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 Post subject: The Rules of Engagement
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 5:33 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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This section is meant to the rules of combat for the players. There aren't many, but they should be stuck to without exception.

If your opponent is breaking one of these rules, be sure to PM them about it and discuss it. If no solution can be found, then - and only then - you can PM an mod and ask them to step in. Almost all players will be understanding and should have no problem changing their posts, but some will need to be told by an authority figure before they will do it.

That said: If you post after an infringement has taken place, then it is assumed that you are alright with it and no penalty will be given. You cannot go back two or more posts in a battle and complain about an infringement taking place there. You should have said something when it first happened! Now you'll just have to live with it.

The Rules

1. No Character Control! The importance of this rule cannot be stressed enough. You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to control your opponent's character without their express permission. Doing otherwise is cheating, and can be punished. If you should attain such permission, be sure to note it at the top of your post so your readers do not think that you are cheating.

2. No God Moding! If you are put into a position where you should get hit - take the hit. God moding and dodging every attack that comes your way will be judged accordingly. It doesn't matter how good you are at dodging, eventually you'll take a hit. Also know that your readers will not look kindly upon you if you do this.

3. Make your wounds stick! If you take anything other than a minor wound, it will have a negative effect on your character's performance. Be sure to keep track of your wounds and change your character's performance accordingly. Also, remember that blood loss is a thing in this game and can also effect your character if your wounds are numerous or large enough.

4. If you apply a buff before an attack, start the timer!A buff is anything that adds a passive increase to a character's abilities. It is a temporary increase that is activated from some limited source (jewel, special, spell or possibly PQ items). To use the wizard's Haste spell as an example: If you cast Haste at any time in your post BEFORE you attack, you will be considered to have used it for that post and the buff will only last for 2/3 more posts, fading at the beginning of your third subsequent post. If, however, you cast haste AFTER you attack, or if you do not attack in your post and do minimal moving, then your buff timer does not begin until the following post, meaning that you will have 3/3 post remaining on its duration, and it will fade at the end of your third subsequent post, not at the beginning.

5. Only 2 jewels at once! Jewels are special items that can be purchased from the store that can be activated to buff stats and special strengths. These jewels can be stacked to a degree, but there is a hard limit of 2 jewels active at a time. This prevents the outrageous stacking of many jewels to make your character far more powerful than they should be during a page of battle. Furthermore, only 1 jewel of any type may be active at any given time. This means that you may not have two speed jewels active at the same time, but could have 1 speed jewel and 1 strength jewel, or have a speed jewel active and then activate the second jewel after the first one fades. Remember, the effects of jewels are considered buffs and the "timing rules" apply as well. (Check section 4.)


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