit. If for some reason you must be late, let your trainee know and give them a timeframe. If you will be gone for an extended period of time (7 days or more) hand off your battle to another person. (See below for more information on timing out as a trainer).

In your first post, it is a general rule that trainers add the following block of text to help explain the rules to your trainee. If they have questions, answer them as required. If you don't know, ask a moderator.

-Battles are fought in turns, you post after a response.
-Fighting happens in "real time" meaning you can, if you wish, go back in time a little to describe actions and things you do before any attack of the opposition lands (within reasonable limits)
-Be as descriptive as you can. More information makes for better battles.
-Do not ever control your opponent's character (or pets) in any way.
-Characters are, typically, allowed two actions per post: One defensive action and one offensive action. Regardless of whether you were attacked or not, you may only attack once per post.
-You can only use 1 special/spell per turn (you can use multiple skills per turn, and 1 special and multiple skills per turn though). Specials that have an effect on your opponent count towards your one offensive action. Defensive specials count as a special use and your defensive action. Misc specials (buffs mostly) are neither one but still count as a special use.
-Try to be fair in both your attacks as well as your dodges. Getting hit every now and then is not the end of the world, and deepens your character.
-There is a minimum of 2 paragraphs required in a post (though more are desirable!)
-No 'Unblockable' attacks. There's always something, somewhere that can happen.
-Be creative, use the world around you to your advantage!
-Use a spell checker, or a program that helps with puncuation. It can't hurt... and can generally help your posts more readable.
-Have fun!!! Battles are supposed to be enjoyable. If don't like it, something is wrong.

As a trainer you are obviously obligated to show your opponent the ropes. Show them a special, an attack, a dodge and a block (if possible). Also give them advice on how to do any of those things if they appear to need help. General pointers are also a good idea if there is room for them. Of course: be respectful.

Once your opponent has shown that they are capable in battle you may pass them. You also have the right to drag out the battle as long as you wish until you are satisfied.

Timing out:

You can time out as a trainer. This is generally because we want to keep our newbies interested in the site by getting them through training as quickly as possible and into the real thing.

When you are training a person, it is good if you adhere to the 3 day limit. 4 days is the maximum you should take without talking to your trainee about it. Moderators reserve the right to take over a training battle if you are slacking off and your trainee has not received a PM.

If you are removed from your training battle you lose the training credit that would normally be rewarded and receive a strike. As a general rule, if you receive three strikes you will be blocked from training for a time. After this, if you continue to strike out, you will be barred permanently. I know this seems extreme, but we need trainers who won't flake out before a battle is finished. Training is one of the more serious things in this game, and as such we would like you to be serious about it too.

Also note that your trainee is able to request a new trainer if you have failed to post after 3 days and have not sent them a PM. This has the same effect as being remove from a training battle from a moderator.

That said, it is also within your right to fail a trainee by timing them out if they fail to adhere to the 3 day post rule. Of course, it would be nicer if you PMed them about it first, and perhaps gave them a few extra days. Remember: they are human too.
The rewards:

By this point you're probably thinking "If the process is this involved, why would I ever want to train a member in the first place?" Well, there are two main answers to that. The first is that you will likely play a part in that character's mythos for some time, as you were their first real battle and made your first impression.

The second is the reason that most people train. A training battle credit. Training battle credits are awarded after the completion of any training battle (pass or fail) and can be exchanged for rewards after a certain amount have been accumulated. The exchange table is as follows:


1 Credit = 1 gold
3 Credits = 1 weak skill/special
6 Credits = 1 Medium skill/special

Skills and specials acquired in this way cannot be combined under any circumstances and must be used as they are.


That is all friends. If you have any questions you are free to PM me and I'll do my best to answer them. Happy training!


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